He played the lead in two high-profile BBC series - BAFTA-winning The Fades and Young James Herriot (both 2011). The actor also spoke to Tom about the role, saying: "We met a few times before we started shooting.

Activate HELLO! But then the more we learn, we see that Douglas has actually changed more than he realises. I even remember one day we were filming our wedding scenes and both Gina and I were feeling nervous. Had you read the novel of Us before you were offered the part?Funnily enough my mum and I sometimes share books that we’ve enjoyed and she had given me Us. Tom was incredibly kind with his advice and sharing his thoughts for the character, which were invaluable, and that continued throughout filming as well. Iain has also a twin sister, she is named Nicky both of them are very close. It was quite an understated prosthetic which covered only the tip of my nose but cleverly bridged the gap between us in a subtle way. H O W.", Another person added: "Watching #Us gotta say Iain is a great actor. He has an amazing quality at making his characters relatable and their emotions universal. ... One of the interesting things about young Douglas is that on the surface - and perhaps unlike Connie - he hasn’t changed so much. We also experimented with wigs briefly but I ultimately had time to grow my hair out a little longer. As a child, he was the member of Scottish Youth Theatre. Iain De Caestecker plays the young Douglas in BBC's Us Iain wore a prosthetic on his nose for the role.  Iain De Caestecker plays the young Douglas in BBC's UsÂ, Viewers are saying the same thing about BBC's Us, 29 brand new shows to get excited about this autumn, The shocking moment Chris Watts' guilt was revealed in Netflix's American Murder. I was maybe two or three chapters in when I got an email from my agent with the scripts. Whereas Douglas and Connie in present day are struggling with the idea of the end of their marriage, the flashbacks into the younger Douglas and Connie show how they first met and the origins and context of their relationship. His both parents are doctors. ", Fans have been loving Iain's performance, with one tweeting: "I have so many questions about Iain De Caestecker's accent for #Us. Played by Father Brown’s Gina Bramhill and Agents of SHIELD’S Iain De Caestecker, their story was “heartbreaking” for many viewers. Character, Favorite Romantic Relationship in a Marvel/DC TV Series. And, ultimately, how they got to the place where they are when we find them at the start of the story in the present day. The actor plays the younger incarnation of Tom Hollander's character, Douglas, and opened up about the surprising way they made the pair look similar. Christian Brassington is Reverend Osborne Whitworth, Matthew Macfadyen - Detective Inspector Edmund Reid, Killian Scott - Assistant Commissioner Augustus Dove, Matthew Lewis - Desk Sergeant Samuel Drummond, Benjamin O'Mahony - Detective Sergeant Frank Thatcher, Interview with Mike Bartlett (Creator/Writer), Eva O’Connor (creator, co-writer and Anna), Jeremy Neumark Jones is Captain Joe Martin, Stephen Campbell Moore is Lieutenant Ed Laithwaite, Tom Glynn-Carney is Lance Corporal Tony Armstrong, An interview with David Bradley (The First Doctor), An interview with Mark Gatiss (The Captain), An interview with Pearl Mackie (Bill Potts), An interview with Steven Moffat - Writer and Executive Producer, Interview with James Norton (Alex Godman), Interview with David Strathairn (Semiyon Kleiman), Interview with Juliet Rylance (Rebecca Harper), Interview with James Watkins (Screenwriter and Director), The Sundaes (London and Brighton, Episode 1), Rachel Lee Stephens (Rhondda Valley, Episode 5), Interview with Ben Hardy (Walter Hartright), Interview with Jessie Buckley (Marian Halcombe), Interview with Olivia Vinall (Laura Fairlie/Anne Catherick), Interview with Dougray Scott (Sir Percival Glyde), Q&A on set with Mary, Chris, Dan and Claudia, Group stages - confirmed fixtures and broadcaster, Interview with Sian Reese-Williams (DI Cadi John), Interview with Rhodri Meilir (Dylan Harris), Interview with Gwyneth Keyworth (Megan Reynolds), Michelle Keegan (Lance Corporal Georgie Lane), Tony Grounds (Writer and Executive Producer), Larysa Kondracki (Director and Creative Consultant), Keeley Hawes is The Rt. Tom was incredibly kind with his advice and sharing his thoughts for the character, which were invaluable, and that continued throughout filming as well. Loved the dinner scene, laughed out loud and gotta love that he's a scientist again. ", Iain wore a prosthetic on his nose for the role.

Did you get to meet Tom [Hollander] prior to filming?Yes, we met a few times before we started shooting. Homepage // “Us” Interview with Iain De Caestecker. Like this story? If you find an item that you hold the rights to and wish to have it credited properly or simply removed please contact us … Iain De Caestecker is currently 28 years old and this Scottish actor is mostly known for portraying the role of Leopold Fitz in a TV series called “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”.

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