Curently, they share two children son Jake Rice-Cameron and daughter Maris Rice-Cameron. She said that his current views (they had dinner together three days before the interview) were more nuanced. In 2011, her worth was estimated at a minimum of $23.5 million and a maximum of $43.5 million. (. Ambassador to the United Nations, and ABC News producer Ian Officer Cameron. In 2013 she was at the centre of Republican criticism over the Obama administration’s response to a deadly attack on a US consulate in Libya. Rice admits that a happy ending, in her family and in the nation at large, is not a foregone conclusion. The country has gone through worse, more violent, periods of division in its turbulent history and emerged stronger as a result, Rice insists. His father, a U.S. Army vet who served during World War II, owned a lumber company in Victoria before retiring. He’s trying to beat liberals in the culture war by aligning himself with people like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, but Rice-Cameron is smarter than Limbaugh and more thoughtful than Coulter. (Last year, the organization’s media arm pressured — somewhat successfully — the University of Nebraska to fire one of its English instructors for protesting an on-campus TPUSA recruiting table.). He’s not wrong. When they finally did, he did not seem interested in all the nuts and bolts of running the national security council staff and coordinating principals meetings. Additionally, in a Stanford Daily op-ed, one of the supposed Manchurian candidates flatly (and convincingly) denied claims made by The FoHo.

The FoHo’s unnamed reporters, citing a page on TPUSA’s website that gives a playbook for conservatives to run for student government, alleged that Rice-Cameron surreptitiously assembled and helped fund a collection of far-right ASSU candidates who ran under deceptively vanilla platforms.

Rice-Cameron subsequently became CCR’s activism chair for the entire state.

In our multiple conversations, Rice-Cameron condemned racist rhetoric and, in particular, the “Alt-Right” as antithetical to conservative principles.

Susan Rice is an American politician and Democratic policy advisor who is best known for serving President Barack Obama as the 24th National Security Advisor from July 1, 2013, to January 20, 2017. (Rice-Cameron “has a lot of political books, especially by prominent conservative talk show hosts,” according to his roommate, Isaac Kipust ’20.). Under his leadership, SCR — once dedicated to quiet weekly meetings and canvassing for conservative politicians — has become a fully-fledged activist organization. That is in part because of the unlimited role of big money in politics, partly because of relentless gerrymandering of congressional districts, but also because “our adversaries have demonstrated both the will and capacity to weaponise our divisions to use against us”. Elise Kostial ’18, who was president of SCR in spring of 2017, told us in an email, “It was John who discovered the YAF speaker series and pursued bringing Robert Spencer to campus.”. The source told us that Rice-Cameron’s version of events was conceivably true, offering that it’s hard to remember what exactly happened a year ago.). Rice-Cameron's father is Ian Cameron, a former long time producer and executive at reliably liberal ABC News.

Ian O. Cameron and Susan Rice met while attending Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Hsuan says that he admires Rice-Cameron’s passion and he’s impressed with how Rice-Cameron has raised the club’s profile. As an outspoken conservative on a liberal campus, much of the outrage that follows Rice-Cameron can be attributed to liberals’ distaste of his politics. Indeed, it seems the event had its origin in Rice-Cameron’s work. From her photos, she is currently at the age of her late teens. They’ve set up tables in White Plaza arguing for pro-life, pro-gun, and other traditionally leftist-opposed policies, and they’ve published Facebook posts condemning “sexual degeneracy” and “so-called gender fluidity” at Stanford.

She was born Susan Elizabeth Rice on November 17, 1964.

But I don’t wear it on my sleeve; I don’t shove it in people’s faces. The unambiguous hit piece alleged that Palumbo-Liu was a “ringleader” of Antifa “domestic terrorists” on campus; Rice-Cameron and Mitchell’s evidence was that Palumbo-Liu co-founded an organization called the Campus Antifacist Network (CAN) and that the word “Antifacist” is equivalent to associating with Antifa. His first major undertaking as SCR’s newly-minted president is an upcoming event titled “Make Stanford Great Again.” The event’s, describes its political message unambiguously: “Trump is great.

He first arrived to ABC News in 1998 producing shows such as ‘This Week with Christiane Amanpour.’ He also served as senior Washington producer for ‘ABC World News with Charles Gibson.’.

She doubts any of the briefing papers she provided were ever read.

However, while it seems no private attorneys were involved, Rice-Cameron’s decision to accuse Kostial of a constitutional violation did seem like a threat. claimed that Rice-Cameron has connections with deep-pocketed donors and sinister right-wing political organizations. Ian Cameron younger daughter goes by the name of Maris.

The possibility that Rice-Cameron is opening up the campus to hateful and threatening people ought to be taken seriously. Build the wall.

than the president of a relatively small Stanford political club.

As he continually reminded us, he is not the only conservative student on campus; nor did he organize the events like Spencer’s talk single-handedly. Within SCR, his rocky rise to leadership seems to have come more out of an attempt to bring his style of conservatism to campus politics than his desire to see “president” next to his name. His father used to own the Victoria Plywood Company, a lumber company in Victoria –according to the couple’s wedding announcement.. Ian O. Cameron and Susan Rice met while attending Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. However, those in the group say that Rice-Cameron’s bid to become president began well before the leadership transition this winter. And given the relatively limited influence of the ASSU, allegations of sinister meddling by a national organization seem far-fetched, let alone inconsequential. Rice-Cameron shares Spencer’s unsophisticated view that the Quran encourages violence against non-Muslims — “unsophisticated” because many of the worlds’ religious texts, including the Bible, espouse violence, making modern interpretation a different, more complicated matter. Much of the Republican party, on paper at least, could be described in similar broad terms.

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