Thanks to your suggestions, I don’t need to do that… THANK YOU!

Next tap on 'turn off Find My iPhone'. For the last 4 versions, what I’ve noticed was whenever a new iOS comes out, within a couple of weeks or so, my battery starts draining faster (no more usage than before). This will help soften the adhesive securing the edges of the display.

If you feel comfortable supporting the display carefully while peeling the battery out of the iPhone, you can skip the display removal and go directly to the battery removal steps. Repair didn’t go as planned? At the same time, pull the tweezers away from the phone. Then go to Settings > General > Date & Time and make sure that Set automatically is turned on. Otherwise, you will need to pry the battery from the rear case. Use tweezers to peel back the tips of the two adhesive strips along the bottom edge of the battery. If you haven’t started using it already, you’ll want to start using the Low Power Mode that Apple debuted with iOS 9. 40 years of using cell phones – never met the garbage experience I have enjoyed in the last 2 years with Apple technology – a fact…, Similar battery issues with 6 plus under v12x IOS with battery lasting 20 – 30 minutes – one app running (bluetooth enabled music app, no cellular access granted to any apps except Gmail etc.) If you skipped iOS 13.7 or any older versions of iOS 13, you'll get the security patches from those updates with your iOS 14.2 update. So Apple has this great battery replacement program, I put in my S/N and found out my phone was eligible! You can find a list of your local Apple Stores right here. Apply enough heat to loosen adhesive but not enough to damage the device. If you have background refresh turned on, apps will download information in the background so that new info is shown when you fire them back up. Make sure the battery is disconnected before you disconnect or reconnect the cable in this step. Don't open the display more than 90º, as it is still connected at the top by three cables that may break if stretched. To protect your data, learn how to get your iPhone ready for service. But I don’t live my life in them. If your iPhone has a non-battery power issue, we'll give you the repair price after we determine the cause. Black Friday deals from $10: Save big on Echo, Fire TV, and more at Amazon right now. I was looking for knowledge on downgrading IOS version. Remove the following four Phillips screws securing the display cable EMI shield and set the shield aside. Check if you have AppleCare+ by entering your iPhone serial number. Screw in the display cable EMI shield using four Philips head screws.

I bought an iPhone because I thought it was reliable but i was wrong. Hold down the battery as you remove the second strip, or the strip may fling the battery when it separates from the case. Press one end of the connector, then press the opposite end. Turn off Find my iPhone; Erase data and settings in Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings; Note: If your iPhone 6s has any damage such as a cracked screen which impairs the replacement of the battery, that issue will need to be resolved prior to the battery replacement. Pulling too hard may damage the display assembly. I was ready the bring my iPhone to the Apple Store for replacement of the battery. Do not use any sharp tools to pry at the battery. Remove the spudger and reinsert it on the bottom edge, where you pried the phone open. If you snap a piece of adhesive, you will have to use a plastic spudger to gently pry the battery off the base. Reply, That's a good idea! The strip will stretch to many times its original length. I agree with A previous comments by Ram which stated why have an iphone if you have to shut everything off.

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