Let me know what you guys think and more about your thoughts about what Addison really is or what might happen in Zombies 3, or if you think Addison really is the Great Alpha.

This is simply the thought flow I had of how they could sensibly and believably transition the main character into a couple of different roles. I am blessed to be able to buy all the healthy foods I can carry. (you know how bad stress is for us Addisonians). “Because they have done me such generous favors.

My second theory is Addison is a witch if you look at the movie theater it says night of the we’re wolf but that’s also a movie about a witch and second some of the stores in zombie town sell witch items . I made sure that I am healthy, have a low-key schedule, and can rest a lot, as my body tries to adjust to this lower dose. I hope your story will also encourage others. I think Addison is a alien and not a vampire because he see her reflection in the mirror. I couldn't say it better. Gratitude is an amazing thing. Well, when Addison put the necklace on, we saw one tiny glow and then it stopped, then she turned around but still was human. I cannot predict what your experience will be and you should have a trained medical professional review any changes you would like to make. Thanks for reading.

I got a good night's sleep (which for me means only waking up a few times) and feel like I have some spoons today. 1. Addison alien a it makes sense, I think Addison is a vampire from Addison's Moonstone's Mystery. I am blessed to chose to exercise for my benefit, rather than be forced into manual labor.

Common Core Connection for Grades 1 and 2 Understand and apply properties of operations.

I run into them, they beat me, and leave me nearly dead, in the road, and I understand, again, that what they want. If it is another species, what was the point of bringing in the werewolves in the first place?

In the ending I was like NOOOOOOO NOT ALIENS I really hope Disney isn't gonna be a basic bitch and do aliens, PLEASE DISNEY DON'T. Later on near the end of the movie, when Addison was given the Alpha werewolf necklace. I think she's the great alpha or an..............ALIEN cuz its either shes directly connected with the moonstone 4 her hair to glow blue so yh and she could be an alien cuz the blue comet thing might be a UFO and if the aliens come into close proximity it could trigger 4 her hair to glow. I am not a doctor.

They are just descriptions I used for this particular topic, so please don’t let them cause any offense or bring about any distress. Stay safe, world. Every time I turn back toward the things they want. When the blue mysterious orb fell out of the sky, it might have been something from the moon, like a precious energy source filled with moon power. ), and I'm settling in for long shift at work. I just want to clarify BY NO MEANS am I attempting to impose my personal beliefs or any religious views or opinions on anyone. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If you can’t do this work yourself, don’t worry. She cant be a alien because aliens cant speak english... mabey a whitch because if you look when zed is singing i belong he walks by a crystal store (could be a easter egg). I love you both endlessly.

Secondly, from where do stars fall? I don't understand! She can't be a human because all the humans in Seabrook don't have any other hair color other than the basic brunette, blonde, or black hair colors that normal people should have. I am blessed to  have clean clothes to wear. Look through them and you’ll see the beloved’s face. Thank you for sharing Suzi, you inspire me! She seemed so passionate about it and the werewolves all seemed to believe that she was the one.

I haven't had a crisis in over a year and try to be very careful to not have another. Where steroids are the best medicine, but laughter comes a close second. Last night, I slept from 9pm to 7am, only waking up twice and restless 28 times (that's good for me, I often get closer to 50 wake-ups/restless per night) and I have still been exhausted all day. Thanks. I thought about another theory someone wrote about Addison maybe being a witch and that is why she is so accepting to ALL monsters. In Zombies 2, we're all introduced to a new species which are the werewolves.

For some reason, aka hours of research online, I am convinced the side effects will really start to reduce at this dosage.

Taking this attitude, I've made it through a pretty intense yoga class, a trip the local market (it's high season around here so everywhere is packed and there is no longer such a thing as a simple trip to the market anymore.

Who exactly are they so desperate to convert? Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Everything has a reason. Well, maybe the stone didn’t have enough energy to actually transform Addison into the Great Alpha, also she would have the most connection to the moon witch is important to wolf culture, so she could have needed more energy or maybe it might of needed to be a full moon to also gain the energy from the moon. I might guess she’s [part] angel. So...where does Addison belong? Why is Addison's hair white?

I am blessed to have all my body parts and limbs intact and uninjured. That last 10%? What could this mean? But she doesn't let these small sacrifices stop her feet from hitting the pavement, week after week. They act like they are introducing the Bible to these people. I do think it’s possible she’s an alien or alpha or something else that starts with A. Why I think Addison really is the Great Alpha. Plus, the moment where he showed what the Alpha werewolf was supposed to look like. DisneyZombies Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. What else could this meteor/comet mean? DisneyZombies Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. There is an animal called an ushghur, a porcupine, If you hit it with a stick, it extends its quills. So a prophet’s soul is especially afflicted. Is there another species that will be seen in Zombies 3 that were all brought down from the meteor and that species will finally be the answer to Addison's unique hair color?

I am blessed to wake up in this warm, comfortable bed, in my lovely home. everywhere. Hello. Even though I could not imagine making it through the day I had planned when I first woke up this morning, I am actually feeling pretty good now. I think Addison is a alien and not a vampire because he see her reflection in the mirror. delicious comforts that keep you from prayer. OK? Sweet Sleep. But like all journeys and marathons, we all start with a single step. Im just afraid that The Addison is an alien rumor is real and the movie turns into a sci fi movie .

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