However, the rest of production has taken place down in Covington, Georgia, and it was there that the cast found themselves in a little bit of a legal snare shortly after the series premiered. However, Elena and Damon eventually get together, even though she couldn't stand him at first, she thought he was arrogant and dangerous. RELATED: The Vampire Diaries: 5 Characters Who Got Better As The Show Went On (& 5 Who Got Worse). The books, which branch off into their own non-canon story lines surrounding the show's characters, concluded with Chapter 39 in 2014.

However, they weren't the only couple who got together thanks to the show. Also interesting: before Ian Somerhalder earned his nickname "Ian Smolderholder" for his work as the steely-eyed Damon Salvatore, future co-stars Paul Wesley, Zach Roerig, and Michael Trevino were all among those who tried out for the role, too. They drink even more blood if they have problems with self-control, as some The Vampire Diaries vampires do. In the books by L. J. Smith, Elena Gilbert first dates Stefan, and she also does so in the TV show. Yet when Somerhalder auditioned to play Jason Stackhouse in True Blood, he didn't get the part, because - you guessed it! The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The auditioning process is one of the most challenging parts of any actor's life, maybe except the most famous ones, Hollywood a-listers. In comparison, Ian Somerhalder auditioned "only" two times to play Stefan's older brother Damon.

You probably already know that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder dated for quite a while before they split up. One might think that the hair department simply always curled Dobrev's hair, but she actually wore a wig as Katherine! Wesley's real-life wife, Torrey DeVitto (who stars in Pretty Little Liars), also joined the cast in a recurring role before the two split, and her character counterpart suddenly took her leave of Mystic Falls. One of the main plot points of The Vampire Diaries is the romance between its heroes, usually complicated, sometimes easier. Just a day after the pilot hit the small screen, several of the series' cast members (including Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola, Kayla Ewell, and Sara Canning) were reportedly arrested for naughtily distracting drivers on a freeway during a photo shoot with photographer Tyler Shields. They had to put on special contact lenses, fangs, prosthetics, and, of course, special make-up. But did you know this almost didn't happen? level 1 One of the main plot points of The Vampire Diaries is the romance between its heroes, usually complicated, sometimes easier. When actors work together on the same TV show for many years and seasons and spend a lot of time together, sparks are bound to start flying. When she meets handsome, haunted Stefan Salvatore, he struggles to resist her for fear that his dark secret is too much for her to handle. Theirs wasn't the only cast coupling to go south while the cameras were still rolling. The Vampire Diaries featured many memorable villains, but Damon has the privilege of being the first serious villain and the threat to Elena's and Stefan's happiness as a couple. The Vampire Diaries' showrunner didn't want Elena and Damon to end up together and only caved in when it became clear that fans shipped these two really hard. It was all well and good for a while between the two as art imitated life and vice versa, but when they broke up in real-life and had to continue doing love scenes for the show, things got a little awkward.

It also includes long hours spent in the make-up chair, especially if you're playing a supernatural creature or an alien (like Karen Gillan aka Nebula could surely attest). Dobrev and Somerhalder, for one, proved that their on-screen chemistry as the ultra-shippable Delena duo was inspired by some real-life heat between the actors, who stepped out together on multiple occasions throughout the summer of 2011 to confirm their rumored relationship. For a brief time in entertainment history, vampires were all the rage. Since the show lasted for so many years, probably no-one will be surprised that its making was an interesting and complex process, considering how many storylines and characters The Vampire Diaries' creators had to juggle at the same time.

Dobrev only won the role after producers gave her audition a second look-see and determined that she was a better fit. One of the group diverts him away. So when a new TV show or a film is casting, it can take up to a dozen audition before an actor actually gets the part. However, in the TV show, Bulgarian-Canadian actress Nina Dobrev played Elena. But Dobrev also portrayed Elena's doppelganger Katherine in the show and Katherine has rich wavy, almost curly hair. Yep. It's not uncommon for a show which involves so much physical and emotional passion to transpire into some unexpected off-screen romance, but with The Vampire Diaries, there have been an unusual amount of real-life couplings to happen amidst its cast ... for better, and for worse. Actors playing vampires often have the disadvantage that while they continue to age, their characters don't. Here are 10 behind the scenes facts about The Vampire Diaries you might not know. The pair poked fun at their dramatic dilemma at the 2014 People's Choice Awards, so they seemed to be keeping it civil. The Salvatore brothers were vampires, but they were both 30+ and neither would have passed for high schoolers.

Williamson, who'd previously planned to do a college campus-set paranormal investigation sister series, became involved with his now-defunct The Secret Circle instead of moving forward with the follow-up idea. Vampires drink a lot of blood, that's a given in any fantasy/sci-fi/horror tale. The Vampire Diaries may be over now, but we can all take comfort knowing that a lot of interesting stuff happened behind the scenes. Ultimately, though, the showrunners confirmed the same with the news that Season 8 would indeed be the final stand for TVD. I love how you get more upvotes than me. They disowned her for having a baby out of wedlock.

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