That scene between Geun Soo and Sae Ro Yi, where Geun Soo apologizes for what his family’s done to Sae Ro Yi, packs such an emotional punch. I found her sneaky, manipulative and passive aggressive. My favorite alternative iteration of this relationship, is that of the platonic soul mate. I just really appreciate how gently candid Sae Ro Yi is, in talking with Geun Soo about this.

Sae Ro Yi genuinely cares more about his people than about the business itself, and that’s so admirable and moving. I know the events of the plot mean that he loses everything, but for him to turn into someone who’s sincerely sorry for his past actions? E13. Unlike shows like She Was Pretty or What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, where his roles were mostly defined by the need to be the swoony romantic lead (not that there’s anything wrong with being swoony, mind you), seeing him in this role as Sae Ro Yi feels most like watching him as a character actor, versus a handsome romantic male lead. Unfortunately, it doesn't show all the countries currently existing in my stats, coz it starts from zero. E6. It’s just, I happen to think that this connection was more moving when it was platonic.

Proud to be a k-fangirl since 2007. That was beautiful. In den Hauptrollen sind Park Seo-joon, Kim Da-mi, Yoo Jae-myung und Kwon Nara zu sehen. Editor's Pick of the Day: Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence, 6 Trends Your Skin Will Thank You For This 2019. I almost feel sorry for Geun Won, for having such a father, because that’s definitely had great influence over the jerk that he’s become. Quite frankly I feel an actor of the opposite gender playing a transitioned trans person is a bit of a slap in the face, despite it often being the casting choice that is made. Your blog absolutely captures exactly what i thought about this drama.I really loved Iteawon Class and yet by the end, it felt like there was something lacking. The chameleon changes her hair color and hairstyle quite often, and does justice to every transformation she makes. Soul mates who appreciate each other and support each other, but who don't require reciprocal romantic love in order to love. It’s a bleeding, throbbing, open wound, and the tragedy is that nothing can bring Dad back and make it better. E4.

E6. ❤️, Yes, the romantic connection between Sae Ro Yi and Yi Seo felt forced, and the more I tried to rationalize it, the less organic it felt.

How her desire to help him steps from the fact that Sae Ro Yi is a genuinely nice guy. E12. However, I did struggle for a bit, to categorize this show in my head. He throws Hyun Yi under the bus by revealing her gender identity with malicious intentions, and yet, in the same breath, tells Soo Ah that Hyun Yi is a precious noona and friend to him. Also as a side note, when I was watching it at first I though that Hyun-yi might be a stealth trans man from the way she acted, but as we know I had kind of got it the wrong way round. When it serves up the feels, it doesn’t hold back; I sometimes felt like my heart had been put through the wringer, but – more often than not – in the best way.

She wasn’t a sociopath rather it is said she was at the brink of becoming one but I guess sae ro yi love changes and softens her a bit.

The only thing he can offer is his apology, and that feels so insufficient. Something to be glad about indeed. Lies.

That’s partly (largely?) Soo Ah only thinks of herself and her comfort, which is why she asks Sae Ro Yi to give up his revenge on Chairman Jang, while Yi Seo bets her entire life on Sae Ro Yi, and wholeheartedly throws herself into helping him achieve his goal of taking down Jangga Co. And it’s Yi Seo, ultimately, who’s on the same page as Sae Ro Yi. This, when she hasn’t even thanked him for breaking her fall and saving her life. A potentially explosive combination indeed, and Show makes great use of it, adding a good amount of dramatic tension to our narrative via Yi Seo. However, in keeping with how her character is written to be sociopathic, it makes complete sense to me, that she fails to see the human aspect of both events, and ends up hurting people with her reactions and remarks. Plus, Sae Ro Yi didn’t even scold him for doing what he did, and getting the pub suspended.

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