Species Jade has long, wavy blonde hair and round blue eyes. For reasons unknown, one night she, Wendy, and Diego were serving detention, stuck behind a barrier spell. But I can't be near the blood. Josie apologies but reveals that she wanted to make sure that she was okay. Jade's startled awake by her presence. Basically, it's hide-and-seek. Jed says no.

Josie doesn't know what she's talking about. Physical appearance

Jade is a young teenager who enjoys rebelling against authority figures and breaking rules. For reasons unknown, one night she, Wendy, and Diego were serving detention, stuck behind a barrier spell. Overwhelmed with guilt and emotion, she shut off her humanity. Kai tells her to take Josie to Alaric and to not kill her, yet. Before she can do anything else, memories come flooding back to her — Inez's death and the grief that came with it. All you gotta do is tell us the story. Hope is Not the Goal Kai Parker Screwed Us. Jade falls dead to the floor. He should have killed him instead.

This Year Will Be Different.

3 First seen

InezWendy (thousands of times; resurrected)Diego (thousands of times; resurrected)Malachai Parker (thousands of times; resurrected) Height

Wendy is the first to step through followed by the others, except Diego.

With Wendy and Diego gone, Jade reveals what actually happened.

He goes up to Rafael and Josie and tells Josie to leave. Josie turns and leaves, but gives her another glance back. She doesn't immediate recognize her, but then she realizes it's little Josie Saltzman all grown up. Without her humanity, Jade was cold, unpredictable, and unstable. I know that I deserve it. The group attempted to leave but one of the bullies because Diego to activate his werewolf senses. She figured it out the hard way — it was what she was doing the night she walked out on her. He, Kaleb, Pedro and Hope respond to Lizzie exposing magic at Mystic Falls High School and is instructed to form a perimeter. Jade is teleported back to the mortal plane, to the Salvatore Boarding School.

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Eye color Jade collapses to the floor dead. Cause of death

However, their kiss is interpreted when a darker version appears.

Not much is known about Jade's early history, although at the age of sixteen, she was training as an emergency medical technician. Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, https://cw-legacies.fandom.com/wiki/Jade?oldid=5943.

The next day, the bodies were discovered by Dorian and Alaric and the three of them were questioned. Alaric dismisses the thought. He also has tall stature and an athletic build. Jade She knows that she deserves it, but her EMT training and the last ten years learning how to patch people up after a fight is what will help save Lizzie.

He is confident and arrogant due to being the Alpha of the school pack. Josie tells her that she isn't and wonders why she's in her uncle's prison world.

She later thanked Josie for turning her humanity on, stating that she's happy to be herself again.

Gender She is self-aware again and admits that she didn't need the stupid simulation to tell her that she has the hots for Josie Saltzman. Lizzie promises to take him to the resistance who would smuggle him down to Mexico for safety. Alaric follows her instructions and stops the bleeding with a Laughlin clamp.

Kai Parker Screwed Us

Later on, Jed finds Landon, tells him he doesn't belong and beats him up. Her inability to control her thirst eventually led her to shut off her humanity.

It was done by cyanide poisoning, having bribed the coroner, too.

She explains that once she begins to siphon, behind the spires, doors will open. Jade tells her it isn't about money. To compromise, she'll even give him a five-minute head start. He is confident and arrogant due to being the Alpha of the school pack. She doesn't know what it is, but found it with no memory of it. Dark Brown There's A Place Where The Lost Things Go. First seen

Played by Josie admits that it was all an accident. Lizzie's bleeding out from her injuries.

This reality, however, is wished away by Lizzie when she wishes that Ablah never encounters the monster that sends her to Malivore. Kai is the person who's missing from their memory, a spelling affecting their mind.

Jade is experiencing something similar. Even if it means making her the target of a murderer.

Unknown First Kill The rules have been changed inside the simulation itself.

She reveals to Josie that she bribed the waiter at the club. Significant kills However, at a young age, she discovered she's a ripper, prone to losing control when drinking, and even seeing, human blood, making her stronger and emotionally unstable. Jade initially felt guilt but sound like the way her humanity to relieve herself. Born Significant kills Jade is amused — doubling down in the face of imminent death. Occupation Jade tells Alaric that it's her. Jade prefers girls anyways and doesn't care about Kai. Josie doesn't recall why she did it but she must have had a good reason. He wants them both to suffer.

Last seen

When Jade regained her humanity ten years later, she was overcome with guilt for her actions and profusely apologized for everything she had done. Josie's explaining to Alaric that she can make holes in this world. Lizzie was supposed to be rushed to the hospital to get some press for her movie and she didn't use enough poison to kill anyone. In the new wish reality, Jed comes to the boarding school, which is struggling financially due to lacking Hope's father's startup donation, as a potential recruit for the school. Something's missing from her memory. Jade has waited for ten years for an explanation for what he did to them. Alpha of the Salvatore Boarding School Pack. Jade doesn't understand why and neither does Josie. Female Jed is a character that made his debut in the fourth episode of Legacies.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jade dismisses his apology. Status 1

Status Species Using her speed, Jade throws Alaric across the room and into the piano — it's nothing but a game of tag for her. All she wants to do is go home. She removes the chains from him and tell him to come with her. Jade possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Original vampire. The energy needs to go somewhere, which means someone needs to stay behind to be the anchor and suggests that it be Diego. I don't know how, but Josie turned my humanity back on. Alaric will run and hide and she will seek. Josie's being blackmailed, but she already knew that.

Emma welcomes her as she takes her seat and reassures them all that it is just a simulation. She's finally become the killer that he thought she was.

He can, however, joke towards a new packmate with a serious look on his face. Alaric tells Jade to take a sit, as he does, and Josie performs another spell to restore their memories. He seems to be a little rude towards other students that are not werewolves, such as Josie. Jade convinced a young Josie Saltzman to siphon the barrier spell away so that they could go to a party and be back before anyone discovered. Showing no remorse nor confessing to what they had done, she, Wendy and Diego were banished to the 2018 Prison World. Gender Blonde

But lucky for her, she's got a twin sister who left everything behind to become her publicist.

Not much is known about Jade’s early history. Kai Parker Screwed Us Jade is a vampire and former student of the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, she was sent to the prison world by Alaric Saltzman.

With the vessel sealed, Lizzie's pulse becomes steady. Josie raises her sword as Jade approaches her, revealing her true face.

Jade finds Alaric, Lizzie and Josie at the hospital.

Status Occupation She dresses in dark edgy clothing with lots of accessories. Professor Vardemus reasons that Jade was ejected from the simulation prematurely. Diego reveals that Kai screwed them over and left them in the prison world. You triggered your werewolf curse this month, which means you killed somebody recently. Before she can do anything else, Alaric takes Wendy down. Alaric thanks her and Josie wakes up.


As night falls, Jade, along with the other, join Josie in the woods. Jade takes a drink from her flash and tells her that she just wanted to see her one last time.

Played by She tells him and Wendy to go check on Kai.

She would often be trapped in detention as a punishment, which led to her befriending other delinquents. Jade knows her tell though. Eye color

Jade convinced a young Josie Saltzman to siphon the barrier spell away so that they could go to a party and be back before anyone di… Josie enacts her plan to escape.

He seems to be a little rude towards other students that are not werewolves, such as Josie. She even tells him that he can still kill her if he wanted to. Dr. Saltzman.

He has all the pieces to get them out of the prison world and she wants to make sure that he doesn't leave them behind.

Josie attempts to flee, but Kai uses a spell to completely immobilize her where she stood. Malachai Parker, however, stakes her through the heart from behind. Josie casts a barrier spell around them, keeping them locked together. She and her classmates tricked a young Josie Saltzman into drop the barrier. He has a temper, which is common among werewolves and wants new members to submit to him. Legacies (2018– ) Series Cast & Crew. Werewolf 6 Josie tells her the same now that her humanity is back. He doesn't want to leave anyone here. At the age of sixteen, she was training as an emergency medical technician. Alaric's being guarded by Wendy and Diego.

Rafael retaliates and challenges Jed for alpha. She pulls a note from her back pocket. Episode Count Jade and her friends snuck off school grounds to meet with Mystic Falls high school students. So you're just gonna have to do exactly what I tell you.

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