james acaster is an absolute legend, every decision he makes in this book is simultaneously the smartest and the stupidest thing i've ever heard lmao. “They had a chat with her before bringing me on and it was a really sweet chat,” he told Thornton.

Hilarious. Yes, that’s right Acaster waxed lyrical about the drink for five whole minutes. “They bought this big charity cheque and gave it to her,” he recalled. If you were a bit awkward in your younger years this book will make you smile with relief that you weren't as awkward as Acaster (and if you were, I'd like to read your book). James Acaster has been nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy Award five times and has appeared on prime-time TV shows like MOCK THE WEEK, LIVE AT THE APOLLO and RUSSELL HOWARD'S STAND UP CENTRAL.. The story about the singer in his nu-metal band is genuinely one of the funniest things I have ever read (it made me cry with laughter on a train) and ‘Fell Foot Sound’ and ‘Cabadging’ are both classics, though there’s at least one great joke in even the most minor scrapes. Start by marking “James Acaster's Classic Scrapes” as Want to Read: Error rating book.

However, for James Acaster, it was quite possibly the worst gig of his life. Acaster describes nu-metal perfectly and he has amused me greatly. Listened to this on audiobook and laughed SO HARD.

I really wanted to laugh out loud at this, but sadly I didn't! This was not the case with the book by another comedian, Joe Lycett, that I recently read and that really made me laugh a lot. There weren't nearly as many laugh-out-loud moments as I'd anticipated, and although his "scrapes" are interesting and somewhat daft, I genuinely couldn't care less. and each story even more ridiculous than the last.

I mean, I liked it, but in much the same way as I'd like watching a repeat of The Simpsons I've seen a hundred times because there's nothing else on but the news. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published I bloody love James Acaster, I do. I will seriously watch anything he’s in. every single story was hilarious (i laughed out loud so many times!!) But behind the fame and critical acclaim is a man perpetually getting into trouble. James Acaster is one of my favourite comedians.I loved this book and would advise people to listen to the audio version narrated by James Acaster himself to fully appreciate his telling. Refresh and try again. A happy fool that’s in love with you. A smile that communicates friendship and liking involves pressing your lips together while also making those little dimples at the side of your mouth. Yes it's scripted but so is 'The West Wing' and that's why it's amazing.”, “I was never one of those student who thought it was great to see their teaches outside of school, in their normal clothes, living their normal life like a normal person. I started listening to it now, but decided to wait a bit until I continue - it might help to hear the stories narrated by the comedian himself. I would have liked to like it much better - James Acaster is one of my very favourite comedians, seeing him perform stand-up with his awkward and dorky attitude always makes me laugh like crazy. This quasi-memoir gives us clear insight to Acaster's life. Footage of shoppers in Birmingham city centre, with members of the public Christmas shopping and queueing to get into Primark. While he’s been nominated for many awards – and won a fair few – for his live shows, Acaster reveals that his opening line for this prestigious TV show was perhaps slightly off the mark. I actually preferred to keep them as they were: smartly dressed and in charge, maybe even as role models. He seems like a genuinly good bloke, and there were some funny moments, just not enough f. [Audio book review] Having laughed my head off at Acaster's quirky humour when he's appeared on panel shows, I began this book with high expectations. This is easily the funniest book I've ever read.

We’d love your help. He has a unique style and a quirkiness that sets him aside from the punsters and the do-you-remember-Spangles standups. I laughed out loud on the first page, and carried on in a similar vein from there.

I like James Acaster. ), so I thought I'd try this book. “I'm not used to performing in front of this crowd,” he declared.

While I can watch his standup sets over and over again and listen to him recount his classic scrapes, reading this was exhausting and boring. February 19th 2019 Some people fall in love.

Welcome back. Dominance smile. And if you already go and watch live wrestling, why are you not doing it more often? Its very rare that I laugh out loud in a book, but the first line of this masterpiece had me almost in tears.

This quasi-memoir gives us clear insight to Acaster's life. I've been loving his stand-up comedy recently (I have rewatched clips on YouTube several times and Repertoire on Netflix is great! https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/16217648.James_Acaster See if your friends have read any of James Acaster's books. what a gentle, observant, hapless, and hilarious human being. “If you haven't been to watch live wrestling before you owe it to yourself to go. Whether it's disappointing a skydiving instructor mid-flight, hiding from thugs in a bush wearing a bright red dress, or annoying the Kettering Board Games club, a didgeridoo-playing conspiracy theorist and some bemused Christians, James is always finding new ways to embarrass himself. I was slightly disappointed by this book. No one liked that!”.

I have to say that the book did not rank better than the live performance, but I did laugh a lot and out loud. Overall, I'm mildly disappointed. There are a few tales I was familiar with because I've seen him tell them on panel shows, etc. Every month our team sorts... To see what your friends thought of this book. Long live the coat hanger lady, she was the best !!!

I would have liked to like it much better - James Acaster is one of my very favourite comedians, seeing him perform stand-up with his awkward and dorky attitude always makes me laugh like crazy.

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