. I am soooo much into you now Ji Chang Wook. There might be some unknown injuries too. The way that you act, the way that you smile, and the way that you become the perfect embodiment of most girls' dream, I really wonder if there is such cool guys like the character that you acted out. Great story line, perfect job in writing thank you for an awesome series. Koreans like all their dramas bland and sanitised. No...... i'm just attracted to beautiful things. I ve fallen in love with this guy..since empress ki.he stealed my attention over other korean actors..his acting skill is superb and in fact his personality even better. For example the final episode where he had a discussion with his parents, he spoke with teary-eyed that moved me to tears, in ep.6 when he was staring at the Han river with silent tears after humiliation by YJ 's mom, in ep. The K2 is like the best korean series I've ever watched in my life and I enjoyed every bit of it,especially with you and unni together at last ##hotest oppa in town, jcwforever Dec 27 2016 1:08 am We will wait for your return. I love jck, saranghae, wish there would be more dramas for him, please kbs feature him in another drama, so handsome and good acting, Rebecca A. Abealo Feb 21 2015 6:47 pm wow, have seen both empress ki and healer, hmmmm....you are a great actor. Ji Chang-Wook has a height of 5 ft. 11 inches and weighs 68 kg. Your onscreen couple with PMY looks so real and natural. <3. He is quite impressive in both contemporary and historical dramas!!!!! Please make a new kdrama like the k2 or healer. Thank you, mimzy Apr 17 2019 3:47 am Ji chang wook and Yoona both funny and cute if they be real couple ! There's just something off about the pairing albeit the great chemistry. oppa cutee... Ellie Jun 21 2013 12:42 am Lots of love, Tara Dec 25 2014 10:03 am Ji Chang-Wook's future wife ;) Aug 25 2016 3:10 pm Can I think of you as an older brother? I love him in healer drama!!! Saranghae, teo Jul 20 2016 2:14 pm He was so perfect. Dongae(Ji Chang Wook), u r handsome and cool. I forget his character name there.

watiey Jan 26 2011 7:45 am He was born on July 5, 1987, in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. With right role and great acting hoping to see more of your drama series traditional type hopefully your really is a great actor. ... his vocal so delicious..so faboulous... Ma gaaaash. Woah!..what an impressive acting background,..no wonder you possess that best acting talent...i haven't watch most of your drama aside from Healer...ohh..boy! Not for the money but for who you are how you feel for each other. from sulawesi barat - indonesia. ? Chang-wook has headlined the popular television series Healer. *_*, jasmine Jan 10 2015 7:33 am Maybe the aura to me not come yet...lol. While studying in the school, he dreamed of becoming an engineer. beny richard Oct 31 2015 11:08 am All in one actor Ji chang wook I adore you so much. Don't worry I will love you even if you date or get married :) I hope to see you with Song Hye-Kyo.

He is my favourite actor.

I've finished watching also bachelors vegetable store , Healer and warrior baek dong soo.. i'm looking forward to finish smile again, secret love, and five fingers..hopefully after working hours. Origins May 30 2020 3:27 am im ur ardent fan from INDIA!!! You all should watch the Ugly Duckling Series - Perfect Match. Keep up the good work, Ji Wook! Healer #SuspiciousPartner #EmpressKi #K2 #MeltingMeSoftly. His mother wasn’t a fan of his decision but he decided to go with it. She is very smart and beautiful. Hope to see you in person. I like. I even ended loving his leading ladies, Ha Ji Won, Park Mon Young and Kim Yoo Jung. aizza Oct 28 2019 12:28 am

In my opinion, his acts are the best when it comes to action scenes (k2,healer). Wow what an actor..korea should be proud of him. [CDATA[ I am definitely his fan now! it just me or he and EXO bakhyun are look a like? Lee Richie Cruz Jan 09 2015 5:02 am He has an estimated net worth of around $100k and he earns $42k per episode from the healer and the entire series grossed $50 million worldwide. I adore him. Fighting for your new drama, The K2 !!!!!

he is my favorite hero. sandra Nov 21 2016 1:25 am Yes!I do agree that Ji Chang Wook is the mosa versatile acctor.And he got good look that will melt everyone heart.Love u so much and hope u will always success in everything you do...LoveU, jcwforever May 11 2017 10:42 am Ji Chang-wook is a South Korean actor known for his starring performances in popular TV shows such as Warrior Baek Dong-soo and Empress Ki. I watched almost all of his dramas and I'm in awe. jichangwook_sarang Mar 01 2015 5:29 am

Jun 03 2017 2:22 am You are the best oppa. Thanks for KBS channel very much !!!

JieJie Jun 12 2017 11:07 pm Your acting in Healer was amazingly touching! He wanted to become an engineer during his high school time but after graduation, he decided to become an actor. By the way, this drama has several fans from Ethiopia! Ji Chang Wook oppa !! Impress with his acting in empress ki, he doesnt sell his look but his skill thats what i though. he is so hot and handsome...i just keep seeing his face after i watched K2 and now he is constantly in my mind.. i think he looks like BK201 from anime darker than black....if that anime gets a live action,i hope he gets to play the role.saranghe. God bless. jongsukhyojooshipper Sep 09 2016 12:39 pm And hoping that someday in your next, next drama. I like his face expression, now watching suspecious partner cant wait for latest episode, i've watch healer also and his acting is just awesome... Rafizah Raof May 12 2017 1:27 am I miss your movies specially "The Healer" because a handsome your face and smile is so cute. dear JCW you were the best among the best of empress ki artists. It's so real and interesting. You are really good looking especially in Healer <3

Hi!!!!! His family always encouraged him to pursue his career in which he is interested in. Samanthika Sarathchandra May 24 2020 8:55 am really apprciate your hard work and dedication towards your work..Wokiee you are TRULY GIFTED ONE!!! You made my heart fluttered. wookie Jul 28 2017 4:12 pm I love his acting and everything abot ji chang. Ep 14 to 15, churned out a lot of fans’ desires, wanting the couple to be joint finally as one in real life, some called for Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young to be together and love each other and become a real life couple. Perhaps it's because you always give your all in all your dramas. Of course i personally didn't know you Chang Wook, but i hope you're a good man. ..it cant be true.

Oppa saranghaeyo he was better in the k2 because he was so handsome in action scene No bias!! He's damn cute.... ryza Jun 05 2016 9:54 am W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; hahaha Amazing actor! His acting in this particular drama is very real and he portrays his character so well that the audience hates him for being a coward. Hwaiting~❤. I have already included the HEALER as one of my favorites. I'm off to watch The K2 and slowly eek out all your shows and films over the long months till you're back. Ji chang wook oppa you are handsome and great actor. Don't forget this I will always be your fan forever and ever and I will support you always no matter what.Fighting!!!!! Ji Chang Wook! Well, crying with true emotions and how his pains were expressed by his eyes. finished BVS and he is really great as much as he is in healer.. and so exited to watch smile donghae... awwww >.< he is really cool and charismatic guy.. happy to find him lately.

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