After briefly announcing that Syfy had ordered six episodes for Eureka season 6, plans at the network quickly changed and the series was unceremoniously given the axe. Andy suffers through several cases in which his outer skin is repeatedly destroyed, and he is rebuilt with a new face. She played the main antagonist during the third season[4] and reprised the role in an episode of the fourth season. She was installed as a test item an unstated amount of time before Carter moved in. During her time as deputy, she always had a weapon with her, and went armed even in situations where weaponry is unnecessary. Die Beziehung der beiden existiert jedoch in der alternativen/neuen Zeitlinie, die durch die Zeitreise am Anfang der vierten Staffel entstanden ist, nicht mehr. This episode leads Jo to recount some of her favourite things about Zane - "Our first date: Sunday brunch at Cafe Diem. During Season 3, he was elected mayor as a write-in candidate. ", and throughout they are shown to have a fairly close friendship. Erica Cerra (born October 31, 1979) is a Canadian actress, best known for her portrayal of Deputy Jo Lupo on the Syfy series Eureka, and artificial intelligence A.L.I.E. While it can be said that many previous series – Caprica, Stargate Universe, for example - have fallen because of the Comcast-NBCUniversal merger, this is the first time that the reasoning was directly revealed to public. Cerra at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con. Zane and Dr. Isaac Parrish built a z-wave amplifier bomb to stop the clones, and in the episode's climax, Allison Blake detonated the bomb inside a cabin where Evil Jo and the other clones were going after her and Carter. Henry's assistance is often invaluable in defusing the situations the experiments in town create. Directed by Marita Grabiak. It is mentioned that this program was in turn based on a war games simulator. In the "Jack of All Trades" episode, Grace decides to take a sabbatical from Eureka, citing difficulty resuming her life outside "Matrix Eureka", and essentially leaves Henry as a result (his virtual counterpart attempted to kill her, which was the focal point of her adjustment difficulties), though the two remain married, and in regular contact with each other.

According to the Season 3 premiere, she lives at 60 Fermi Drive. Erica Cerra (born October 31, 1979) is a Canadian actress, best known for her portrayal of Deputy Jo Lupo on the Syfy series Eureka, and artificial intelligence A.L.I.E. Villainous Beauties Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. The residents of the town and their odd experiments try her patience, but those few moments where she gets to shoot something seem to make it worth it. Captivated by acting from an early age, she first appeared in the Canadian show KidZone then in numerous commercials as a child. He receives early acceptance to. He quickly determines that time has changed based on Carter's behavior and several Holmesian clues, but he suffers damage that resets his memory to his last backup. In "Mirror, Mirror," a strange video message appears to Holly Marten, who was recently revived when her mind is downloaded into a bio-printed body, and it would turn her villainous and cause her to supercharge Deputy Andy and create evil clones of many of Eureka's townspeople. We just couldn't make the numbers work.". Zane proposes to her in the Season 4 premiere, but before she can answer him, time is altered to where the two of them never dated, and in fact cannot stand each other. Vincent is the owner of Cafe Diem.

She secretly works for a mysterious organization known as the "Consortium", which has expressed a desire to exploit Eureka's innovations by whatever means necessary. Even so, the job has begun to transform him into a more decisive, and capable leader as the weight of responsibility has forced him to stand up to other GD employees, the Department of Defense, and military generals. Later in Season 4 she infects Allison Blake with nanites so as to take control of her mind, and to enable Beverly (acting as Allison) to steal the GD main computer core. Dr. Isaac Parrish is a scientist who has a running adversarial relationship with Fargo, as he considers himself smarter than almost everyone else and thinks of Fargo as a legacy-kid who has had everything handed to him. During her time as deputy, she always had a weapon with her, and went armed even in situations where weaponry is unnecessary. Henry also becomes the new Director of Global Dynamics after Fargo steps down. Ihre Mutter ist gelernte Köchin und auf Vancouver Island Inhaberin einer Firma, die Teigwaren herstellt. She is visibly touched by his get-well gift of ballet shoes in "Noche de Suenos.

Erica Cerra ist in Vancouver aufgewachsen und bereits im Alter von acht Jahren in zahlreichen Werbespots aufgetreten. Erica appeared in the second season finale of the CW series The 100 which aired on March 11, 2015, as a mysterious A.I. It's not his fault that your favorite show is terrible. He also does work in. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

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