(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Want to help revive the Free Press in America? Slatter is also ready and willing to vote for demilitarizing the cops and instituting a wealth tax. Vote Ryu. (That's 35 Os for approximately 35 races on the ballot, depending on where you live.). He does not support universal health care, he does not support the Green New Deal, and he does the best he can to remain on the friendly side of law enforcement. We're approving Referendum 90. We'll see how well that works, but Orwall's optimistic. Carlson Conquers Mt. Overall, we like Wellman.

4.7K likes. We know this November ballot is long, complicated, and kinda confusing. In his 40s, he is good looking and intelligent.

john carlson election picks 2020 Louis has played host to the event. Now more than ever, The Stranger depends on your support to help fund our coverage. But coronavirus made nonsense of the job/health care order by crashing the economy. He's a no-nonsense technocrat who seems to run a tight ship that actually does some big shit you don't hear about too often. King County voters went along with it, and now we're watching the largest movement in U.S. history rise up against a recalcitrant and unaccountable "public safety" system run by cop guilds who refuse all reform. Here at Washington Conservation Voters, we work to elect environmentally responsible candidates across the state. We brought cold Cokes, popcorn and little containers of Goldfish crackers which, I was dismayed to note, totaled about a hundred-thousand calories in each. GUEST: Jesse Jensen,Congressional Candidate. Vote Republican in all of them. If Jay Inslee collects less than 45% in the primary, a GOP candidate may have a shot at winning the governorship in November’s general. Though Robertson has tried more cases than Madsen, and though bar associations generally rate Robertson higher than Madsen, and though Robertson can dead-lift 300 pounds (and readily produces the photos to prove it), we’re going with Madsen. The choice here is between an opportunistic white guy with exactly zero legal experience who suspended his campaign several months ago, and an exceptionally well qualified Washington State Supreme Court Justice with years of experience in a broad range of court systems who became the first Black LGBTQ woman to serve on the Court when Gov. Legislative District No. It’s not like some poor kid had the unenviable job of checking your breath when you drove onto the lot, but if you got ripped, and you got caught, you got bounced. | Portions are ©  Associated Press.

Vote Sullivan. "The arching theme of 2020 is we have failed," says Schrier, "We have 4% of the world's population and 22% of the world's death. The state’s mainstream Republican movement flocked to Garcia because of his pedigree, his Hispanic ancestry and his relatively moderate politics: He is pro-abortion rights, pro same sex marriage and encourages people to mask up in public and does so most of the time himself. His favorite book: Charlotte's Web, which he's currently reading to his daughter. No, Joe Biden does not support the policies we need to save this country from the brink. Of course, one incoming State House Rep likely won't have much influence on whether the Legislature cuts services, shrinks eligibility, or cuts state employee jobs next session, and so here we are again back at the beginning. (Disclosure: I have endorsed Freed for governor.). Then Danny, realizing how stupid he’d been, started groveling like some lovesick lapdog to get Sandy back. She only finished with $100 after the Final Jeopardy, but that's a win in our book (plus the broadband and education stuff, obviously). A tsunami is coming. (photo: KVI Staff). Office of Law Enforcement Oversight - Subpoena Authority. Unfortunately, sales tax is pretty much the only way we can fund transit right now. 570 KVI's Guide to the 2020 Elections.

He’s also in a better position to change those rules in order to root out systemic racism, and to help steer the court through the changes it needs to prevent miscarriages of justice during the COVID crisis. Steve Bergquist was nearly late to our phone interview because he was at a meeting for the state's Core Plus program, which connects students with career training opportunities. Ryu's record on policing is superb. Twenty-nine states (plus Washington D.C.!) But the important thing to keep in mind is this: Prop 1 needs 60% of the vote to pass. Vote approve.

McCarthy took up the helm of the auditor's office back in 2017, and she's killing it. Of the adults over 65 doggy-paddling around in this tsunami, approximately 70% will need long-term care, and 90% of them aren't insured for it. The fuck it is!!! 2.

And outside of her day job, she’s a fierce advocate for increasing gender equity in law. CANDIDATES 2020 Governor Candidate Loren Culp Watch Video As a U.S. Army Soldier, Loren honed his leadership skills in the Drill Sergeant School which he then used to help turn civilians into soldiers. And now we have Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht, who let police reforms "die on the vine," according to a report from the Office of Law Enforcement Oversight. He is a member of the Republican Party and is running for re-election. We're disobeying the explicit instructions of our therapists and saying yes to everything. Rep. My-Linh Thai is a trained pharmacist, a Vietnamese refugee, and a pragmatic leftist seeking to represent Mercer Island for at least another two years. A few days after the SECB's interview with Dembowski, King County Undersheriff Patti Cole-Tindall recommended firing the deputy in question, but how it took the Sheriff's Office three months to finish this investigation and issue a memo is beyond us. Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events, The easiest way to find Seattle's best events, All contents © Index Newspapers LLC We're voting for Santos if only to save the lawmakers in Olympia from Stafford's patronizing tirades. AuthorDanielle D'Souza Gill joins Kirby to discuss her new bookThe Choice: The Abortion Divide in America.

United States Representative Congressional District No. He doesn't. Structure and Duties of the Department of Public Safety. Right now, he’s working to change some incredibly tedious but important rules around pre-trial release.

Vote Hackney. The Unlucky Populist: Phil Fortunato.

com/2020. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. As a crew of non-roads guys, we're backing Rep. Slatter, who has passed modest but useful legislation to reset Washington's emissions limit for greenhouses gasses to the appropriate level, secure a dedicated funding source for telemedicine programs, improve the data we have on homeless youth, and limit the ability of universities to hold transcripts when students owe library fees. Believe it or not, Phil Fortunato is the only elected official running among Republicans. It's another edition of This Day in History and the election is next week. Madsen said these experiences revealed the wide gaps in the justice system, giving her "visceral" knowledge she’ll use to inform her work as a judge. Contact one of our attorneys to schedule a consultation, or for more information, call 765-289-0661 or visit our Facebook page or website at beasleylaw.com. Then Sandy told Danny where he could stick it.

Vote McCarthy. Washington state renters have few allies like Macri, who has repeatedly introduced bills to repeal our statewide ban on rent control. In this contest, KHT brings the specifics, and she’s better on tenant issues than Salisbury. On top of that, while Hudgins voted against modest eviction reforms, Hackney plans to champion tenant protections, including just cause and rent stabilization measures. The social workers will mentor the new cops about mental health and help integrate them into the fabric of communities the officers will serve.

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