All rights reserved worldwide. As the years pass, Tamar concludes that she must take things into her own hands. (E) 4 She conceived again and gave birth to a son and named him Onan. 38 At that time, Judah(A) left his brothers and went down to stay with a man of Adullam(B) named Hirah. Latest Devo: Losing Faith in the Elected, Worship Music Videos on our YouTube channel. That important lineage is covered in the genealogies of Jesus Christ. 6 Judah got a wife for Er, his firstborn, and her name was Tamar. Genesis 38 tells us about people who are in the Messianic line. Besides, the men who lived there said, ‘There hasn’t been any shrine prostitute here.’”, 23 Then Judah said, “Let her keep what she has,(AQ) or we will become a laughingstock. A text study sheet prepared by Rabbi Toba Spitzer on the mysterious “man” found in Parshat Vayeshev. It may be there was more, for King David had a daughter named Tamar. After they have sex, Judah is unable to locate Tamar to retrieve the staff, ring, and seal he had given hear as security for the payment of a goat. (D) He married her and made love to her; 3 she became pregnant and gave birth to a son, who was named Er. (H) 7 But Er, Judah’s firstborn, was wicked in the Lord’s sight;(I) so the Lord put him to death. One of the twins will be Peretz and thus King David's ancestor. 6 Judah got a wife for Er, his firstborn, and her name was Tamar. [a](BA) 30 Then his brother, who had the scarlet thread on his wrist,(BB) came out. It's an approach to Jewish living. The Story of Judah and Tamar Genesis 38:1-30 - “Then Judah took a wife for Er his firstborn, and her name was Tamar. She could not know that by taking on the responsibilities cast on her, she was to play a key role in history. And Judah said to Onan, “Go in to your brother’s wife and marry her, and raise up an heir to your brother.” (AR) After all, I did send her this young goat, but you didn’t find her.”, 24 About three months later Judah was told, “Your daughter-in-law Tamar is guilty of prostitution, and as a result she is now pregnant.”, Judah said, “Bring her out and have her burned to death!”(AS), 25 As she was being brought out, she sent a message to her father-in-law. (AV)” And he did not sleep with her again.

21 He asked the men who lived there, “Where is the shrine prostitute(AP) who was beside the road at Enaim?”. Children, as it turns, out. Judah refuses to marry Tamar to Shelah, the youngest, for fear she is bad luck. Since he knew that a child with Tamar would … 17 “I’ll send you a young goat(AH) from my flock,” he said. 20 Meanwhile Judah sent the young goat by his friend the Adullamite(AN) in order to get his pledge(AO) back from the woman, but he did not find her. “There hasn’t been any shrine prostitute here,” they said. Tamar is then married as a levirate widow to Onan, the next eldest, who, is killed by God because he, well, commits onanism to keep Tamar from having a child who will be Er's heir and who will then get the first born's inheritance. Delving into the story of Tamar’s deception of Judah, Ellen Dannin explores the power she exercises in calling a powerful man to moral accountability. Three months later when he learns she is pregnant, Tamar produces these items and tells Judah they belong to the father of her child. In a sense, Judah had lost his true self. Even when read with care, it is not an easy story. But Er, Judah’s firstborn, was wicked in the sight of the LORD, and the LORD took his life. So, why does this odd tale deserve to break into the Joseph story, a story so tender it's hard to read it without brushing away a tear? “Your seal(AJ) and its cord, and the staff(AK) in your hand,” she answered. “And what will you give me to sleep with you?”(AG) she asked. He was despised by his brothers, thrown into a pit, sold into slavery, and taken away to Egypt… and this was just the beginning of many adventures to come.

(AL) 19 After she left, she took off her veil and put on her widow’s clothes(AM) again. (F) 5 She gave birth to still another son and named him Shelah. Judah is Leah's fourth son and the ringleader in selling Joseph into slavery. You probably haven’t heard too many sermons preached on this chapter, right? ( H) 7 But Er, Judah’s firstborn, was wicked in the Lord’s sight; ( I) so the Lord put him to death. She plays the role of a kedeishah - sacred prostitute - and, in fact, she has a sacred role to perform. And all this loss and outsider status flowed into the blood of King David. Learn more about a Reconstructionist approach to Jewish thought, ethics, values, and practice: Reconstructionist Judaism is more than a set of ideas. Copyright © 2019 by Zondervan. (AA) For she saw that, though Shelah(AB) had now grown up, she had not been given to him as his wife.

Tamar's intervention also seems to have been critical in changing Judah from a man with no moral compass, as evidenced by his treatment of Joseph, Tamar, and Er, into one who is eloquent, self-sacrificing, and compassionate when we next see him. (G) It was at Kezib that she gave birth to him. Please Help Reconstructing Judaism Stay Strong. Judah was the father of Perez and Zerah by Tamar,” - Matthew 1:1-3a In last week’s message we turned our attention to Joseph and began our discussion of his incredible life. But Onan spills his seed. NIV Reverse Interlinear Bible: English to Hebrew and English to Greek. She forced him to grow up and readied him for his encounters with Joseph and to be the preserver of the Jewish people. (J), 8 Then Judah said to Onan, “Sleep with your brother’s wife and fulfill your duty to her as a brother-in-law to raise up offspring for your brother.”(K) 9 But Onan knew that the child would not be his; so whenever he slept with his brother’s wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from providing offspring for his brother. Jacob stole Esau's inheritance, but Tamar gave Judah his real identity. And she added, “See if you recognize whose seal and cord and staff these are.”(AT). 16 Not realizing(AD) that she was his daughter-in-law,(AE) he went over to her by the roadside and said, “Come now, let me sleep with you.”(AF). When all is revealed, Judah's eyes are opened, and he says: “Tzadakah mimeini.” - “She is correct - it (the child) is from me” or, perhaps, “She is more righteous than I am.”. Briefly, Judah, fresh from telling Jacob that Joseph has been killed, marries a Canaanite woman and has three sons, the eldest of whom, Er, marries Tamar. (AW) 28 As she was giving birth, one of them put out his hand; so the midwife(AX) took a scarlet thread and tied it on his wrist(AY) and said, “This one came out first.” 29 But when he drew back his hand, his brother came out,(AZ) and she said, “So this is how you have broken out!” And he was named Perez.

18 He said, “What pledge should I give you?”. Judah, unknown to himself, tried to lose his role in history as the ancestor of King David. Tamar is sent to her father's house on the excuse that Shelah is not yet old enough to marry.

Tamar's actions and Judah's reactions to them turned Judah to a right path as he became the man who recognized: Tzadakah mimeini - she is more righteous than I. His having given his seal, staff, and ring to Tamar as collateral was only a physical acting out of that reality. Judah recognizes that Tamar was in the right to act as she had. GCM is a faith ministry supported entirely by the gifts of Christians. When Judah had recovered from his grief, he went up to Timnah,(S) to the men who were shearing his sheep,(T) and his friend Hirah the Adullamite(U) went with him. Joseph wandered into his place in history because “a man” intervened to tell him that his brothers had gone to Dothan. 12 After a long time Judah’s wife, the daughter of Shua,(R) died. New International Version (NIV), “And what will you give me to sleep with you?”, Judah said, “Bring her out and have her burned to death!”, Upgrade to Bible Gateway Plus, and access the NEW, Jos 12:15; 15:35; 1Sa 22:1; 2Sa 23:13; 2Ch 11:7, ver 14; Jos 15:10, 57; 19:43; Jdg 14:1, 2; 2Ch 28:18, ver 25; 1Ki 21:8; Est 3:12; 8:8; SS 8:6; Isa 49:16; Jer 22:24; Hag 2:23; 2Co 1:22; Eph 1:13, S Ge 19:5; Lev 19:29; Dt 22:21; 23:17; 2Ki 23:7; Hos 4:14, Lev 20:10, 14; 21:9; Dt 22:21, 22; Jos 7:25; Jdg 15:6; 1Sa 31:12; Job 31:11, 28; Eze 16:38, Ge 46:12; Nu 26:20, 21; Ru 4:12, 18; 2Sa 5:20; 6:8; 1Ch 2:4; 9:4; Isa 28:21; Mt 1:3, NIV, Beautiful Word Bible Journal, Luke, Comfort Print, NIV, Biblical Theology Study Bible, Comfort Print: Follow God’s Redemptive Plan as It Unfolds throughout Scripture, NIV, The Story: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People, NIV, Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, Red Letter Edition: Bringing to Life the Ancient World of Scripture, NIV, Beautiful Word Bible Journal, Acts, Comfort Print.

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