If you are lucky enough, however, you can find green metallic ones of the same size aswell and those I always called junebugs. This is not limited to my state of Arizona, this is internationally accepted. That sounds about right based on my experience visiting my family in that middle section of the country.

While ours are brown, they also have a thick layer of yellow fur on their thorax underside. Yes, both are often called June bugs, depending on where you live. Scorpion: Any of several species of skink or snake. !…I don’t see how they are not crazy they crash into everything…..from one hard surface to the next! I spent my summers growing up in rural West Virginia. I have a green one living with my young bearded dragon in an aquarium. Do they have line of bright white fur on their bellies and about 3/8 inch long?

In fact, this morning there were at least 100 hovering and diving into the grass in our background. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. That’s my best guess, though like I said, I’m no expert on this group. I think June Bug is a great nickname for a pet. His June bug is an invasive species while mine is a native. I was afraid of them for years. Scientific names exist for a reason: to eliminate the ambiguity caused by common names.

Glad they’re a sign of summer for you too! And personally, because it’s just a common name, I think anything you want to call a June bug is okay. My first though was a June bug, except it started in July. Source(s): https://shrinke.im/a8jGv. Some people in the US call the green ones June bugs and the brown ones May beetles too! Thanks for sharing this! Interesting! Every scientist uses the same scientific name when referring to a species, regardless of the country he/she lives in.

The green ones I always called a Scarab. I know the brown scarabs in Arizona are HIGHLY attracted to lights and will flock to them at night in droves. I’d been told what these insects were upon arriving in West Texas, but didn’t know too much more than that about the hapless things as they zinged into the lights I leave on at night outside the house. We have the brown beetles that come out at night and we have a striped brown one we call a potato bug, because the red larva will eat potato plants up. Thx, I wanted to post photos to do comparisons but I can’t add attachment b/c there’s not a link available. I guess scarab is a common name, too, even though it’s derived from it’s family name? Most people know that most living organisms have more than one name. We had no idea that such a thing was possible! As a kid I recall just how powerful they were. Those things are a gorgeous bright lime green, about what I picture as fluorescent green. Regardless, I think it’z marvelous, and I’m glad you’re seeing lots too!

Oh, and in Utah, where I grew up, we called them Water Skiers. I grew up in San Diego, CA. I was not afraid of them. I actually love the June  bug question because it lets me discuss the problems associated with using common names. The ten-lined June beetle (Polyphylla decemlineata), also known as the watermelon beetle, is a scarab beetle found in the western United States and Canada. I’m from Kentucky and the June bugs here are the large green ones. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. :). Interesting that your june bug isn’t the green one like so many other Arizonans. ( Log Out /  I am an entomologist, and I still call mutabilis June bugs, not fig beetles, because that’s what I learned a June bug was as a kid.

Now I see that apparently no one else calls Cicadas June bugs.

Today he found a Japanese beetle outside and called it a June bug much to my shigrin. Change ). Your knowledge & expertise are appreciated in this matter. The June bug's eggs are laid under the ground and can remain there for as long as three years as larva before emerging. I grew up North of Atlanta with “your” type of June Bug. I grew up in Arizona and always thought the buzzing sound of cicadas was made by the larger shiny green “June bug” beetle because I usually hear it around June every summer!

And just out of curiosity, how do you say May bug in your country? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I then explain exactly what I’ve written here: that June bug is a common name that is applied to a variety of scarab beetles, usually green or brown, and that one person’s June bug can be very different from the next depending on where they grew up.

They are a prime example of how using the common name for an insect can cause massive confusion!

Phrases like “June bug” and “May fly” are so generic that they can easily be applied to almost any species of insect. Ouch. Are your parents from some other part of the country? Are they coming to your lights at night?

I saw one of these swarms and it was crazy.

Felt sorry for them as I observed them crashing into walls, trees, or people. We had the figeaters as our June bugs in Arizona, but June bugs are the brown beetles you grew up with in many other places in the country. For us, a June Bug was a large green and orange metallic scarab that came out early in the morning and would disappear around midday. Fun!

I grew up in Arizona, lived there for 20 years altogether. Ultimately, it all boils down to this: there isn’t a single June bug! Those little brown clumsy dudes are prolific right now too. I moved to Pennsylvania in my twenties and found that the didn’t even know what a june bug was. I’ve been feeding it cherries, peaches and other fruit. I spent a good part of my childhood in the Beaumont area of Texas, where our version of the June Bug looks to be the European chafer, small, brown and would be everywhere in the spring. I think if you ask most other Arizonans (and I’ve asked A LOT of them) you’ll find the same thing. or is it in some language other than German? I don’t recall hearing June bug until I moved to Texas, and then Missouri (both brown, but the ones in Texas were much bigger.

I’m not even familiar with any of the “real” June bugs. June bugs are generally any metallic scarab, but usually the fig beetle. I love that you learned them just as scarabs! I love scarabs, or at least the depiction of them in ancient Egyptian art, so I had an immediate affinity to them. Thanks to your article I can now tell him that we’re both right since there will never be one “true” june bug. All of which is the northern Chihuahuan Desert. I’m really glad I found your site and this post. In Tucson, Arizona there are both the brown (pork’n bean type) and the big shiny green ones. The bugs I call June bugs there are the big metallic green ones, but they’re ultimately all scarabs that are out during the summer. 1 decade ago. Yes, this is one instance where you’re both right!

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