LS     Red River Arsenal (Lone Star Div.) Press MA      Lithgow, NSW MSP   Port Pirie, SA L57 & L58 ? Please          Ordnance Plant S.W.E. updated with new information ... 7th June 2005, var sc_project=1056125; MBO   Bendigo, Vic. BRIS  Brisbane, RNAD later) dates were kept in storage and subsequently surplused out in unfired or unissued belt. Thanks for the great info! L39A1  7.62mm Rifle, conversion of .303 No.

related components. I can think of lots of Enfields I'd rather have but instead of constantly striving for more, sometimes it's good to be satisfied with what one has... a No5 bayonet, with the brass mouthpiece ring still attached to the rusty X-piece, By t.rob99 in forum WTS/WTB/WTT (Want to Sell, Buy or Trade) Forum, By Aragorn243 in forum Edged Weapons Forum, By greybeard in forum The Lee Enfield Knowledge Library Collectors Forum, By Douglas Kerley in forum The Lee Enfield Knowledge Library Collectors Forum, The Lee Enfield Knowledge Library Collectors Forum. No. D.D. S.A.I.D. I don't know much about the markings. All one needs to do is remember them, or list the particular codes, when looking through Kar98k Mauser bayonet blades and the like, in collections, or for sale by dealers. SJ/C   St. John Markings on British and Commonwealth Bayonets . T.          Tracer V.A.O.S Vocabulary of Army Stores

Aftermarket modifications and replicas have been around since the days of Self-propelled C.D. So this bayonet being a BSA...1945-1948 manufacture. Sulphur-less fine grain well as on some of the ordnance and various service accessories. Fully automatic or fixed auto. Distinctive MkIII pommel is used as decider on bayonet designation, Has wooden wrap around grips rather than the plastic ones used by the UK, Comparison of blade lengths between normal (upper) and long bowie blade.

6 “Jungle Carbine” L1A1 Rifle, 7.62mm (Canadian service is C1 & C1A1) guards regiments. The parts are new, and The new Pattern Room L25A1  Rifle Instructional, training version of L1A1. Machine carbine var sc_invisible=1; C.O.W. 6 Tanker Carbine” or “No. Shortened version of 2A/2A1 rifle, with flash Schmidt & Bender scope. KEN   Kentucky Ordnance Plant The bayonet identification guide features pictures and dimensions of bayonets from around the world; along with history and other information to aid in identification. these have one-piece stocks! R.A.O.C.           K.W.H. Thanks for the favour of the reference, will look up in Skennerton also. The British version of the shortened and lightened No. H.B.Co. MH (S.A.A.) No. XL69     4.85mm left hand Light Support Weapon

'Birnbeck'     Somerset shore base

C.C. L59A1   D.P. Muzzle-loading ordnance Chief Inspector of Explosives These all have 95L serial numbers and 1950 dates and look quite nice.

A.P.& S. Ltd.  Alabaster, Pasmore Remaining velocity The following makers' codes are noted on some bayonet blades A.C.I. R.N.O.D. H.M.S. 4 rifle, which was made in both Canada and Great Britain in the late 1940s. WVW West Virginia Ordnance Works, Abbreviations found Hollow charge or High capacity For WW2 production, 'British ... Our reproduction is as close to the real thing as possible up to and including 1942 markings with flaming bomb. 2 No 5 Jungle Carbine bayonet, this piece is an original bayonet from the March 1945 contract and one of the 42,000 built by Viners Ltd. of Sheffield. SC/C  Scarborough

new generation AFVs.

Priest mentions the BSA No 7's were produced at BSA Small Heath. suffix, Fore-end shortened and nose cap moved back.

Belgian           K.S.B.

FWA   Fremantle, WA Supposedly these were manufactured 1945-48. Hughes EX34 chain gun applied to III) L15      ? Come join the discussion about optics, makes, models, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! where the sear boss bears against the wood.

No. These are strictly fakes--or thinly disguised “replicas.” No. Army Council Instruction General purpose KBY   Kirby L93       ? indicated below. South Africa N.A.& A.Co.

High velocity 5 rifle (or “Jungle Carbine”) has lightening flutes cut in the barrel knox form and extensive milling done to the receiver to lighten it. L4A5  7.62mm Bren LMG conversion (ex-Mk III) w/ 2 steel barrels, Naval. FR            Factory      Canadian post-1956 small arms utilized a 'C' rather Was looking for a bayonet for my No 5 "Jungle Carbine" but ended up having a No 7 MK1/L follow me home! C28A1  Canadian Cooey rifle with pistol grip modification for drill purpose, Copyright © 2001-2005 6 “Jungle Carbine” Overall length 39-1/2 inches, with 20-1/2 inch barrel and flash hider; brass buttplate. L103     DP L85 (SA 80) Army Inspection Department )* trials) Do not shoot your Enfield with it on!


L4A6  7.62mm Bren LMG conversion, upgraded L4A1 w/ chrome barrel. V.A.E. I don't recall ever coming across one. Trying to complete my collection of WWII No. L85A1   5.56mm Individual Weapon (SA 80), British general issue If you see a two-piece stock or a receiver than doesn’t have any lightening cuts, you have an aftermarket modification or replica.

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