local beekeeper Greg Stout For your information, the club has recently received a generous donation of equipment from a local area beekeeping including some extracting equipment, which will be available to club members for rental. Grant has published several books on the topics of beekeeping and personal growth. August 22, 2017 Please direct all questions or suggestions for this website to: WCBA Meeting – Monday, 8 September 2014 with Kent Williams, Smart Hive for Beekeepers _ General Questions. To propagate and select the hardiest of genetics, Cory avoids treatments in his colonies. John is Vice President of the Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association, member of the Saint Louis Beekeepers, third generation beekeeper and honey bee enthusiast with about 15-20 colonies in Pevely, MO.

The US Food & Drug Administration classifies antibiotics approved to control American foulbrood (AFB) and European foulbrood (EFB) as medically important antibiotics because they are used to treat diseases in people. Stu started keeping bees on Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1973. Honey Bee Healthy; Mix all ingredients in a 5 gallon bucket. The study uses long-term bee sampling data and science communication to answer the question 'Can communities plant our way out of a pollinator health crisis?' Kent Williams, EAS Master Beekeeper (www.mdasplitter.com)

August is when inspection, detection and management is critical to your bee's health and survival for the rest of the year. Dwain Jansen, President, Three Rivers Beekeepers and Jerry will discus the future of beekeeping...honey bee technology, trends in the commercial and hobby industry, and the prospects for bee health. Please join us!

and is currently a nuc and queen producer and rents colonies for pollination of vine crops, managing 600 hives. with Steve Moeller Why Testing Your Honey is Important to You Jerry will discus the future of beekeeping...honey bee technology, trends in the commercial and hobby industry, and the prospects for bee health. Honey Harvest Why don't all environmentally concerned homeowners landscape with native plants which provide ecological services to their yards, neighborhoods and the ecosphere? Certified Master Beekeeper and VSH Queen Breeder. Phil also wrote the business plan for Sweet Sensations which won the YouthBridge/SEIC social entreprenuership competition sponsored by the Skandalaris Center at Washington University in 2012, resulting in a $35,000 seed grant. 5656 Oakland Ave, St Louis, MO 63110 February 28, 2017 The vast feral population in the Ozarks can supply hardy local stock, and you can adapt any hive model to create bee habitat that mimics bees' natural ways. Sweetwater Science Labs started as Coastal Science Labs in 2012. Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 This month's meeting will feature round-table discussion on the season to-date. Doug has a bachelor of science in natural resources and environmental studies from the University of Illinois and fought wildfires on the west coast during  his college summers. The Plasmabots team will share the story about their prototype for varroa mite control that won the Massachusetts state competition. STL Bees is pleased to welcome back Lunch is provided by Lake Barkley Beekeepers Association for donations. Additionally, planning and operating a sustainable, environmentally-friendly beekeeping business provides excellent opportunities to teach teens the basics of small business management.

He ran a home-based photography business for two decades, shooting weddings, portraits, team photos and other odd jobs. Grant has published several books on the topics of beekeeping and personal growth. We'll also have an update on SHB (small hive beetle) behavior and management so you can be prepared to deal with them this season.

Veterinary oversight is now required to administer medically important antibiotics in the food or water of food-producing animals. Welcome to our new meeting space! You don’t have to attend every day and there is no cost for the school. We hope you join us any time after 6 p.m. for refreshments or a meal with meeting and presentation beginning at 7 p.m. Club Book Swap

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