She reappears in Mad Dogs briefly.

However, the last line of The General mentions that Kerry and Bruce have had a row and had broken up. Born in 1971, she served as a CHERUB agent from 1981-1988 retiring with a black shirt and eleven missions with her role in the 1985 miner's strike being described as "one of the most outstanding performances by a CHERUB agent, ever." Brian "Bungle" Evans is an American Help Earth terrorist who attempted to kill oil executives with the disease anthrax. Following the death of Yosyp Kazakov on a mission, he is offered the vacant post of training instructor by chairwoman Zara Asker, eventually accepting and becoming a junior staff member, then eventually being promoted and becoming a mission controller by the end of New Guard. At first he is shown mostly as a Brawn Bully type boy but later shows more heart.

In Mad Dogs he goes with James in their mission to infiltrate the Mad Dogs football club and is given a black shirt by Zara for his outstanding performance.

At the end of the novel he adopts Fahim Bin Hassam, the son of the mission's main suspect, who was killed in a shootout with the police. People who are born with the Sun as the ruling planet are courageous, self-expressive and bold.

Thomas Carter is a quiet kid who supports animal rights. She currently works for Nebraska house, recommending suitable recruits. Ruling Planet: Kerry James has a ruling planet of Sun and has a ruling planet of Sun and by astrological associations Saturday is ruled by Sun. He is the reason for Nicole Eddison's dismissal from CHERUB when he provides her with cocaine to snort.

People who are born with the Sun as the ruling planet are courageous, self-expressive and bold. Drake Bell.

He is known for getting girls, having sex, and then treating them like dirt because he prefer relationships which last for a short time, not long-term, which has led to Kerry Chang labeling him a scumbag for doing so in his profile on the CHERUB website.

They became simply friends again somewhere between The Fall and Mad Dogs but later dated each other again although they have an argument in Brigands M.C. After the Government ran tests on him, it turned out that he could barely see past his own nose. Kerry James Marshall, American painter and printmaker whose work examines aspects of African American culture in the United States. James has had many girlfriends, notably Kerry Chang and Dana Smith, both fellow agents. At the time Michael was also in a relationship. Curtis Oxford was born in 1990 in Los Angeles, California. He joined CHERUB after his parents and all but one sibling, his sister Holly, were murdered by a biker gang, known as the Brigands Motorcycle Club. He was sentenced to 4 years banged up. Amy is physically strong and skilled in karate, judo and aikido.

She also appeared in Divine Madness and Shadow Wave. Kerry is recruited to CHERUB in 1998, after losing both her parents in an apartment block fire in 1995, and being found wandering the streets alone.

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