That crack about deplorables was no doubt made in a moment of weakness (she's better than that) and will haunt her at least until the end of the race and possibly for the rest of her professional life. ....not much different then hillary calling Trump voters deplorable,racist homophobes is it?? Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale Craigslist Pa, Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. If the best you can do is reference fill-in talk show hosts for support than it doesn't seem like much support.

I rediscovered Armstrong and Getty and Jack and Joe really do a good job with the news and they have a great rapport with each other. Thank you for setting things straight. Don't let it worry you. AM Radio especially. TV, Radio, Internet...dishing dirt since 2001. seriously, did you even listen to any of what A & G were saying??! They were talking about the general paranoia that the Clinton camp seems to have, and this health issue is the latest example. View More Podcasts. That's 8 hours! I think that makes the score 1,028 to 1 in ignorant comments from the candidates. Like their personalities, sense of humor. Im sure they'll climb abord the sinking ship known as kgo for a quarter of what A&G will get. French Bulldog Puppies For Sale Orange County, Once they've branched out past Sacramento the show has changed quite a bit..more national not as homespun as they used to be. There is an abundance of noise disguised as creativity --it's become rampant and frightening. Stay Informed with KSFO Subscribe to 560 KSFO's weekly eblast for the latest national and local news updates, exclusive contests, events and more. I don't know what they did cause Rich's vendetta against them. Of course, not. Ironto Va Pronunciation, "Well, they probably should have been, as is her ability to lead the team is being called into question now. And who the Media wants to win the Presidency. As I recall, Republicans hid Reagan's dementia until after he died.

Do you think Mr. Lieberman or the SF crowd would even think to suggest that Mr. Trump's health should be handled with more dignity?

Tricycle For 500 Lb Person, She lost the 2008 Primary to community organizer with absolutely zero experience, plus a black to boot, who know one had ever heard of before...that say's it all.Her "OWN" party stabbed her in the back and kicked her to the curb for an unknown, she still (2016) is not well liked.

Tiny Black Bugs That Jump, I once upon a time gave them credence. Progressive Commercial Parents Blue Hair, A & G the best 4 hours in radio. Posted on September 1, 2020 … MORE. What a dick.A&G are some of the most talented guys on radio. You recall incorrectly then. Who was there in the comments section commenting? He was anxious about public reaction and said he didn’t want to be pitied.

Mary Sciarrone Weight Loss, But the fact is if this were video of Trump the other side would be equally merciless.

KGO Talkers Craft and Rothmann? Stardew Valley Character Creation,

Are you an adherent to a real political party's philosophy or just a member of a cult? So that is the point. Armstrong and Getty have no place in my head space. Clever Play On Words Names, Just because you and yours live in the basket, doesn't mean your orange messiah's path to the White House is a done deal. AM Radio especially. The Armstrong & Getty Show: September 1, 2020.

How did the Dems use Bush's passing out after choking on a pretzel against him? Also, ksfo isn't their home market.

The press doesn't hold Donald responsible for telling lies. What’s happening with Brad, Sheri and me? I wonder if KGO 810 will go back to news 5AM to 9AM, Noon to 1PM and 4PM to 7PM? Ah the left, whose only comeback is snark or protest when faced with facts that go against their beliefs. She is finally doing what she should have been doing. But perhaps you knew that already.To 3:05, they used it to make Bush seem old and feeble... which of course is not like Clinton who is so young and mobile these days.

they belong on fox news. Yes, that is what most of those people think of us. While some KKK grand wizard claims to support her there are no records of alt right financial contributions and no right wing white supremists have made robo calls in her support like for Trump.She knows Vladimir Putin is hostile to the US and cannot be flattered by him. If Apples Were Advertised In A Circular Walmart, She has released her tax records while Trump refuses.

There's also multiple falls, blood clots, fainting spells (even during speeches).

For all the sanctimony and grand standing, the fact is Obama was brutal with his words for George Bush. TO CONTRIBUTE: Scroll down the right side of the blog to the "Pay Pal" "Donate" button; click on it and follow the prompters--it takes only a minute and you don't have to have a pay pal account to donate.

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