For Christmas, my lovely wife gave me a Lego Saturn V. After building it and putting it on a shelf, I soon realized that I wanted a more interesting way to display it. More than that, the Saturn V rocket is an elegant piece of engineering, with the Lego version being, no less, impressive.

We love how the rocket turned out and, if you think so too, maybe you’ll try your own version of the build.

I thoroughly enjoyed this build. Our goal was to get a nice rocket engine effect. Even though the #21309 LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V is a very tall set, measuring over 39″ (100cm) high, it is a fairly skinny at 6” (17cm) in diameter, so it’s easy to display it on a shelf, either lying down, or standing up., LEGO Debuts 4,784-Piece ‘Star Wars’ Set Reimagining the Empire’s Iconic Destroyer Ship, LEGO Launches NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Kit for 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing, You Can Now Donate Your Old LEGO Bricks to Children’s Charities.

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After the successful takeoff of Lego Saturn-V rocket, Valerie Roche (Whatsuptoday) and Emmanuel Urquieta (Spacemd) present you their new collaborative project: NASA Saturn-V Launch Umbilical Tower, the ideal stand at 1/110 scale to complete your set 21309: NASA Apollo Saturn V! This is a nice extra step that'll prevent the tip of the wire from scratching your model. Is that even possible? They frame the Saturn V very well. Just a heads up. LEGO fan imnojezus displays the Saturn V horizontally, with a copy of an original poster that was prepared by the NASA Office of Manned Space Flight in May of 1967. Lego 21309 NASA Saturn V Display Case (Horizontal), This product has moved to our new website.

– Painting courtesy of Tina Negus

When all is said and done, it's time for some sanding. Catan: Starfarers Strategy,

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Hunting Challenges, When Was Tess Of The D'urbervilles Published. Sorry you must be logged in before you can do that. The ultimate display solution gives you all of the above but with integrated embedded LEGO studs to display the accessories alongside the vehicle.

Finish off with 220 grit, removing any dried glue that may have stayed on the surface. Thank you for your support! You'll need to start with your 10"x12" board, which means cutting it from a larger piece. If you end up with glue in the corners preventing your stain from taking, (hence my warning in the last step) you can either carefully scrape it clean, or use a fine brush to cover the glue without wiping.

The modern Irish funeral traces ... Podcast: Bob Hamilton shares the story of how he came to set up this special business. They don’t have anything to do with Lego, except that they’ve also happened to have covered the Saturn V…, You are overthinking what your boss is saying.

First, I bent over the tip and hammered it flat on an anvil.

Hover your shuttle in flight mode with our duel crystal clear acrylic stems that neatly cradle the rocket for a sturdy connection. This allows for fine tuning if I'm not exact on the size of the loop I need. Creating the wire supports is much simpler than one would think. Landing displays can also be rotated 180 degrees depending on how you would like the rocket oriented. It is definitely one of the best sets of the year, and a real pleasure to build.

Stain in two coats, for best effect, with a wipe down and a light sanding of 220 grit in between. And you might also like to check out the following related posts: The poster ideas are simple to execute and look really great.

A little less contemplation, a little more action! This acrylic display case is designed for Lego Ideas 21309 NASA Saturn V displayed in horizontal position. I used a guide rail that helps quite a bit on the long runs of wood, but the corners are pretty much done free hand, allowing the bearing on the bit to do all of the distancing.

The poster is free to download and print out at, or you can also purchase it already printed for a very reasonable price at the store.

You may need to leave it longer depending on weather as humidity and heat can lengthen the time. The supports are essentially to stabilize the vertical beam, but also serve as decorative pieces. Pose them with the three Minifigures and you can role-play many history-making moments. I especially like the one with the flight path. Please read our disclosure for more info.

I’ve been a fan of the LED…

Another popular option is to build a stand from LEGO.

As I mentioned, I wanted the whole thing to be modular, so I wanted the LEGO model to be removable from its display, on a whim. It seems like every time it gets back in stock, it’s only for a few hours.

As LEGO Ideas releases reissue 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V, let’s take a look at the original best-selling rocket, 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V..

I recommend pre-drilling the holes, in the vertical and supports so as not to split the wood. LEGO will make you feel like you’re about to enter outer space with its model of NASA’s Apollo Saturn V rocket kit.

Legos and LEDs, what could be better!

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The model can also be separated into the three sections. I have mine displayed horizontally, with the three sections slightly separated, so you can see the different modules. If you don’t have the set yet, it should be back in stock at the beginning of November at official LEGO stores and the Online LEGO Shop.

Exhibit the iconic LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City set with our made-to-measure display stand.

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