You first need to figure out the underlying cause. The seasonal flu is a common viral infection that causes fever, body ache, headache, and congestion. What Would Happen If You Shot A Bullet On A Train? Last medically reviewed on October 30, 2017. Chronic sinusitis, or sinus infections, cause a stuffy or runny nose, tooth pain, fever, sore throat and more. Does Flying In Airplanes Expose Us To Cosmic Radiation Risk? A shot directed towards it is often fatal.

Pericarditis, inflammation of the sac around the heart, causes pain, fever, weakness, palpitations, and more. Aseptic meningitis, or viral meningitis, can cause fever, headaches, neck pain, nausea, and more. Bird flu is spread to people from birds and causes fever, cough, sore throat and muscle aches. There are 124 conditions associated with fever, headache and red (bloodshot) eyes. ©2005-2019 WebMD LLC.

Preventive measures can help stop spider veins, while various treatments can help get rid of them. She was immediately rushed to Fairfax Inova Hospital by her neighbors, where she was treated. Vitamin B12 deficiency. Why You Should Rethink That Drink Before Dinner, New Clues Why Mosquitoes Find You Irresistible, Popular Heartburn Meds Can Have Health Risks, Giant cell arteritis (temporal arteritis).

| Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes pain, swelling, and joint damage.

Malocclusion is misalignment of the teeth such as underbites, overbites, and crossbites. Can We Harness Electricity From Lightning? Using strong laser lights, this therapy works by making spider veins fade completely by destroying the poorly functioning vein.

Neurological issues can cause a headache on the right side only.

If you suddenly stop drinking caffeine, you get withdrawal symptoms, such as headache, fatigue, and bad mood.

A drug overdose can be fatal and causes sleepiness, confusion, coma, vomiting, and other symptoms. Since the brain stem is nestled safely at the back of the head, brain death is not usually the outright concern for the victim, but rather blood loss. Skull shards that pierce the brain at that point are even more difficult to remove than the bullet itself.

As a result, your blood will reroute to vessels that aren’t noticeable. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal, symptoms include headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

Malaria is a dangerous disease spread by mosquitoes and causes severe fever, chills, headache, and anemia. Diabetes can make you feel hungry, tired, or thirsty; you may urinate more than normal and have blurry vision. Heat exhaustion causes intense thirst, heavy sweating, pale, cool, and moist skin, muscle cramps, and more. We've rounded up an array of premier bloggers who can help. The amount of blood that is potentially lost is directly influenced by the size and speed of the bullet fired. Our brain is a resilient organ and tantamount to a twin-engine plane that can work even upon losing one engine. Since the brain stem is nestled safely at the back of the head, brain death is not usually the outright concern for the victim, but rather blood loss.

She narrated her remarkable story of miraculously surviving a deliberate gunshot to her head to end her life. Narcotic abuse can cause fatigue, shallow breathing, anxiety, euphoria, vomiting, confusion, and constipation. Blood loss after a gunshot proves fatal. Botulinum toxin side effects may include pain and tenderness at the injection site, headache, nausea and more. Sunburn causes a reddened, irritated area of skin caused by overexposure to the sun's rays or other UV light.

See additional information. Coxsackie virus infection can cause many cold-like symptoms as well as blisters on the mouth hands and feet. Acute sinusitis, an inflammation of the sinuses, causes sinus pain and tenderness, facial redness and more.

Astigmatism is a common eye problem causing blurry vision, difficulty seeing details and eye strain headaches. The amount of blood has much to do with where the victim was struck and the caliber/type of weapon used.

Kawasaki disease is an uncommon inflammation of the blood vessels; the most common symptom is fever.

Why Are There Stones Alongside Railway Tracks?

The most important factor from a biological standpoint to determine survivability from a gunshot is the location where the bullet hits and passes through.

Mononucleosis is a viral infection causing extreme fatigue, sore throat, fever, rash, muscle aches, and more. Chagas disease is caused by a tropical parasite and can cause fever, ill feeling, and swelling around the eye.

Fight allergies with daily forecasts, local alerts, and personalized tips. Updated on: 13 Oct 2020 by Vaishnavi Patil, What is Quantum Entanglement: Explained in Simple Words.

Crohn's disease is a digestive condition that causes swelling, cramping, diarrhea, and nutritional problems. Tuberculosis usually infects the lungs, causing a bad cough with blood, chest pain, fever, chills, and fatigue.

Indoor allergens are the things that cause an allergic reaction: dust, dust mites, mold, pet hair and more. Valley fever is a fungal infection that starts in the lungs and causes mild flu-like symptoms. Postconcussive syndrome occurs when the symptoms of a concussion or other brain injury continue to occur. A stroke occurs when blood and oxygen to the brain are cut off, and causes numbness, confusion, and more.

The flu is a respiratory tract infection and causes fever, sore throat, runny nose, headache, cough, and more.

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