The productions and melodies remain theatrical, but the emotions of it all aren’t as melodramatic, even on the Chief Keef-produced “Chrome Heart Tags.” Later in the album, in the final section, Uzi recycles the “Xo Tour Lif3” melody, reimagining it as the more optimistic but less potent “P2.” The end of the song feels like an encore speech to fans (“Thank you.

He was going to save hip-hop, and the pressure heightened when he signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label — not only was he a prodigious talent, he now had support from the greatest rapper ever. And though they recur throughout the album, the repetition doesn’t grant cliches “This house is not a home” and “alone together” any actual significance. But here it is – 2020. Make sure you typed in your email correctly. Swedish pop craftsman Max Martin and Brooklyn electronica architect Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never are both credited, but the final product falls much closer to the former; a listener can practically see the disco ball spinning over a gaggle of youths at their prom’s last dance as Tesfaye urges “don’t be scared to live again.” The song Interpolates the iconic chorus of Elton John’s “Your Song” as a cherry on top, a pop star hedonist paying homage to a predecessor. The most quintessential Weeknd lyrics can feel sophomoric or profound, depending on your mood and mental state, and “Faith” is full of them. Cleo indicated that the Lil Uzi Vert collab is still in the works, saying that the production team is looking for a song that he “wants to do.” Additionally, Bernard revealed that X’s old SoundCloud music, along with newly uncovered lost tracks, will be released on streaming services in the future, making some of his oldest recordings available to his fans. Symere Woods known by his stage name Lil Uzi Vert performs during day three of Rolling Loud at Hard Rock Stadium on May 12, 2019 in Miami Gardens, FL. (2018’s My Dear Melancholy comes closest.)

When the album starts with “Alone Again,” he’s already near overdose, demanding a companion to “check [his] pulse for a second time.” It’s not the sort of narrative that requires a dedicated subreddit to parse (though some college freshman is likely grasping at lyrical straws at this very moment), but rather a loose frame to guide the album’s structure. The early Weeknd projects showcased an irresistible sound that paired Tesfaye’s lean and powerful voice with trap and cloud rap beats, left-field indie rock samples, and unflinching lyrics about sex, drugs, and the hazy overlap between the two. “Pop” finds Uzi pushing his Baby Pluto persona to the extreme, laying bare his trap and drill influences in the skittish verses before offering one of the album’s most effective hooks and a standout moment where he breathlessly repeats “Balenci” (as in Balenciaga) 15 times. But, on Eternal Atake, Lil Uzi Vert makes a convincing case that if any rapper were to actually be abducted by aliens (or a cult of women) and come back converting traditional Earthly raps into a supernatural saga, it would be him. That whole paragraph, about Uzi losing his way? He looks kinda like he's [an] alien from somewhere really … But in a rare beautiful way, like some kind of mythical creature who would have a bow and arrow on his back and wings under that bow and arrow.”. The majority of After Hours is lush ‘80s synth-pop, with big synths and bigger drums. This definitely feels like Jay Electronica's vision - part successor to Act I with airy melodies and dusty film clips, and part major-label debut with help by Hit-Boy, Swizz Beatz and Travis Scott - but some fans simply want more verses from him after waiting so long; and it feels dishonest for the tracklist or album cover to avoid listing Jay-Z's name anywhere at all, when he serves as such an anchor. Beyond the sales, and regardless of how you feel about the album musically, there is no denying the impact that Uzi has had on the rap game, and on an entire generation of kids.

It’s a sound The Weeknd has incorporated throughout his career, and it continues to be a fitting sonic shorthand for the excesses of his lyrics. The World. Tesfaye first rose to prominence in 2011 by anonymously self-releasing three mixtapes, later collected into Trilogy by label Republic Records. A week ago, without much prior warning, Uzi released a trailer for Eternal Atake. Rap has no-doubt been enhanced by Uzi’s presence. Some will have their criticisms. Her ecclesiastical offerings are her purest form of selflessness: “But never will I ever not wish you well/Though we’re not together, God bless you still/It’s gonna get better/I know it will/Just hope you know, I still/I’ll pray for you.” “Lightening & Thunder” is a pure blues ballad about longing that John Legend accentuates with his grit and vehemence.

But, while the rapper’s joy is still infectious on this project (this is especially true on standout cut “Celebration Station”), turmoil seems to hit him differently now. Eternal Atake shifts sonically and tonally after the first six songs, making way for Uzi’s second persona, Renji, the emo counterpart to Baby Pluto. Tesfaye sings about being cross-faded on an irresponsible mix of sex and drugs and death. Get first dibs on Merch from Lil Uzi and stay in the know on the latest updates and discounts! In 2013, Uzi had yet to release his debut mixtape. He started rapping under the name ‘Vert’ which he himself says stands for ‘vertical’ meaning his ambition to move upwards. Chilombo, despite all of its ups and down, is about pain, resilience and growth. Her first two albums, while breaths of fresh air in the R&B realm, felt more jovial than weighty. Even after becoming a Billboard chart-topping success with “XO TOUR LIF3,” which has gone 7x platinum since its release and more, Uzi remarked on how he wanted to go back – when there was no fame and the freeing aspect of making music was his calling. NLE Choppa Thinks There's A YouTube Conspiracy Against His 'Bryson' Video, Russ Suggests Hip Hop Fans Are To Blame For ‘Lil Pimp’s’ Existence, Black Thought Reveals Who Made Him Appreciate Being 'Your Favorite Rapper's Favorite Rapper', Polo G Transforms Basketball Court Into Performance Stage For NPR's Tiny Desk Concert, Drakeo The Ruler Finally Released From Prison Following 'Sudden' Plea Deal Offer, Chris Brown Warns Fans To Protect Their Families & Friends After 2020 Election, DJ Paul Reveals Why Bone Thugs-N-Harmony & Three 6 Mafia Verzuz Battle Got Shelved, Lil Wayne Calls Himself An 'Eternal Fire' Following Alleged Denise Bidot Breakup, Tekashi 6ix9ine's Kidnapper Reportedly Sentenced To Decades In Prison, Waka Flocka Accuses Media Of 'Spinning' The 2020 Election, 50 Cent Weighs In On Lil Wayne & Denise Bidot's Alleged Breakup: 'You Can't Dump Little Wayne', Erykah Badu On 2020 Presidential Election: 'Hip Hop Is Bigger Than The Government', Eminem Officially Endorses Joe Biden For President With 'Lose Yourself' Campaign Ad, Lil Wayne Endorses Donald Trump & Touts His Platinum Plan At The White House, Royce Da 5'9 Reacts To Lil Wayne's Donald Trump Endorsement As Expected, Busta Rhymes & Rick Ross Honor The Nation Of Islam With 'Master Fard Muhammad' Video, Lil Pump Threatens To Move To Colombia If Donald Trump Loses Election, Benzino Snaps On Eminem & His Stans: 'All They Do Is Worship A Corny Tailed Park Trash Kkkrakkker! Something’s Wrong. Some are surely trying to interpret a complaint about LA girls with “the same work done on they face” as a reference to one of Tesfaye’s exes, but sometimes a showbiz cliche is just a showbiz cliche. Coming into 2020, Lil Uzi Vert’s Eternal Atake stood as one of the year’s more anticipated projects. … ‘Cause he's so much of a planner and a tactician, and I learned that later on.” Badu took it a step further. But on “B.S.,” featuring a cameo from H.E.R., she is way more cool and callous with her boasts because the same ex who scorned Aiko is practically non-existent: “I am on my own now/I am in control now/I need you to go now/I can fix my own crown.”. Jay-Z is the co-star of A Written Testimony, appearing on all but one song with a type of inspiration unseen throughout his career. Questlove said the album was done, but Jay-Z held it up due to the lack of a clear-cut single. “In Your Eyes” is an electro-disco song packed with enough aural embellishments that to list them requires a full Stefon voice: Chic-esque rhythm guitar, victorious trumpet riffs, Daft Punk-esque robotic vocals, and a full-on saxophone solo on the outro. Using third person so often makes him sound invested in how he’ll be seen long after he's gone, a rare concern in much of today’s fly-by-night hip-hop experience. It’s an image that suggests Andrew W.K. Some would call Jay Electronica the complete antithesis to Jay-Z: the latter has been accused of putting profits above all; the former is an avatar for black consciousness.

“I wouldn't even call him a person cause he's a weird looking cat,” she said.

“Venetia,” the second song in the third and final portion of the album, starts off with the lines “Lil Uzi Vert, to be exact. He does this on “The Neverending Story” with dazzling results, using a somber, piano-laced Alchemist beat to unpack his narrative in a tangible way. You're far too kind you, and you, and you. He’s also a world-famous pop singer responding to questions via email, so that statement requires a few grains of salt.

'Exuma' at 50: How a Bahamian Artist Channeled Island Culture Into a Strange Sonic Ritual, Here’s Where Things Stand in the Final 4 States That Will Pick the President, Bernie Sanders and More Politicians Read Mean Tweets on ‘Kimmel’, Kanye West Concedes Self-Serving Presidential Bid, Threatens 2024 Run, Trump’s Tantrum and the Constitution’s Imaginary ‘No Do-Overs Clause’, Kyle MacLachlan Joins — and Wins — Fleetwood Mac ‘Dreams’ Challenge, A Million Streams Later, Brevin Kim Need A Road Trip, Alabama Rap’s New Vanguard Is Changing the Sound of Hip-Hop. The album’s early tracks flirt with interesting grooves – house on “Too Late,” drum and bass on “Hardest To Love” – but they’re forgettable.

Jay-Z is unafraid to show off the flashy, pro-black ideology that’s been a focus of his career for the past eight years or so, while Jay Electronica pays more attention to sharing his mission from God. The depth of Jhene Aiko’s imagination is bold enough to conjure caution but warm enough to wade in. is an affiliate site of Billboard, a subsidiary of Prometheus Global Media, LLC. His status as a force in Hip Hop is secure.

The 18-track album kicks off with “Baby Pluto,” introducing the first of three personas that Uzi utilizes on the album. While Kendrick Lamar delves into Christianity on good kid, m.A.A.d city and considers the beliefs of black hebrew israelites on DAMN., he essentially holds the hands of the listener, guiding them through his thoughts as he searches for the answers. On “Universal Soldier,” he addresses feeling unloved by Allah, while cleverly rhyming and contrasting Chessimard (freedom fighter Assata Shakur’s surname) with Pablo Escobar. Bow Wow Has A Hard-Earned Lesson For Independent Artists, Pop Smoke's Brother Unveils Original Version Of 'Dior' With Unreleased Verse, Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' Campaign Ad Credited For Joe Biden's Michigan Win, Kodak Black Unveils Controversial Guest Appearance On 'Bill Israel' Album Tracklist. 1, making it the second album for the rapper to top the chart, and his most successful release to date. He recently told CR he has an “off-and-on relationship” with drugs, promising he performs completely sober. Uzi’s range of emotions has garnered hits (“Xo Tour Lif3”) and inspired memes (“Do What I Want”) for years, gaining the attention of even the most casual fan. Want more Rolling Stone?

“Making money like a ni**a don't need to drop,” he raps in rapid cadence on “Silly Watch,” outpacing the synth keys in the Supah Mario production. While they feed off of each other's energy on songs like “Ghost of Soulja Slim” and “The Blinding,” and share mutual love for fallen loved ones on the gut-wrenching “A.P.I.D.T.A.,” they sometimes sound sonically discordant.

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