Who would treat their customers like this? I have heard lionheart overshoots on calories. Have a look at some of my posts on https://www.instagram.com/crispyf45/ where I put up both the LionHeart report and the Samsung Health workout report. As it is you have to scroll through each daily chart and look at 3 events on a page only. How do I fix this? The F45 Lionheart reports that my heart rate does not go above 156 bpm even though I know when running I often sit at 160+ quite comfortably and trust me in some sessions I must be at my VO2 max! !Thank you!

I am rather fit and very lean so find it hard to burn calories even when I am absolutely dripping in sweat and almost dying - my Fitbit clocked 450 calories av 135bpm; LionHeart clocked 572 Av 153bpm. You get to see where you stand with others in the session since your performance is on the board. So I recently started using my Accurofit chest strap HRM and connected to the Lionheart system at my gym with no problems.

After a few minutes it shows up in grey but stays on 0% and 0.0pts. I gave it 2 stars and not 1 as it does keep me competitive during sessions trying to beat others while working out even though I am sure I am a lot more exhausted than some of the other people training but I have no evidence to ba... ck that up. Before getting Lionheart I usually try and beat my morning sessions calorie burn that was recorded on my Fitbit when I go back in the afternoons. I did numerous classes with the LionHeart monitor and then compared the same classes with my Garmin and a Fitbit. I registered my lionheart serial # but when i go to gym it says i need to register it again. I often get 2 reports sent to me after my session (someone else mentioned they also get this) with often different results? A great way to also keep pushing yourself further, especially when you feel like you want to give in to the pain and let go.

I've even put in a new battery. I was pleased that the company ended up doing the right thing it is just a shame that it took so long. There is a study that shows that all trackers tested overshoot. Still no joy.

Six weeks and multiple emails later I still do not have a refund nor any form of a solution.

In this same app it keeps a log of all of my workouts and I can even link up with my friends who I workout with so we can see each other's results and cheer each other on. Do not purchase this product, stick with reliable heart rate monitors such as Garmin or Fitbit.

I have since unpaired my LionHeart heart rate monitor and paired my Garmin HRM Run to the LionHeart website and now I can monitor my heart rate on the F45 LionHeart screen and also on my garmin Fenix 5X. My lionheart isn't showing up anymore on the TV. I was looking for info on this as I just used my LionHeart today for the first time today; I have been training with F45 for about 2 months now or just under and always used my Fitbit Ionic to track my HR/Calorie burn etc and have been for a long time.

Forced to come up with different ways to try and get the app & my lionheart to read my workouts correctly, but it’s almost too frustrating to use. My peek heart rate should be about 167. Which it did not. Introducing F45 Training’s latest technological innovation, the LionHeart Heart Rate Monitor. I often get 2 reports sent to me after my session (someone else mentioned they also get this) with often different results? I own a FitBit and love it, but I feel in order to truly track a workout I must wear a HRM around my chest. Published on Sep 29, 2018 Integrated with F45TV, LionHeart gives you the power to accurately track your workouts, monitor your heart rate, the percentage of …

I believe that Lionheart includes active calories and the calories you burn by just being alive. Hi I'm trying to sync my liongerat to the Under Amour app, is there any trick? Not receiving post work out logs.

Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.com.au. To make matters worse I have been referred to LionHeart Tech support.

Great value for money, so encouraging seeing your heart rate and points up on the F45 screen.

It would be great if the screens supported 3rd party HR monitors (like Polar/Garmin) and next time I will buy a Garmin watch and do my own reporting!! At panthers this morning lionheart says I burned 575 calories while Accurofit says 411. Now I’d be lucky to get them next day. It’s inaccurate.

I found LionHeart really motivated me as I could see my HR and stuff up on the screen. They can offer to graph a range of dates, graph your overall progress over time, or even just summarise the results you have. I got this band after signed off with the challenge. I notice they issued a cease and desist to a free app make who did just that.

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