Your email address will not be published. While technically, it’s 11mm tall, 2 of those millimeters are made up by the acrylic domed crystal. What really stands out is the vertical brushing on the surface of each link in the bracelet. I found no operational issues with those, but the bezel, while gorgeously matched to the dial, is too hard to grip.

The trademark Lorier flat-link bracelet is top notch, and its thinner profile furthers the watch’s comfort. I was poised for acquisition: finger on my mouse, credit card ready. Shop our essentials here. Lorier says the bracelet can accommodate up to an 8” wrist, and it fits my 6.75” wrist just fine. You made it to the end of this Lorier Neptune review. I felt that it was too thick and sat too flat on my wrist.

But I do know that I’m damn happy with it. Flipping the case over, you’ll find a screw-down caseback with–and I am truly so happy with this–absolutely nothing on it. Another big change to the dial is that the Neptune’s markers have made the jump over to the Falcon. This was a total lifesaver and once I realized how easy it was to polish out scratches, I found myself worrying less and less. Case: 316L stainless steelCrystal: Superdome plexiglass Case Diameter: 39mmCase Thickness: 12mm (15.3mm including crystal)Lug-to-lug: 48mmBracelet Width: 20mm tapering to 16mm at the clasp   Lume: Swiss Superluminova BGW9 Movement: Seiko NH35A Water Resistance: 200m ~ 660ftPrice: $399. It’s a bit hard to describe. *does math*  That’s at least 2mm less than my regulars! Another thing of note is the quality of the printing on the dial. an amazing find with all the right cues. He’s always looking for the best gear for the job—whether it be new watch, pen, flashlight, knife, or wallet. Bespoke vs. Made-to-Measure vs. Off the Rack: What’s the Difference? The deep blue dial has a very slight sheen to it that occasionally catches the light, especially on the edge of the subdials. But at the lugs, the 20mm bracelet width feels a bit too chunky for the watch. This review is approached like it’s of a brand new watch, because in a way, it pretty much is. When not fretting over which watch to wear with which strap, he works as an emergency mental health clinician in Northern Virginia, where he lives with his wife and son. Powering the Falcon II is Miyota’s 90S5 movement. Well, that’s a position that I’ll stand with Lorier on. When Lorier announced the new Falcon, I was very eager to try one in person, and they provided a loaner for this review. Put it on a strap, and you’ll get a slightly different experience. It just wears so well. While I could spend plenty of time comparing the updates of the new model to the older one, Lorier has already taken care of that in their extensive blog post outlining all of their decisions.

So…any issues? What Others Are Saying: • “The Neptune really is a well made and designed micro-diver with tons of character. Subscribe via email to get articles in your inbox or add Dappered on Flipboard. The Lorier Falcon II, with his Grandfather’s daily Tissot. This automatic hand-winding and hacking Seiko movement is a workhorse and will be easily serviceable in the future. Working at a desk, there’s a computer in front of me 90% in the time, and usually checking the date once in the morning is enough for me. He is the man behind @friscoflohorology where he combines his passion for horology and photography. The clasp cover is finished like the case with brushing on top and a polished bevel on the transition between top and sides. Good grief, Tom, will it even blend?? Lorier also produces and sells nylon mil-straps, which are sold separately. I’ve been a fan of Lorier ever since reading about the Neptune years ago, and that fandom was rewarded when I purchased my own Neptune Series II.Not long after, a Falcon Series I followed, and then a Gemini.When Lorier announced the new Falcon, I was very eager to try one in person, and they provided a loaner for this review.

I’m sure some like the pattern just the way it is, and it is well-executed and even across the dial. The Miyota is more expensive to source than the prior generation’s Seiko NH, so the price has increased to a still-reasonable $499. Owing to those modest dimensions, the Gemini lays easily on just about any wrist. Well, welcome to Dappered. Your email address will not be published. The superdome distorts the dial beautifully and adds to the nautical feel of the diver, reminding me of a droplet of water. I may be nitpicking, but I did have a few gripes. Want to share a great product? The Neptune features the Seiko NH35A movement which is widely used by many microbrands. No spam. Has the successor to the SKX finally arrived?

The Lorier models are awesome starter watches, or perfect weekend watches, or, for the right person, some of the only watches that you’ll ever need. That’s a tough question and personal preference, budget, and where you find value in a watch are going to answer that — not a watch reviewer writing his opinion on the internet. The seconds hand is slim throughout the mid section with a slim arrow tip at the end, counterbalanced by a wider part at the opposite end. The large crown, thin aluminum bezel insert, domed plexiglass crystal, and the tapered bracelet all add up to one very cool watch—and it’s available at an amazingly affordable price. The Gemini is exceptionally legible thanks to the sharp contrast of the hands against the blue dial. Lauren and Lorenzo of Lorier (no way that alliteration was by accident) are some of the most passionate and friendly people in the scene, and a stop by a watch meetup or a WindUp Watch Fair can confirm that.

The hinge in the clasp is thick steel and feels premium. I’m looking forward to what Lorier has in store for us in the future. At $499 retail, this watch is a great buy. Response received… watch purchased. From skimp to splurge, our shoe expert dishes out options for 7 styles of boots. Drawing yet more inspiration from classic sports watches, this Falcon is dramatically smaller than its predecessor, only 36mm in diameter and 11mm thick (compared to 39mm and 14.3mm, previously). This seemed to help, however, I still found the bezel to require a decent amount of force to turn.

This makes them easily distinguishable against the black dial. Dappered® helps you work the retail system so that you can be comfortable, look sharp, and save money. The case. Style is timeless and affordable. What I’m really getting at is that the bracelet looks great. I’ve been a fan of Lorier ever since reading about the Neptune years ago, and that fandom was rewarded when I purchased my own Neptune Series II. While my Tudor BB36 is heavier on the polishing (slab sides, wider bezel), the Lorier’s brushed approach is a bit more low-key (in a good way). The case back nestles into your wrist, leaving the mid case to be sitting flush.

The slope of the bezel is brushed, giving it a more subtle look and providing some camouflage for the inevitable scratches that usually occur on bezels. The Falcon Series II is housed in a 316L stainless steel case that measures in at 36mm wide x 44mm long x 11mm tall.

Shit. Read this hands-on Lorier Neptune review before you decide. I also don’t much care for the plexi crystal–my wrists are too out-of-control and scuffs abound. Lorier’s watches stand on their own, and the watch community has backed that up with their hard-earned cash.

While the Neptune’s dial markers made it to the Falcon, the overall redesign means that those models no longer share a case, and the Falcon is now rated with 100m of water resistance. As far as watches go, these are pretty economical — making use of workhorse NH35A, Miyota, and Seagull movements while keeping prices to under $500 USD for all models.

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