NOTE 8. Your safety is our first priority. Subject to applicable airworthiness directives and service bulletins.

Factory Quote. Prices are contingent on repairable crankcase, crankshaft and angle valve cylinders.

Superior Millennium Cylinders, ECI, or Factory New: Custom valve sizing for proper dimensional clearance. Models IO-520-A, -B, -C, -D, -E, -F, -J, -K, -L, -M & -N incorporate crankshaft with one 4th and one 5th and two 6th order dampers. IO-360 200 hp $26,900.00 Rebuilt Cylinders. IO-720 $65,450. New Continental engine Installed.

Studs installed using Locktite and torque plate. See TCM Service Bulletin M71-3 for conversion instructions. Model IO-520-BA is identical to Model IO-520-B except for crankshaft damper configuration. Model IO-520-E is similar to IO-520-D except for inclination of throttle body and balance tube charges. Model IO-520-M is similar to IO-520-C except mount brackets, sump, oil cooler and intake manifold riser. Please call Jimmy at 863-655-5000 shop or 863-381-1530 cell, to discuss what is best for you and your aircraft engine. Cylinders tested for air flow uniformity. The Lycoming O-235 is a family of four-cylinder, air-cooled, horizontally opposed piston aircraft engines that produce 100 to 135 hp, derived from the earlier O-233 engine.

Current Sub-total: $0.00.

Magnetos - New Magnetos Installed or overhauled per customers request. Model IO-520-BA, -N has a crankshaft with one 4th and three 6th order dampers.

Prices are conditional upon reparability of major engine components. Honed on centers to insure exact length on all rods. The following magnetos equipped with an appropriate harness are eligible on these engines at the indicated. Model IO-520-BB is similar to the IO-520-B except for modified crankshaft. Starter - New starter installed if requested. Lycoming Aircraft Engine Overhaul Price Guide for 2020. Lycoming - Overhaul price includes fuel system, magnetos, new harness and spark plugs. O 235 Series Overhaul. The latest Lycoming technologies are included in Lycoming Factory Rebuilt and Lycoming Factory Overhaul options. Prices are contingent on repairable crankcase, crankshaft and angle valve cylinders.

$52,194. New Superior Camshaft Installed or overhauled. New Cylinder Options are always a consideration! Jimmy Brod: 863.655.5000 shop, 863.381.1530 cell. NOTE 9. Test runs are completed using test cell with custom break in propellers. New single-piece rocker bushing installed and cut to size square with rocker edges. Prices include: Fuel System, Ignition System, New Spark Plugs & Ignition Harness. $22,755 for Factory Overhaul; Service Limit Engine; 7 Week Turnaround; Reputable Overhaul Shop 1.

O-320 Series $20,900.00 New Cylinders. All Lycoming overhauls come with new cylinders except IO-360 and IO-540 with angle valve head which will come with rebuilt cylinders. Page 2/7 All Aircraft are housed in our Newly Refurbished 15,000 square foot hangar. Aluminum components are cleaned, bead blasted and gold Alodine coated. From $0.03 to $589.00. Balanced in total, crank-end and piston-end weights. Through destructive and non-destructive component testing, it is a key part of a Quality Assurance program that ensures materials conform to Lycoming's strict specifications before parts become part of our inventory. Overhauled by Divco or Crankcase Services. “The Complete Under the Cowl Service Center.” JBA provides a quality new limit turn-key engine overhaul installed in your aircraft, all in one location, for less money than you will pay for a factory overhauled engine in a box. Lycoming and Continental Engine Installations.

NOTE 7. That's why we customize each aircraft engine overhaul agreement to provide the best and most comprehensive support, to meet your operational and financial maintenance target. New transfer collar custom fit to insure proper oil control to propeller.

Custom piston ring gaping at TDC for proper gap in choke area. Oil filter housing is eligible for direct mounting oil filter equipment having a maximum weight of six pounds and overhang moment of 25 in.-lb. Model IO-520-P is similar to the TSIO-520-AE except no turbocharger.

Fuel Injection System (if equipped) - Replaced with Factory Overhauled unit with new injector lines or ovhauled by FAA certified repair station. A propeller strike can cause unknown hidden damage to the engine or other components, possibly leading to a catastrophic failure. * Any engine ending with "D" is $2,100 additional. Model IO-520-F is similar to IO-520-A except for rating and balance tube size. Old log books will remain with customer. Models IO-520-BB, -CB, -MB, -NB have crankshaft with one 4th, one 5th and two 6th order dampers. Internal oil passages de-burred and ported for increased flow. We're constantly adding new products and product lines that best fit our customers. $27,695 with New Lycoming Cylinders; Add $1,600 for Prop Governor Overhaul; Crank/case Repair Included; 8 Week Turnaround; Reputable Overhaul Shop 2.

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