I don't recall it being very accurate but it did work well. Count me in on getting a clone of the 1941 Johnson. completely ending in a conical tip. Both weapons attempted to solve similar problems, and adopted similar solutions. The rifle itself was judged the equal of the Garand with pluses and minuses for both, again timing and politics. A belt fed variant also existed. The M1941 competed unsuccessfully with the U.S. M1 Rifle. Chambered in .30-06, the gun could be fed with old Springfield 1903 stripper clips or topped off with single rounds. Garand, Remington, MAS, and Johnson. there is a difference. Scope Review: Leupold VX-Freedom FireDot Twilight Hunter. In 1936, the same year that the Army adopted their in-house designed Garand, Johnson patented his own 10-shot, recoil-operated semi-automatic rifle. I seem to recall the Johnson first being built around a smaller caliber bullet than the 30 caliber. Prototypes of semi-automatic rifles, 20-round magazine-fed,[citation needed] based on the Johnson LMG were also produced.

As a result, this machine gun was adapted as the BAR replacement for commandos operating behind Axis lines. finish on the repro it is better than a wartime production bayonet. I no longer have any of these rifles. That should tell you something right there. [7] At this time, the U.S. Marine Corps found itself in need of a modern fast-firing infantry rifle, and acquired some rifles from the Dutch East Indies shipment for issue to its Paramarine battalions then preparing to deploy for action in the Pacific theatre.

Notice the difference in the diameter of the rivet ends and backing Johnson 1941 Complete Mag Assembly. A lack of millions of surplus parts has everything to do with why the Johnson has not been reproduced. Melvin Johnson was associated with Marlin, for a while before WWII, and they made several rifles for him to be used in gov't tests. Politics and timing were the Johnson's eventual downfall. 30-'06 SEMI-AUTO./JOHNSON AUTOMATICS/MODEL OF 1941/MADE IN PROVIDENCE, R.I., U.S.A." over serial number "B8239". The Army itself even issued Dutch-contract M1941s to the 1st Special Service Force (aka the Devil’s Brigade). Plus, when tested by the Ordnance Dept., it couldn't use the standard issue bayonet, was no good for bayonet fighting and the mag was considered fragile and the receiver too long. When I was 15-16 I ran around with a group of kids that shot military rifles for fun. By late 1937, he had designed, built, and successfully tested both a semi-automatic rifle and a prototype light machine gun. ... M1941 Johnson Bayonet & Scabbard ... more info Quick view Add to Cart. The barrel, together with the bolt, moves a short distance rearward until the bullet leaves the barrel and pressure in the bore drops to safe levels. While this reduced felt-recoil on the shooter, it made the rifle’s use with a bayonet attachment difficult. Super Duper Member; Members; 0 617 posts; Gender: Male Location: Vermont Interests: Retired computer technician, competitive hipower rifle, long range shots, guns in general, U.S. military rifles in particular. Can't believe that some of those aren't still around. The rotating bolt, with eight locking lugs, would then unlock from the chamber as cam arrangement rotates and unlocks the bolt to continue the operating cycle. Melvin Johnson continued to develop small arms. After the end of WWII, the Johnson weapons made guest appearances in the hands of the Israeli Army in the 1950s and with anti-Castro rebels at the Bay of Pigs in 1961. ArtR 0 . and the bend of the spring steel beneath the flat rivet (C). Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Demonstrating the M1941 Johnson semi automatic rifle’s unique nondetachable rotary magazine. Notice how flat the rivet is and how rounded the originals are (A).

Too expensive. the originals have fewer stitches per inch than the repros do. Marine Raiders used them to good effect until they were disbanded in 1944 and issued standard M1s. Johnson Magazine Door Spring. They were used in lieu of BARs, but as they wore out and were lost in combat they were replaced by BARs. Last time I was at the range I shot better with my Johnson than my Garand. A special spike bayonet helped but was still less than perfect. $280.00. View Full Version : Why no Johnson Automatic Rifle reproductions? The rifle itself was judged the equal of the Garand with pluses and minuses for both, again timing and politics. Another useful design point was that both the rifle and a LMG model had a quick-change barrel that could be swapped out in the field in seconds. Produced by his own workshop, duly named Johnson Automatics, the Johnson rifle prototypes were submitted to not only the Marines, but also the Dutch, British, Canadian, and French governments for testing. Despite these similarities, there is no evidence that either weapon had any effect on the design of the other. This is eight to 10 times the price of a comparable Garand rifle. I load almost all my match ammo, and most of the other stuff I shoot. With all the companies refurbishing M1 Garands and Carbines and all the companies that made make M1 Carbine reproductions why has there not been an attempt to remake the Johnson? The Johnson had some interesting features – primarily its magazine design. Johnson didn't even start working on it until 1936 in response to political maneuvering by the NRA. Original WW II United States Collectibles. The French accepted them and issued them to their "Sovereignty troops" (i.e. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. The hold down strap rivet back

The weapon has many parallels with the German FG 42. of the leather holding the shank tube to the body should be looked at,

ammo is $75.00 and $25.00 shipping. I remember ugly sporter conversions of Johnson's from the good old days (early '60's) in the typical magazine ad of that long gone day. Both weapons were awkward to carry loaded, with a side-mounted magazine; the Johnson had an especially lengthy single-column magazine, and this feature tended to unbalance the weapon.

The 10-round rotary magazine could be quickly reloaded using two clips of .30 Caliber M2 Ball ammunition. repro scabbard. Johnson was successful in selling small quantities of the M1941 Johnson Light Machine Gun to the U.S. armed forces, and this weapon was later used by both Paramarines and the Army's First Special Service Force.

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It is of interest that he later worked with Eugene Stoner on the development of the AR.

Also note the diameter of the repro tube shank to the original (E).

Ernesto "Che" Guevara notably used a Johnson in the Cuban Revolution. Design. The 10-round rotary magazine could be reloaded using two clips of .30 Caliber M2 Ball ammunition. In any event, the post-war years were not kind to the Johnson organisation.

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