I have fixed the guide above. @Ayumilove Also can you explain to me the odd build on 4th job?

Endure (MAX) Level 10: Spear and Polearm Mastery: +50%. Discussion in 'Class Guides' started by Mrkaren, Nov 27, 2018. Final pact makes the lighting horns effect right? Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points) I don’t see defense or magic defense in the non-reboot.

Warrior can advanced as Hero, Paladin or Dark Knight. Like in terms of damage/supportive skills wise. 3rd Job Lord of Darkness gives minimum critical damage +15% so that is 35%. This specific job route is determined when you reach Level 30. Level 1: Evil Eye of Domination, Evil Eye Shock, and Revenge of the Evil Eye damage is increased by 150%. Explanation: 5.

Beholder moves in front of the Dark Knight and deals 364% damage 2 times on up to 10 enemies for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds. Stance is the knockback when u get hit by monsters. Dark Knights are fueled by BLOOD, Hyper passive boosts the skill even more later on.

@Tsunamininja: Once you reach that particular level to unlock the skill, just add 1 HSP (Hyper Skill Point) into it. 13. The all dark knight skills is so OP. Nodes. (Sorry for ranting on your blog, Ayumi, but questions like these infuriate me). hi ayumi, mind if i asked, now before RED patch came out in MSEA, between the warriors i mean by low funded(without much fund) the best i guess would be DA base on tankiness and damage. @DiximaN: MapleStory still requires players to purchase 4th job mastery books (20 and 30) to unlock the skill level limiter. Epic Adventure. Physical Training (MAX) CAN reach further than your attack normally does. Sacrifice (Cooldown Reduction, 0.5 → 0.35 sec)

Able to help me ? Boosts Evil Eye Domination, Evil Eye Shock, Revenge of the Evil Eye, and Radiant Evil’s damage. If you mean the most DPS, I already linked a list.

Are arans or dark knights better in terms of mana consumption since both can life steal pretty well and deal tons of damage. Both Knight and Fighter its kinda plain in my opinion in terms of skills. You will need to constantly attack the enemies to trigger Lord of Darkness ability to convert damage-dished as HP! Lord of Darkness (Minimum Critical Damage → Critical Damage) But the problem is because of reincarnation’s passive effect minimum critical damage is another 15% so 65%? Dark Knight Overview. Every 10 levels after Level 140, Hyper Stat … You are awesome :). Hyper Stat Points are used increase your Hyper Stats. Evil Eye Shock Damage: +300% points, Dark Knight Skill Build Guide: Everything maxed. Also reduces damage taken proportional to reduced HP. Required Level: 140 Level 1: MP Cost: 10, For 86 sec, the final damage increases by 4% of current HP ratio. Level 20: Abnormal Status Resistance: +20, Elemental Resistance: +20%, Hex of the Evil Eye (Supportive) Great work :D. Hi Steve, sorry its my mistake :( I missed out the Endure skill! I’ll adjust the 2nd Job accordingly :).

*Im quite new to your guide, sorry*, Hi, i just want to ask, i have a lvl 167 Paladin on MSEA and i can boss without much problem due to my high defense… but im kind of bored of my paladin and im thinking of another job to create for the coming burning project on MSEA on April 27… I want to find a job like paladin when i can boss easily without being afraid of dying, i wonder if Dark Knight can do that? Gungnir’s Descent – Boss Rush If you are using Elixirs, its recommended to max Hyper Body early to take advantage of the larger HP and MP recovery. If Beholder attacks enemies using Damage Reflect, you will not take damage. final pact- crit follow warrior one? However, for damage-optimizer player they can go with Hyper Dexterity. Level 1: MP Cost: 100, Duration: 60 sec, Damage: +10%, Max Damage: +10%. Evil Eye Shock (Passive)

Hi, [Passive Effect: Ignores 30% of enemys’s Defense]. Your Evil Eye periodically buffs you. I dont know how to better distribute my points. There isn't Decent Speed Infusion or Decent Sharp Eyes because I have both potentials on my gloves. I think its redundant to include it in the guide as some players might be careless enough to follow blindly. 9. La Mancha Spear skill is activated by holding down the skill-key which makes it less tiring compared to Paladin/Hero 3rd job skills when grinding for several hours. That means that adding 30% to an already-existing 50% will NOT give you 80%. @Jordan: Yes, that’s correct. Can only be used while Evil Eye of Domination is active. spear or polearm. Demon Slayer and Knight of Cygnus increases abnormal status resistance.

Hi I just wanna ask is spear or polearm better for DrK! Level 1: When hit, Counterattack Chance: 100%, Damage: 562%, Recovers 5% of Max HP, Counterattack Cooldown: 19 sec.

Gungnir's Descent is spammable. I like Demon Slayer since you have lots of skills to throw at them but requires good potential equips to level up fast. Their main weapon consist of either Spears or Pole Arms.

Gungnir’s Descent (Active) (typo) lol.

Your work is amazing! 7. However, the Final Pact – Critical chance’s 20% crit rate applies at all times. beholder only heals 20 hp, it heals more hp before red. I hate to say this, but… this part of your website isn’t very good. hi. Thanks in advance.. Ayumilove, how many points do we get in total for the stats section, the passive section, and the active section? Dark Knight is similar to Demon Avenger (DA) where you less use HP potion due to the fast HP recovery from skills.

Any way to make the downtime on the eye after using sacrifice? Gungnir’s Descent: At Master Level: Damage decreased from 312% to 250%, Number of attacks increased from 8 to 10. This guide is applicable for Warrior, Bowman, Magician, Thief and Pirate. Level 20: Max Targets: +1 Summon: , (20s cd)Buffs with Cooldowns: (70s cd), (120s cd), (120s cd) 5th Job Buffs: (15s cd), (180s cd), (180s cd), (240s cd)Binds: None iFrames: (803 - 600s cd revive), Common 5th Job Skills Animation: OrangeMushroom. Level 1: MP Cost: 34, Number of Attacks: 12 with 196% damage. It’s good to have sufficient IED. IED is crucial. @H3KT1CK: Yes, max 1 skill at a time using all mastery books (20 + 30) if required. Or, less confusingly, take each source of IED you have separately, then multiply their inverses together (in decimal form — 30% becomes 1 – .3, or .7), then take the inverse of that (and round up, if necessary).

– (150) Hyper Strength hi there, can post the hyper skill build guide for Eunwol and DA?

(4th job advancement SP: 4 → 3). Here’s my 2cents. Level 1: Knockback Resistance: +2% I highly recommend you to play the class that you enjoy rather than focusing on pure damage. Hey guys, I'm Joon. If you couldn’t get to max all the skills, it’s probably MapleSEA (MapleStory South East Asia) has issue. Spread it out at first and once it becomes expensive focus on the harder hitting stuff.

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