Divergent actors Shailene Woodley ... Marcus Eaton. During the attack on Erudite compound, she manages to corner Jeanine Matthews in her laboratory and stabs her with knife which leads to Jeanine's death to avenge her brother, who was killed on Jeanine's orders. At the Dauntless compound, she tells them to just come out with their relationship and in answer to her, Marlene kisses him. Ansel Elgort plays Caleb Prior in the 2014 Divergent, 2015 The Divergent Series: Insurgent,[9] and 2016 The Divergent Series: Allegiant. She has a crush on Zeke, which he is totally oblivious with. 14. Upon Four's return, Caleb does as his sister asked and passes her final message to Four, angering him. While not preparing the starts he has requested one individual to watch out for the control room which Four controls when he is satisfaction preparing new individuals to Dauntless. She is sent back to Amity by Tori after the attack on Erudite with an apparent message that Amity are not part of new political system due to their neutrality during the war. Born in the Abnegation faction to Andrew and Natalie Prior, she describes herself as having pale blonde hair, wide gray-blue eyes, a long, thin nose and a short and skinny stature. Divergente 2 : L'Insurrection (Insurgent) ou La Série Divergence : Insurgés au Québec, est un film de science-fiction américain réalisé par Robert Schwentke, sorti en 2015.C'est l'adaptation cinématographique du roman du même nom de Veronica Roth.Second volet d'une série de films, il fait suite à Divergente, réalisé par Neil Burger et sorti en 2014. Marcus is a good friend of Tris' father, Andrew, who is also a council member of Abnegation. Jeux concours |

She is described as pretty, with blonde hair, and has pale green eyes with dimples on her cheeks. During the attack he kills the little Divergent boy and gets caught when Tris injured him.

She was Four's fellow initiate.

She was born in Candor but chooses Dauntless as her faction at the Choosing Ceremony. Bud is the one of the older members of Dauntless faction. Uriah was in a coma and the doctors said he would not wake up. In the Insurgent film, Evelyn, instead of Tori, is the one who ultimately kills Jeanine after the latter's arrest. In Allegiant, it is revealed that Jeanine was carrying the legacy of her predecessor, Norton, who was explicitly genocidal on the Divergents. During the second stage of initiation involving simulation, initiations have to pass through her fear landscape which consists of spiders, suffocation, walls that slowly close and trap you in, getting thrown out of Dauntless, bleeding uncontrollably, getting run over by a train, her father being killed, public humiliation, and kidnapping by men without faces.

During the sparring in training, he beats Tris until she falls unconscious, but loses to Edward. Marcus, as an Abnegation leader, makes a speech on the faction system when both Beatrice and Caleb are deciding which faction to be a part of, talking about how the faction system was created in order to bring peace to their society after war happens. She is described as looking no more than seven years of age.

He has orange-red hair, which resembles the color of a carrot. She later explains to Tris that she was in Four's initiate class and he taught her how to fight.

He is described as largest and broadest of all the initiates and bit clumsy. [5], Four: A Divergent Story Collection, a short story collection in which he is the narrator tells the 16-year-old Tobias Eaton as he decides to escape from the abusive home with Marcus in Abnegation and joins the Dauntless faction.[6]. Ben Lloyd-Hughes plays Will in the 2014 Divergent and the 2015 The Divergent Series: Insurgent films.[28].

She is described as having a long scar from her eye to her chin, causing blindness in one eye and also a lisp. It was formed on the principle that lack of knowledge and ignorance is the cause of human problems. Lynn is a Dauntless-born. After his speech, Beatrice chooses Dauntless, while Caleb chooses Erudite. He dies towards the end of the book and his family (mother and his brother) are with him as he gets unplugged. Tris, Four, Lynn, and Shauna secretly observes the meeting but Tris realizes that Jeanine is near and telling Max what to say through an earpiece. She is also tall and has broad shoulders.[41]. [14] They become friends and she also helps Tris in her makeover. He also hit Peter in the face, when he arrives at Abnegation sector with Tris and Four. During the attack, Nita interrogates David in an attempt to learn the code. Lord Marcus Beaton is an English Lord, described as a handsomer British version of Nate Archibald, who Blair falls for after meeting him at The Yale Club. In The Divergent Series: Insurgent, Kee does not appear and her role as one of the mind-controlled Dauntless members is replaced by Christina (whose role in the book is in turn given to Tori). Rosa Salazar plays Lynn in the 2015 film The Divergent Series: Insurgent. Ex. Tobias later shares with Tris how he never wanted to be part of Dauntless leadership when he was asked to because he didn't want to speak to or see his abusive father. As they try to search for Jeanine, Lynn moves away from them and shoots Max in the chest. He also helps Shauna, when she gets paralyzed from the waist down from a gunshot wound. They sentence Eric to death and Four executes him. In Divergent, he meets Tris after the Choosing Ceremony, when she, along with the Dauntless, makes a trip to the fence and calls her by her real name, Beatrice. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. He is the older brother of Beatrice "Tris" Prior. He joins the four-man team to save the people of Chicago from having their memories wiped by the Memory Serum. Kate Winslet plays Jeanine Matthews in both the 2014 film adaptation of Divergent and its 2015 follow-up The Divergent Series: Insurgent. During the secret meeting of Dauntless, Four, Tori and Harrison are selected as new leaders.

Marcus is later seen with several Abnegation members hiding out from Dauntless soldiers, who are under simulation by Erudite to destroy Abnegation. In Insurgent, it is revealed that she and Drew tried to join the factionless division in which Edward is in, but Drew gets beat up by him. She finds out Four is actually Tobias Eaton, Marcus' son, and that Erudite was correct when they accused Marcus of beating Tobias. As a result, Tris decides to sacrifice herself but he begs her not to. Rita is the Dauntless-born who later choose Dauntless as her faction. She was in relationship with Will which ends with his death. The Bureau of Genetic Welfare is an organization set up by the US Government to monitor the genetically damaged people living in the experiments. At the last day of their initiation's stage one, he along with Molly, Drew, and some others make fun of Tris's physique, when she heads back to the dorm to fetch her dress as her pants do not fit her anymore because of her new muscles. However, he stays and instead joins the Allegiant. He also calms down Tris when Molly told lies about Tris to an Erudite reporter. He has a daughter, Susan Black, and a son, Robert Black. In Divergent, Cara comes to visit Will at Dauntless sector on Visiting Day and insults Tris and Natalie after finding out that they are from Abnegation. He, like his sister, chooses a faction different from Abnegation,[8] spreading rumors fueled by Erudite that their parents had abused them to the point that both choose to transfer. She also invades the Erudite headquarters with Tris and others.

She formulates a plan with Matthew, Nita, Caleb, and Cara, to stop him.

Later, when the group attempt to expose the memory serum on the Bureau members, Caleb volunteers himself on the suicide mission, tearfully asking his sister if it will make her forgive him for his actions. Four also suspects him of being responsible for the death of Amar, who was their instructor and a Divergent (this is later proven wrong). He climbs slowly and in the middle his glasses fall down, the mind controlled Candor below fire and shoot him in his leg.

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