Smaller, lighter, does all the same things, doesn't take time to assemble. Of course, the second group is also much larger than the first, which I can’t entirely explain (the barrel nut was tightened the same amount before and after), but it was probably my fault rather than the gun’s, given that it was the last group of the day and I was getting tired in the heat.Survival rifles like this are always compromises. It’s also more famous for having once been The 10/22 Takedown gets to build on the popularity and immense aftermarket support of its borderline-ubiquitous standard model—a gun so well-loved by its fans that to this day you’ll still find the occasional person online holding it up as the perfect example of a “do-everything” rifle. The synthetic stock features aggressive texturing at the grip. Receiver grooved for scope mount. The CCI is the clear winner, producing groups under 2” at both distances (with two discounted flyers).

Also already have the papoose, buying another gun is more money and not worth it to me- just looking to help out what I currently own. I have a 10/22td in a magpul backpacker stock now but the papoose is still a decent gun in my opinion.and yes 10rd mags are available. It is just as fast and easy as breaking down or assembling a Papoose. The fiberglass-filled synthetic Monte Carlo stock won’t warp if it’s dropped in water, and it features aggressive checkering on the grip, a slightly raised comb, and nickel-plated sling studs. These coatings help keep each component from rusting and ensure reliable cycling. The sights are dovetailed onto the barrel and feature a rear notch and an orange plastic front post protected by a hood.The one big upside of the Henry is the ability of the AR-7's parts to fit inside of the buttstock. Depends on how much you want to mod it. Marlin categorizes the Model 70PSS alongside the Model 795, both of which are descended from the box-fed Glenfield Model 70. $1.50. Federal 40g match hollow point, 25, 50 yards.

The rifle comes with a simple wrench to aid in loosening or tightening the barrel nut, but the nut is also slotted to allow you to use something like a coin instead. Magazine: 7-shot nickel-plated It'll come in at half the weight of the papoose and fit nicely in any bag. How Often Do Cockatoos Lay Eggs, Swimming Pool Diverter Valve Positions, So I got to asking myself that blanket question, what gun is better?The two most obvious choices are the Henry Survival Rifle and the Marlin came out with their Model 70 PSS in the 1980s as a take-down magazine-fed version of the firm's legendary The Henry Survival Rifle is an updated version of the famed Armalite AR-7 and from now on I will refer to this rifle as an AR-7. After that, the nut needed tightening again. Guns, Still, while it might not lead the field in any particular category (with the exception of its having a manual bolt hold-open/release), the Marlin 70PSS Papoose is nevertheless a fantastic rifle, providing good accuracy in a small, exceptionally reliable, reasonably priced package. Not sure if you could order from their website or not. Best bet, go on some of your local shooting message boards and put a WTB (want to buy) ad on the classifieds. Papoose takedown rifle with red dot. The last one I had I drawerd the 7 Rd mag and packed 5 10rd mags with it. I think the Marlin Papoose naked comes in at 3.5lbs. Chad Mizelle Education,

Kenny Jones Nascar, Ruger’s reputation is well-deserved, but if you’re in the market for a .22 semi-auto, Marlin’s offering is worth a look. Pre-Owned. Its overall length is 1.75” shorter (35.25” vs. 37”), its barrel is 2.25” shorter (18.5” vs. 16.25”), and it’s 1.35 pounds lighter (3.25 lbs vs. 4.6 lbs). Ebay For Sale By Owner Tools, Add to My Saved Parts. CCI 40g segmented hollow point, 25, 50 yards.

Thanks That wouldn’t be realistic. Lightweight and ultra-reliable, the 70PSS is ready for anything. However, the Marlin initially grouped to the left after a sight-in only a few days earlier. That would be a handy place to store the wrench if you aren’t able to keep it in the case. $15.00. great stuff thanks! Both rifles will fit almost anywhere, but ounces lead to pounds on a backpacking trip, and Marlin’s rifle will help lighten your load and save room for other gear. But, if push came to shove, I would grab my Marlin Golden 39 takedown before any of my other rifles.

Rifle, I put it away some time ago ( about 30yrs ago) without cleaning it. The 70PSS may not be a tack driver, but with the right ammo it’ll get the job done. Stackable Storage Bins Dollar Tree, ( I just got back a 10/22 for accuracy problems, & sending another in soon).

John Deere Power Flow Bagger Manual,

The Lazarus Effect Ending Explained, They are fine rifles and $100 less than the 10/22 td! Papoose, 7 bids. 2-4 MOA is unacceptable in my book. I think its a Better survival weapon.

But even with irons, I expect groups from these distances to be under 2” no matter the ammo.

At under $300 on the street, Marlin’s newest Papoose is a fantastic option to stow in your bugout bag or as a first rifle for your kid. The safety catch was prone to going on without a touch when reloading the rifle.

If you had a way to torque it the same every time would likely help. Be sure to leave spaces between your names, when listed on the passport. Dec 9, 2014 - Explore David Little's board "marlin clipouto 22rifles", followed by 585 people on Pinterest. ProMag even makes a 25-round magazine for the gun, though I haven’t tried one and reviews seem somewhat mixed, so Of course, the most important feature of a takedown rifle is its ability to, well, be taken down. Natural Casing Hot Dogs Walmart, Your 70PSS might like something different, but I’d start with the CCI. In other words, if you’re spending a day at the range with the 70PSS, be sure to check the barrel nut every 10 mags to ensure it’s still tight. If we find a good one I will update this review with my findings.The overal fit and finish of the Papoose is good we didn’t find any burs or rough areas on the receiver or stock. 5 left.

While I won’t be comparing triggers or ergonomics here, the 70PSS offers several obvious advantages over Ruger’s rimfire. The Ruger 10/22 beats the 70PSS in several other categories, of course, (magazine capacity, aftermarket parts, ease of takedown etc. EDIT: After reading I realized that this is where is was before and how I found the Ramline in the first place. The stock possesses no real forend, ending abruptly only about two inches past the magazine well. First introduced in 1986, the Papoose is a takedown version of Marlin’s Model 70 (now sold as the Marlin 795), itself a detachable-magazine variant of their classic Model 60 semi-auto. Oh Me Oh My Song Tik Tok, To install the barrel, users simply insert the barrel into the receiver and tighten the takedown nut. Chopped Behind The Scenes Reddit, Thanks. Action: Nickel-plated autoloading; side ejection; automatic “last-shot” bolt hold-open; manual bolt hold-open; cross-bolt safety

Body Position When Crossing An Obstacle Is Quizlet, Rechecking the barrel nut every dozen or so shots if you didn’t have the separate spanner wrench handy, or even every 70 or 80 is you were carrying the extra tool, is a fail. No bueno if it were dropped, left out, etc. But they just don't look like they would be as fun as this.

But whether you use it to save your life or not, it’s sure to provide hours of .22LR plinking fun on your next trip to the range. Visit Marlin to learn more by clicking here. Ice Cream Truck Number To Call, Your email address will not be published. I may look into shortening the stock- its too bad that the Ramline is no longer made, it seems like the only aftermarket option for these.

The barrel is constructed from solid stainless steel, the aluminum receiver has a weather-resistant clear coat, and the bolt and magazine are nickel-plated. 7 bids. It’s handy for packing, but it also includes flotation pads that keep the little rifle on the surface of the water rather than at the bottom. I shot standing, sitting, and from a bag, and I never experienced any issues. Rimfire. Per the manual a coin works just fine.

While I was pleasantly surprised by the trigger (5 pounds, great reset, minimal pre- and over-travel), I couldn’t consistently produce groups under 2” at 50 yards. I like the accuracy better on a rifle for longer range and i have taken doves with birdshot- neither of which i would do with a handgun.

Anyone tried the Henry Air Force pilots AR-7…? The Housemaid Full Movie Online, Related Tags: The barrel nut is screwed over exposed threads, like the Papoose and the rifle is ready to go.

You also won’t have to worry about reliability—ever. Mar 27, 2016 - The Marlin Papoose is an excellent survival rifle.

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