This blog helps you to find all the curious and awesome places on Earth! [22] The South Australian state government subsequently formally stated that they would not pursue any legal proceedings against the creators if identified. Etched into a plateau in South Australia, the artwork depicts a hunter with what appears to be a stick or boomerang in his hand. Comments are owned by whoever posted them and we are not responsible for their content. The Marree Man, or Stuart's Giant, is a modern geoglyph the circumstances of whose creation have not been ascertained. There’s a good page here which discusses the possible reasons for creating the artwork. I’m trying to find out the Long Man of Wilmington, UK, which is similar to Maree Man but much much older. It appears to depict an Indigenous Australian man hunting with a boomerang or stick. Well the story goes that eccentric Bardius Goldberg is responsible for this creation using a GPS and a bulldozer. He passed away 7 years ago 2 days ago. Goldberg, who was known to be interested in creating a work visible from space, refused when questioned to either confirm or deny that he had created the image. Google is a trademark of Google Inc. who are neither associated with this website nor endorse it in any way. [14] The book deals with hunters of the Pitjantjatjara tribe. With accurate GPS coordinates for the original in hand, they used a construction grader to redraw Marree Man over a period of five days. The OLI acquired this image of the feature on June 22, 2019. Who created the geoglyph and why has long been a topic of controversy and remains unknown, despite the recent announcement of a cash reward for credible information about it. An example of an even larger geoglyph is the Nazca Lines in Peru. Alex has decided that his title will be Senior Vice President of Stuff. Giant Marree Man makes a comeback in South Australian outback.

Make use of Google Earth's detailed globe by tilting the map to save a perfect 3D view or diving into Street View for a 360 experience.

The releases said "your State of SA", "Queensland Barrier Reef" and mentioned Aborigines "from the local Indigenous Territories", terms not used by Australians. About.

All you need to do is install the Google Earth ?+) were part of Gangles’ Wayward Bus tourgroup in 21JUN 2006.

Marree Man geoglyph returns in outback South Australia. In January 1999, a fax sent to officials described a dedication plaque buried 5 metres (16 feet) south of the nose of the figure. It is just outside the 127,000-square-kilometre (49,000 sq mi)[1] Woomera Prohibited Area. A great guy who will always be remembered. So this person had to have had expertise in the aboriginal way of life, expertise with GPS tracking equipment and knowledge of earthmoving/earthcarving equipement. For many years, Marree Man, named after a nearby town, was a prominent feature in Landsat satellite images of the area, but the lines faded over the years. Google Sightseeing is a Rotacoo Production and is powered by WordPress. Despite it’s so bloody far away from Petersburg, where I came from…. I’ve found the Nazca lines, but I could only find them by comparing the location to the picture at Wikipedia. My two children (Katarena, then 15; Enrique, then 17) and I (father, then ? Marree Man.


The creation of Marree Man occurred between 27 May and 12 June 1998. Not sponsored by or affiliated with Google. Geben Sie die Koordinaten in einem der folgenden Formate in das Suchfeld im linken Bereich ein: Dezimalgrad, zum Beispiel 37.7°, -122.2° Grad, Minuten, Sekunden, zum Beispiel 37°25'19.07"N, 122°05'06.24"W; Der Ort wird in Google Earth herangezoomt und die Koordinaten werden rechts unten angezeigt. is still quite apparent. Over time, they hope vegetation will turn the lines green. The Advertiser, the state's only daily newspaper, called for the figure to be made permanent by excavating the outline down to the white chalk layer. [20] In May 2012, the Federal Court handed native title to the Arabunna people. The Australian Marree Man (ozlingula reported in the old GEC) underwent a makeover. Who knows- maybe one day I will? Long, parallel dunes cross borders in one of Australia’s driest deserts. Google Sightseeing takes you on a tour of the world as seen from satellite or street views using Google Maps. No really - the largest geoglyph in Australia, made with GPS and tractor. I drove down the oonanadatta track a couple of years ago, didnt even know that was there!

Alice Springs artist Bardius Goldberg created the Marree Man, another friend says. Thumbnail images are copyright Google and other companies, visit Google for full legal notices. Welcome to the Marree google satellite map! Site design and written content are © copyright 2005-2020 Alex Turnbull & James Turnbull. Check at Wikipedia [3] While there is a layer of white chalk material slightly below the red soil, the figure was not defined to this depth. Since a pilot first noticed Marree Man in 1998, the mysterious work of earthen art has attracted international attention.

Like this site? It was also conjectured that these features of the press releases may have been red herrings, inserted to provide an illusion of American authorship.

The Marree Man geoglyph depicts a man holding either a woomera (a throwing stick once used to disperse small flocks of birds) or a boomerang (but see Plaque section below).

[4][5] Two decades after its creation it was speculated that the work itself could not have been created without GPS technology, then in its infancy.[6]. [19] The Dieri Mitha publicly complained of harm and exploitation of the Dreamtime, calling for the image to be erased and for the artist to be prosecuted. It appears to depict an Indigenous Australian man hunting with a boomerang or stick. By December 1998, it had been noted that the outline matched, in reverse, that of the Artemision Zeus bronze raised from the bottom of the Adriatic Sea in 1928.[2].

[21], The artwork was called environmental vandalism by the former Environment Minister, Dorothy Kotz, and graffiti by the South Australian chief of Aboriginal affairs, David Ruthman. Colorful ocean water spread across the Spencer Gulf and Gulf St Vincent. ?, now ?

With accurate GPS coordinates for the original in hand, they used a construction grader to redraw Marree Man over a period of five days. Trec Smith, a charter pilot flying between Marree and Coober Pedy in the remote north of South Australia, spotted the figure from the air on 26 June 1998. Story by Adam Voiland. Life. This calls for a lot of understanding – very interesting.

Shortly after its discovery, the site was closed by the South Australian government following legal action taken in late July by native title claimants, but flights over the site were not forbidden as native title fell under federal government jurisdiction.

See image below: In August 2016, work was carried out to redefine the geoglyph using a grader assisted by GPS. [16], Others have suggested that members of either the Australian Army or American soldiers stationed in Woomera are responsible.[17][18]. It’s faded into the desert quite a bit now but the shape (and size!) Image of the Day [20], In June 2018, adventurer Dick Smith revealed that he had had a team working on investigating the origins of Marree Man for two years to no avail and was offering a A$5,000 reward for information leading to identifying its creators.

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