No, she had better things to do. Mom was busy, so I asked if one of my followers could tell me whether I was special. And while it’s normal for a child to think that way, it’s less appealing in a work of fiction. My story takes place on a rogue planet somewhere in the multiverse, and all of the inhabitants are different magical creatures or hybrids between magical creatures. Luna Rose’s Actually Logical Mary Sue Litmus Test, Why Lining Up Toys is Good For Autistic Kids, Luna Rose's Actually Logical Mary Sue Litmus Test, Why Autistics Don't Trust Autism Speaks' Rebranding, I can’t possibly tell from a short description, and. When your character feels love, you feel loved.

I'm an autistic writer and artist interested in changing the conversation about autism. Does your character have any flaws? I wonder whether it would be different if I knew back then that girls could date other girls. If someone criticized my character’s personality or behavior, I would feel hurt. Your character can be an ordinary-looking person with an ordinary past and no attention-grabbing quirks or diagnosable conditions, and yet they could choose to do extraordinary things that make them incredibly special. My hope is that readers can get the idea of what I’m talking about by recognizing whether the character’s abilities are unrealistic, and think about how they’re making a character special. I really hope that all readers will get the same impression of my character.

Plus there’s the ultimate Mary-Sue scene: The girl is about to be raped or gang-raped and the hero guy saves her and the scene exists solely as a minor event storywise to establish the male hero as a male hero (and possibly the female lead as desirable) (Note: I’m not saying it makes characters Mary Sues, I’m saying it itself is a Mary Sue). This quiz contains more about the movie's production, the characters, the music and so on. Character Quiz, A Mary Sue character is an overly perfect character and/or a character that is clearly a glorified projection of the author herself. She has dyed purple hair and pretty blue eyes. You’ll have to read it to find out.

Be first to comment on this quiz. Next Quiz. What Anime Series Should You Watch? My character gets to get away with hurting feelings or breaking rules without any real consequences. Does your character have different-colored eyes? If/when your character is criticized by people in real life, you feel criticized. Currently, we have no comments. Mary Sue litmus tests were popular back in earlier decades, full of questions like: The problem here is that none of these necessarily mean that you have a bad character.

Being more skilled than other characters in one or two things isn’t necessarily a Mary Sue trait if there’s a genuine reason for it, it doesn’t apply to every single skill, and there’s other things that can detract from it. (How to pass a litmus test?

Just select the subject about which you want to create a new quiz and go ahead with your questions and their options. My character is way more skilled than others, to the point that most of their peers could never hope to match them. Let there be disagreements in which both sides have a valid point. Thoughts about autism, disability, and the worlds we create. Compare them to both people in their peer group (e.g. If you scored 2 or 3, it’s likely that you have a Mary Sue. Make sure that your character has at least one important flaw. I’m worried that my character is a Mary Sue. No, of course not. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. So on and so forth. This quiz might be a bit off, so don't blame me. And maybe you want to also call attention to your character or create drama. Is Your Character a Mary Sue? And make your character actually special by having them do special things. also and share with your friends.

Give yourself one point for each statement that is true. Is your character an hero or a villain?

A Mary Sue is supposed to be perfect and get away with anything.

Do you think there’s a better way to word it? While there’s nothing wrong with inventing a Mary Sue for fun, this can be a problem if you’re trying to share your work professionally and/or get a following. Diagnoses of autism, asthma, generalized anxiety, social anxiety (misdiagnosis tbh), depression, and more, Unusual contortion abilities probably caused by Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, An on-again-off-again bruise collection due to clumsiness (table corners are my nemesis), A tragic backstory of almost dying from illness, Sensitivity to heat that makes me feel faint, Having awesome skills (and using them positively) is special. If you’d like to read the fictional stories I write, visit me on Wattpad. All important things revolve around my character. The very first Mary Sue was, in fact, named Mary Sue—Lieutenant Mary Sue of the USS Enterprise. Have you wondered that you are fall in love with BNHA boy character?It's time time to find out that One of the BNHA boys have crush on you.Take the quiz to find the one which has really crush on you. Is your character an hero or a villain? You think you know the movie? is related to "Is My OC a Mary Sue? Is My OC a Mary Sue? I occasionally get special treatment, usually from people who think I’m a toddler in an adult body, and I pretend it’s nice instead of awkward. View all posts by MissLunaRose. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. . (But I’ll still accept lots of fanart of my characters.). [Is My OC a Mary Sue Quiz], Describe your character in one word [Is My OC a Mary Sue Quiz], What My Hero Academia Character Are You? Character Quiz : Test Trivia. Which BNHA Boy Character Has A Crush On You? People love to play "Is My OC a Mary Sue? Is My OC a Mary Sue? While there’s nothing wrong with inventing a Mary Sue for fun, this can be a problem if you’re trying to share your work professionally and/or get a following. Quiz, Which MHA Villain Has A Crush On You? You can do that too: *Unless you want “they overreact sometimes” to be a character trait of theirs, and hey, that’s valid. It’s complicated and I found it hard to consolidate into a single sentence. Friends or enemies are drawn to my character without a clear logical/emotional reason. Speaking as a reader, I like seeing that. It’s not “because Tara and Claire are special” (though they’re special in my heart). Remember that it’s okay for your character to make mistakes. She’s not talking about my unique appearance or my list of disabilities and health conditions. You write in a nuanced, respectful and compassionate way about autism, your art is pleasant to look at, and you do good infographics. My character has an unusual appearance because I want to show that they’re special. First-time readers can probably tell who my favorite character is. Being different/strange doesn’t make a character a Mary Sue.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Nor is my backstory in here. All this stuff is subjective, so apply your own perspective and common sense to what you read here. Here you can create your own quiz and questions like Is your character an hero or a villain? In fact, these are all things that can be true of people in real life. And people really love litmus tests. They just need to have a reason for it that makes logical or emotional sense. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! In Thousand Dollar Friend, Beverly bullies Tara because she perceives Tara to be a threat and she needs an outlet for her anger. I don’t like being pitied. Try taking the quiz on my writing site and it’ll automatically total it up for you. These questions will build your knowledge and your own create quiz will build yours and others people knowledge. I’ll think about it and figure out a way to make it clearer.

From what Lamees Tayyib said above, we can conclude that: If your character does these things, then they should be pretty special! Just select the subject about which you want to create a new quiz and go ahead with your questions and their options. Take this quiz and we'll tell you if your original character is a Mary Sue! Gee, I wonder why I thought that? Prove you are a real fan. Quiz, Which MHA Villain Has A Crush On You? Is My OC a Mary Sue? Does your character have any super power? You don’t need a gimmick to make your character unique. What's your character's class in society? Being a Mary Sue isn’t about a character’s eye color, personality, or life experiences. That’s the sort of thing that should typically make a writer re-evaluate.

I’m Luna (MissLunaRose), a writer, wikiHow artist, and autistic person making her way in the world. It’s yours, after all!

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