In fact, I prefer that they don’t come out all wrinkled now because they weren’t wrapped tightly around a center agitator (I used to hate that especially with longer things like pants, towels, and sheets). Can you share which model it is? Long story so will try to make this quick. Sherrye, that sounds like a nightmare!

This model has 4.6 cubic feet of capacity and comes with a new Tide PODS dispense system - designed to pierce the detergent pack and activate the detergent before the wash begins for increased cleaning power. 2) What exactly is leading you to conclude that your laundry isn’t as clean with your HE washer?

can i ask you…..when you start your bravos, does it beep constantly over and over again??

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

These darn appliances should make our lives easier, not more stressed! I’m glad you checked. I was going to buy the Maytag Bravos electric dryer because it seemed perfect for me, but some comments about the door being a bit hard to open made me decide against it. Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors.

However, since owning a HE washing machine in the past we were hesitant to go down that road again. The direct drive motor and the stainless steel tub are both covered by a 10 year limited warranty and it also has a one year parts and labor warranty. Who ever heard of having to ball up you clothes to wash them??? You can hear it everywhere in the house, even with the doors shut it sounds like a train coming down the track. Thanks! Good Luck with your Bravos. If waiting is an option, you can look for a holiday sale and see if one manufacturer is running a better promotion than the other! Okay so, GE sent another tech to look at my washer today. Maytag claims that the PowerWash cycle offers the best cleaning in its class thanks to using hot water and the PowerWash Agitator. Annual yearly energy cost to operate my Bravos is $21. I’ve contacted GE about this issue and their response was to put the detergent in the bottom of the tub first, even though the manual says to use the soap dispenser (unless it’s pod detergent).

With a side loader it’s easy to understand how it works with less water because the clothes tumble, but a top loader is more difficult to believe it works. Hmmm….

Get smarter about what you're buying. Julia is the Senior Scientist at Reviewed, which means that she oversees (and continually updates) the testing of products in Reviewed's core categories such as televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, and more. Instead we bought this new Maytag top loading washer model MVWC565FW. Even more so when you’re so sick you can no longer work. We hope you’ve enjoyed this comparison of top loading washer models.

Prices reflected on this blog are for reference only and are as of the date of the publication of the individual post. Specifically, buyers should look at sale prices, warranty, and availability. That mold sounds terrible! The Bravos does have a deep water setting, but you can’t combine that with other settings — so you can’t do deep water hand wash, for example. I never had any problem with them (and they lasted 15 years minimum)! Compare the characteristics of each product and make your choice.

I read the ‘normal’ function takes about 52 minutes. I will never buy a front loader again! Additionally, the Normal cycle is nearly as efficacious as the PowerWash cycle, so you can get nearly the same cleaning power and save yourself 30 minutes by using the Normal cycle over PowerWash. Just like we used to think that you couldn’t get clothes clean in cold water, we now know that isn’t true. Anyhow, I know what you’re saying about the ratings and reviews. washer will use intermittent agitation and soaking.

Combining excellent stain removal ability, a massive drum, and a plethora of features, the MHW8630HC is the best Maytag washer we’ve tested to date.

(As I write this, I’ve been without power and cell service for three days because of Irma. The Heavy Duty cycle aced our cleaning tests, dealing with everything from red wine to oil. An installer told me that the reason is there’s a sensor in the door that detects load size, and if there isn’t enough laundry in it, it won’t dry as well. Two questions for you if I may: 1) Do you wash your clothes in your HE washer with an HE detergent? 2 Have it repaired.

But it appears I’m going to have to give that up darn! What in the world is going on??

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