"Can he leave his guitar at home?" Yes, Meredith Grey has three kids. Chandra Wilson gehört als Dr. Baily ebenfalls zu den Urgesteinen der Serie. "Grey's Anatomy"-Star wäre beinahe bei "Vampire Diaries" gewesen, "Grey''s Anatomy" trifft "Seattle Firefighters": Teaser zu neuem Crossover, Grey's Anatomy: Jetzt spricht Ellen Pompeo über den Ausstieg von Alex Karev, Über Lawsuits, man. "I had a whole plan for telling my kids about us," Meredith adds. Now that Meredith is fully moved on from Derek’s death and is dating Andrew DeLuca, the hottest piece at the hospital, there will come a time that DeLuca meets said children. Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. Grey's Anatomy: Ellen Pompeos Schwangerschaft wurde verheimlicht. In der zweiten Staffel war die Schauspielerin mit ihrem Sohn Michael schwanger, der 2005 das Licht der Welt erblickte. They are young, and their dad died, and any semi-responsible parent would do that same thing. She suffered a miscarriage. Staffel mit ihrer Tochter Hayden schwanger war. Meredith disappeared to San Diego for a while after Derek’s death, and during her sabbatical away from the hospital, she had a baby — Ellis, a daughter, named after her mother. Bei "Grey's Anatomy" hat man sich schon ganz unterschiedlicher Wege bedient, um Schwangerschaften zu verheimlichen oder einzubeziehen. Wir zeigen euch, wie das bei "Grey's Anatomy" gelöst wurde. Wenn eine Darstellerin zum Beispiel während der Dreharbeiten schwanger ist, dann muss tief in die Trickkiste gegriffen werden.

Jetzt deutet ein beunruhigendes Detail an, dass Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) die Nächste sein könnte. It’s a boy!

Oops, that time, according to the latest promo, is now, when DeLuca, trying to exit Meredith’s bedroom, runs right into Meredith’s eldest child.

Wenn der Bauch immer weiterwächst, stellt sich für die Rolle die Frage: Wird der Charakter ebenfalls schwanger oder gibt es Wege, den Bauch in der Serie verschwinden zu lassen? Meredith and Derek had a tough few years after they adopted Zola, namely because they both survived a horrific plane crash that killed Lexie and Mark Sloan and put the hospital in a massive amount of debt.

Es ist ganz normal, dass Schauspielerinnen, während Dreharbeiten auch schwanger sein können. It was only a matter of time before Meredith Grey's children found out about her new relationship with Andrew DeLuca on Grey's Anatomy, but it could not have come at a more awkward moment.

Mehrere Schauspieler haben „Grey‘s Anatomy“ bereits verlassen. Later, Andrew and Meredith talk about what happened and she starts to panic, given the fact they have never talked about whether or not Andrew wants to have kids in his life. ET on ABC. Afterwards, Meredith find out she’s pregnant, and during her Caesarean delivery, she realizes she’s in DIC, or disseminated intravascular coagulation. Die Dreharbeiten für ihre Figur Jo Karev wurden schlichtweg um die Schwangerschaft herum geplant, dadurch blieb der Babybauch innerhalb der Serie unentdeckt. Alle versuchen, Meredith zu unterstützen und nehmen an der Beerdigung teil, die Meredith nur mit Müh und Not übersteht. Meredith says yes, and when Bailey asks what that means, Meredith says it means she likes him a lot, but not more than she loves them. Manchmal überschneiden sich für Schauspieler persönliche Ereignisse auch mit einer Rolle.

"Is he your boyfriend?" Zola jokes as we leave the family laughing and bonding over the happy news. Während die versteckte Schwangerschaft von Ellen Pompeo eher eine Ausnahme bildet, wurden gleich mehrere Figuren der Serie tatsächlich vor und hinter der Kamera schwanger. Now, DeLuca is in the picture, and Grey’s Anatomy viewers will get to see how they react to a new man in the house. Guess DeLuca is meeting Meredith’s kids on Grey’s Anatomy. All rights reserved.

Ellen Pompeo ist aus "Grey's Anatomy" nicht wegzudenken und ist als Meredith Grey seit der ersten Staffel dabei.

Meredith came back to Seattle about a year later, and everyone was like, “Oh, OK, there’s another kid to remember now.”. After Meredith checks that the coast is clear, she sends Andrew on his way. That means that blood clots were forming all over her body, and it’s extremely deadly if not treated. Entertainment Tonight/TV Guide Network.

Most people forget that fact. "You saw Dr. DeLuca here the other night because he and I have been spending time together," Meredith says. Most people forget that fact. he is attempting to leave Meredith's (Ellen Pompeo) without being seen, 'Grey's Anatomy': How Meredith's Kids Reacted to Her New Relationship, 'NCIS' Season 18: New Photos Show Dr. Jimmy Palmer Sporting Head Injury, 8 Actors Who Were Charged With Murder or Manslaughter, 'The Conners': Darlene Makes a Big Career Decision, 'Yellowstone': Paramount Network Plots November Marathon, Re-Airing Every Episode, 'American Ninja Warrior' Season Finale Not on Tonight Due to NBC's Election Coverage, 'American Horror Story: 1984' Coming to Netflix in November. Manchmal überschneiden sich für Schauspieler persönliche Ereignisse auch mit einer Rolle. Meredith and Derek were deflated after Meredith’s miscarriage post-gunfight and her diagnosis of a “hostile uterus,” and so, they decided to adopt Zola as their own. Meredith and DeLuca haven’t implicitly had the “will you be a good stepfather to my kids” talk, but the fact that DeLuca is dating a single mom and doesn’t seem to mind it seems to mean that he’s cool with kids and the whole package deal.

In der sechsten Staffel wurde Ellen Pompeo jedoch schwanger und dieser Umstand passte zu diesem Zeitpunkt nicht wirklich in die Geschichte der Serie. Because Grey’s so seldom talks about Meredith and Derek’s children, let’s take a refresher on just which baby is which — DeLuca probably needs one, too.

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