2001 Metro 6r4 Replica 4wd For Sale Car And Classic. Under that wild bodywork, a bespoke fuel tank is hiding under the front bonnet, whereas in the factory 6R4s you'd usually find it in the back. This email address is being protected from spambots. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Power is sent to the rear wheels only via a Renault 21 gearbox, while four-pot AP brakes all round help keep it in check. The rally replica experts at RS Motorsport have bought the manufacturing rights, along with the jigs and moulds, to produce the classic EVO200 (Ford RS200) replica rally car kits with many components available to buy online. Instead of the F1-derived V6 of the original, this Metro-based replica is powered by a mid-mounted YBJ Cosworth engine – the same sort usually found in a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. The road-going Group B rally car only had 175 miles on the clock and sold for an eye-watering £168,750 at Silverstone Auctions' sale at Autosport International last month. var addy_text7d9fce3a22a16e6a6b575d2c62ad42f7 = 'david' + '@' + '6r4' + '.' + 'net';document.getElementById('cloak7d9fce3a22a16e6a6b575d2c62ad42f7').innerHTML += ''+addy_text7d9fce3a22a16e6a6b575d2c62ad42f7+'<\/a>'; Copyright © 6R4.net. It also comes with a new turbo boost gauge, gear shift lights, and digital clocks among a raft of other changes. PARTS. All Rights Reserved. If you want a taste of Group B magic for yourself, check out the car's listing at Norman's Pond. We also have a Facebook group run by David Sims, a youtube channel full of 6R4 videos, a flickr account containing 6R4 photos from over the years, a twitter account with news from the world of the Metro 6R4 and recent additions are a DriveTribe account and a Tumblr account.

RS MOTORSPORT: Build your own EVO200 Rally Replica Race Car! Page for support and promotion of self build Metro 6R4 Group B Rally Car replica Metro 6r4 Group B Rally Legend Pure Sound Youtube. var addy05588956d28e2e8187372b855de1b73b = 'dan' + '@'; Current customer rating: (2.1) based on 476 votes. metro 6r4 replica for sale. there are bucket seats in the sale . turbo has been refurbed. Mg Metro 6r4 The Octane Collection. 1984 Group B MG Metro 6R4 Intl' Spec Fully Restored £349,950 RA Classics are proud to offer for sale this fully original works-specification MG Metro 6R4 rally car, freshly restored here at ramsport during 2016/17 to as-new condition.

The power boost is thanks in part to a chipped ECU.

, This email address is being protected from spambots. ive had wheels made to fit with new tyres. Ken Block is bringing the 'Cossie' back from the dead for a world tour, This pocket-rocket Group B replica could be yours, https://uk.motor1.com/news/307329/mg-metro-6r4-replica/, Tesla Model 3 owner uses car's app to trick and outsmart criminals, Formula 1 set for 23-race calendar in 2021, Watch Borat crash mail truck into Tesla Model X door for laughs. Most common eras Pre 1920; 1920s; 1930s; 1940s; 1950s; 1960s; 1970s; 1980s; 1990s; 2000s; 2010s ; See all. Currently the body is painted in Ford Imperial Blue, usually found on the legendary Escort RS Cosworth, but the seller is willing to wrap it in one of the 6R4's iconic rallying liveries. Contact Tony on 07771 730 340. This email address is being protected from spambots. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to';

Would You Rather Page 478. var addy_textf47fc1c7791f02812478ac0dcc218785 = 'nicky' + '@' + '6r4' + '.' + 'net';document.getElementById('cloakf47fc1c7791f02812478ac0dcc218785').innerHTML += '
'+addy_textf47fc1c7791f02812478ac0dcc218785+'<\/a>'; Please contact or This email address is being protected from spambots.

selling due to having no space and no time to finish. document.getElementById('cloak7d9fce3a22a16e6a6b575d2c62ad42f7').innerHTML = ''; addy7d9fce3a22a16e6a6b575d2c62ad42f7 = addy7d9fce3a22a16e6a6b575d2c62ad42f7 + '6r4' + '.' + 'net'; 6R4.net was set up by 6R4 fans Nicky Lindon and Dan Ellmore in 2008, they were joined by David Sims in 2019. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thankfully, you can get your hands on the next best thing for a fraction of the price. addy8c1ed4cb6b860235e72611fae8525dfc = addy8c1ed4cb6b860235e72611fae8525dfc + '6r4' + '.' + 'net'; All adverts placed on 6R4.net are free, however 6R4.net does not guarantee the condition of vehicles, parts or memorabilia in any way. Metro 6R4 Replica rwyb at Santa Pod Fast Show 2019 - YouTube If you would like to advertise something for sale on this site please email dan@6r4.net with details and photos. Metro 6R4 Products; EVO200 – FORD RS200; CONTACT; CARS. Six-figures for a taste of '80s rally wonder is, of course, a bit steep. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to';

MENU. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; We have helped 6R4 fans make ownership a reality by sourcing cars for them, as well as sourcing 6R4s for magazine articles, computer game developers and even Scalextric. Anything from videos, magazine articles, clothing etc. If there is anything you would like to share on the site, or if there is anything we can do to help regarding the Metro 6R4, then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. var addy7d9fce3a22a16e6a6b575d2c62ad42f7 = 'david' + '@'; You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 2001 Metro 6r4 replica 4wd For Sale, £45000 Metro 6r4 replica Stunning in every way Awd rare for the replicas Never been out of the garage . 109 likes.

Metro 6r4 Group B Rally Car Up For Auction Car Magazine. 6R4 & Computervision Replica Decals; 6R4 Clothing Range; Welcome to the home of the Metro 6R4 . var addy_text8c1ed4cb6b860235e72611fae8525dfc = 'nicky' + '@' + '6r4' + '.' + 'net';document.getElementById('cloak8c1ed4cb6b860235e72611fae8525dfc').innerHTML += '
'+addy_text8c1ed4cb6b860235e72611fae8525dfc+'<\/a>'; Mg Metro 6r4 25l Rally Car Part Ex Considered . Copyright © 6R4.net. addyf47fc1c7791f02812478ac0dcc218785 = addyf47fc1c7791f02812478ac0dcc218785 + '6r4' + '.' + 'net'; document.getElementById('cloak8c1ed4cb6b860235e72611fae8525dfc').innerHTML = ''; addy52d3e1bfd543bbebbdba18eda54ac83c = addy52d3e1bfd543bbebbdba18eda54ac83c + '6r4' + '.' + 'net'; If you would like to advertise something for sale on this site please email dan@6r4.net with details and photos.. var addy_text05588956d28e2e8187372b855de1b73b = 'dan' + '@' + '6r4' + '.' + 'net';document.getElementById('cloak05588956d28e2e8187372b855de1b73b').innerHTML += ''+addy_text05588956d28e2e8187372b855de1b73b+'<\/a>'; Dimensions and tolerances as original ones manufactured by AR Group back in the 80’s. var addy52d3e1bfd543bbebbdba18eda54ac83c = 'nicky' + '@'; ll the lights are there . Supplied untrimmed and undrilled. var addy_text52d3e1bfd543bbebbdba18eda54ac83c = 'nicky' + '@' + '6r4' + '.' + 'net';document.getElementById('cloak52d3e1bfd543bbebbdba18eda54ac83c').innerHTML += ''+addy_text52d3e1bfd543bbebbdba18eda54ac83c+'<\/a>'; Complete car or rolling shell, anything considered, Cash waiting. Links to all of these can be found under the title 'Social Media'. Free Advert Auctions Search Classic Cars Classic Bikes Magazine Log in Register. 1985 Mg Metro 6r4 Youtube. addy05588956d28e2e8187372b855de1b73b = addy05588956d28e2e8187372b855de1b73b + '6r4' + '.' + 'net'; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Late last year we reported on an MG Metro 6R4 'Clubman' that was coming up for auction. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; The interior is sparse, much like the rally legend, with bucket seats and a rally-ready firewall setup protecting the occupants from the hot power unit behind them.

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