(You must log in or sign up to reply here. Maxine says: "At the beginning, Flo thought Berry was a father figure and she trusted him. And she reveals for the first time that her sister had been raped as a teenager, an episode that blighted the rest of her life. And it is the tragedy of "Flo", the girl with the golden voice, but who was later fired from the group, that provides the real drama of Dreamgirls. But the truth, says Maxine, is darker. She would say, "You are all too slow. An attempt at a solo career failed. The blame is on them not anyone else... And they should be profiting from DG why! Like everyone else in the projects, we wanted to be stars.". Not surprisingly, Ross's version of events is at odds with Maxine's. With their spangly dresses, seductive charm and perfect pop, The Supremes became one of the greatest girl groups the world of music has ever produced. This sisterly spirit is a central theme to the film, yet in real life, as Maxine recalls, it was not long before tension and jealousy started to eat away at Flo and her relationships - in particular with Ross (played in Dreamgirls by Beyonce) and Gordy (played by James Foxx). There is a dramatic moment when, dressed in a gold suit with a mink collar, Effie comes to rehearsal late to find she has been replaced by another girl singer. Because for all the wealth and euphoria on view in Dreamgirls, there is much of the other side of pop stardom that Maxine says should not be forgotten: the complex, sometimes troubled relationship with Diane (as Diana Ross was then known), for example, and the long, hard years of misery that we don't see in the celluloid fantasy. EXCLUSIVE - Who stole BBC's forgeries? Tho they do look a little ghetto...they don't look poor...they just look hopeless. Brilliantly managed by Berry Gordy, the Motown entrepreneur who also discovered the Jackson Five, the group's hits started mounting up. I just read on SDF that one of the daughters had brain surgery several years ago and her son is disabled. Her severance money quickly ran out and Flo was reduced to living off state handouts. The names have been changed and the songs are new but it is clear from the title sequence onwards that this is the story of Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard - the original Supremes. Diane was so happy that Flo asked her.

Now aged 64, just a year older than Flo would have been, Maxine Ballard Jenkins, a teacher, has rarely spoken about her sister's flirtation with stardom or her dramatic decline. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, Whether it was jealousy or illness that lay behind her descent into alcoholism, no one knows, but the sacking took Flo completely by surprise. She maintained that all was well between her and the other girls and claimed that stories about hair-pulling fights with Ross were wrong.

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A very sad and bitter story. She was forced to sell her house and could maintain only an on-off relationship with her husband. I'll see you all later." Maxine recalls: "We were sitting on the porch, in the projects, and Milton Jenkins, the manager of a boy group, The Primes, stopped his car, got out and told us he was looking for a girl group. How were those girls really treated by the family members who raised them? Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by SITKOL'76, Oct 20, 2019. If the film glosses over the true extent of Flo's misery, it is not the only inaccuracy. It's an incredibly moving performance which has earned Hudson an Oscar nomination. Not to mention, it did not sound like Flo & her husband had a stable life. This was 1958, and Flo was just 15 - but old enough to have started a group of her own. He hurt her physically and he hurt her emotionally. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. They were both flown into DC from Detroit to make an appearance at the exhibit. She was always in a hurry to get where she was going.". That particular night, I couldn't go, so my brother Bill went with Flo instead. The film seeks to explain this by revealing that Effie is pregnant. "She was just one of those people you want to grab and shake and yell, "Get your f***ing life together". If Diane set up a trust fund of 10,000 dollars for each girl...and when they became of age...the trust fund wasn't there...then what happened to it? But hell, good jobs don't really exist today unless you have a ton of degrees. "My sister had arguments with the rest of the group about the clothes they wore, the shoes, but I don't think she ever felt they would kick her out of the group," says Maxine. She said: "I ain't playing second fiddle to Miss Ross. or debate this issue live on our message boards. And what woman's heart wouldn't melt?

She talks about the fiery ambition of Ross, who, from her earliest years seemed determined to forge ahead to stardom. "Flo was thrilled when they first made it big," remembers Maxine, "There was a glow in her eyes. "Diane was aggressive," explains Maxine. So much to cover here but truthfully Diana & Flo had very little interaction after her dismissal.

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