In some cases, if an autistic child regresses in areas such as in speech, they may be likely develop a seizure disorder. Children become more systematic and objective (1) Down syndrome, in most cases, affects every cell of the body, and can cause multiple difficulties mentally and physically. Down syndrome, the most common genetic condition, occurs in one out of six-hundred and ninety-one kids in the United States. 1. When you walk away from me I try my best to follow but at some point I might fall down. 1. -An intricate mechanism of thousand of moving parts. That means that if one child is over five or six years old, then the next child is going to have the same personality traits as the first born though they are born second. Believe it or not, one factor influences an individual’s personality even before he or she takes their first breath: birth order.

The exceptional features included, “short stature, lack of sexual development, She argued that adoptees develop a syndrome know as Adopted Child Syndrome which changes the children’s behavior (p. 27). Sometimes this can make a child very upset and frustrated just because they can’t come up with the right words to express his or her feelings or thoughts. Immunizations helps prevent a lot of childhood diseases and viruses. Have you ever seen a child lean back in their chair while playing a game or sit at a desk that is too tall for them to see? ...Birth defects can be defined as structural or functional abnormalities, including metabolic disorders, which are present from birth. * Vestibular mechanism Despite the hardships people born with Down syndrome have, 50% will live longer than 50 years old, and with the right support, live meaningful lives. Meaning normally a fertilized egg has 23 pairs of chromosomes. Autism is not fully understood by doctors and scientist but is often referred to as one of the disorders listed under the autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Autism spectrum disorders have three main groups, and two rare, severe autistic like conditions; Asperger's syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder, autistic disorder, Rett's syndrome, and childhood...... ...flawed DNA from mutually all the parents. People don’t realize that middle school is a time when children are transitioning from childhood to the teenage years, which can come with emotions like confusion and frustration. In the classic ‘Middle Child Syndrome,’ middle children’s achievements are given less consideration than those of the eldest. Exposure to intimate partner violence is also sometimes included as a form of child maltreatment. There are thousands of essays and studies done on “Middle Child Syndrome” and the stereotype of the neglected second-born.

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