For Mini Cooper R50 R52 R53 Power Steering Hoses & Aluminum Washers KIT. Excess heat buildup causes electric power steering pumps to fail prematurely. Also, inspect the O-ring on the end of the line. Quantity: 1 per Pack. to stay up-to-date on our promotions, discounts, sales, special offers and more. Next, remove the upper frame parts bolted to the pump with Torx screws (See Figure 12) Re-fit these two parts of the bracket to the new pump. It's a good idea to push the power steering fluid reservoir down towards the rack from up inside the engine compartment. Debris is a major cause of steering system failure. The purple arrow showing the crimped on hose clamp holding the low pressure (or return) line that carries fluid back to the reservoir. With the fan removed, you have access to remove the two electrical connectors that plug into the power steering pump. Now remove the pump from the subframe. Now place the pump up into position and reconnect the two fluid lines, using both a new O-ring on the high pressure line and a new hose clamp on the low pressure line. Now place the new pump back into place on the subframe. A 13mm socket with extension really helps to remove these two bolts (See Figure 10). Hydraulic Canister Filter Cartridge (R26G39GA) by WIX®. Remove the nuts and lift the pump off the frame. Found: 32 Items. Now transfer the bracket to the new pump. Please try again. That's why... Power Steering Pump by Atlantic Automotive®. With Inline Filter. Remove the nut securing the clamp around the reservoir and the two nuts and rubber grommets holding the bracket to the rear firewall (See Figure 3). Quantity: 1 per Pack. Click Here for Pricing. POWER STEERING HOSE RETURN PIPE FOR MINI R50 R52 R53 2001-2006 PETROL ONE COOPER.

It travels via power steering fluid throughout the entire steering system, eroding internal components and clogging orifices and valving of the... Power Steering Filter by BBB Industries®. Internet Price $225.99 MINI Cooper power steering fan Value Line. Quantity: 1 per Pack. Mini Cooper Power Steering parts, assembly, pumps and more! It is manufactured from durable and long-lasting materials so... Power Steering Pump by Cardone®.

HOT TIP: Now is a good time to replace the power steering lines as well (as they are known to leak.) Remove the bolt. If you want to bring your ride's... Power Steering Pump by Sachs®. This gives you some slack on the fluid feed and return lines. The last step is to re-fill the reservoir with fluid and bleed it. There are two fluid hose connections that attach to the pump. Copyright © 2003-2020 Now remove the larger electrical connector towards the back of the pump by prying it out to the left. It's hard to see them, but there are two 13mm bolts that hold the power steering pump bracket to the subframe. 1 sold.

The fluid itself is thinner than regular power steering fluid and prevents the power steering pump from overworking itself.

If you want... Magna-Pure Power Steering Filter by Cardone Reman®. If you notice that your turning is becoming more difficult, or if you hear squealing noises when you turn the steering wheel, you may need a new Mini Cooper power steering pump. Your E-Mail and/or password are incorrect. If you're striving to restore smooth and predictable steering of your vehicle, this high-quality replacement steering part is just the ticket. Mini Cooper Power Steering parts, assembly, pumps and more! Quantity: 1 per Pack. form, fit and function, Components are inspected and cleaned of rust and corrosion, Shaft and internal surfaces are inspected, reconditioned and polished, Perfect solution to get your smooth, responsive steering back, Designed to replace your malfunctioning steering components, OE Solutions™ Remanufactured Power Steering Pump (599-950), This remanufactured electric power steering pump installs and performs like the original equipment pump, Upgraded driver circuit - motor control unit designed to withstand higher loads than original equipment, Voltage and AMPs Regulator Response Tested, OE quality parts from top original equipment and aftermarket manufacturers, Filter mesh screening filters up to 190 micron particles, Filter contains a magnet that collects tiny metallic particles, Components are inspected and tested for straightness and structural integrity, Housings are bead-blasted to eliminate rust and/or corrosion, OE quality fluids from top original equipment and aftermarket manufacturers, Electric Remanufactured Power Steering Pump (KS01000120), Capable to deliver high capacity pressures for all driving demands, Remanufactured Power Steering Pump (980-0100E), Electric Hydraulic Power Steering Pump (7000N), Magna-Pure Power Steering Filter (20-P038F), Standard Power Steering Filter (991-FLT1), Remanufactured Power Steering Pump (1H-42336), Cartridge Power Steering Filter (991-FLT2), Premium Magnetic Power Steering Filter (991-FLT3), Premium Magnetic Power Steering Filter (991-FLT2), Hydraulic Canister Filter Cartridge (R26G39GA), Hydraulic Canister Filter Cartridge (R24G03GA), Hydraulic Canister Filter Cartridge (D17F10GAV), Hydraulic Canister Filter Cartridge (R28G06GA).

Enjoy easy, predictable steering along with superior ride quality and comfort with Atlantic Automotive Ent., from sunset to sunrise! My Focus had power steering provided by a belt driven power steering pump. Start the engine and begin to turn the wheel full lock to either the right of left. Login with your E-Mail Address. £38.00.

If you want to bring your ride's original steering... OE Solutions™ Remanufactured Power Steering Pump by Dorman®. Next, remove the Torx bolts securing the brackets to the pump (green arrows). With the pump removed from the car, you will need to remove the mounting frame.

Vision-OE goal is to provide service technicians with reman rack and pinion steering they can trust. Hydraulic Canister Filter Cartridge by WIX®.

The outer part of the frame is held on with four 10mm nuts (See Figure 11). Lower the fan, disconnect the wiring harness and set it aside. This redesigned power steering pump is a plug-and-play replacement with improved brushes,... Electric Hydraulic Power Steering Pump by Atlantic Automotive®. 4 sold. The MINI Cooper S uses a different type of power steering setup than most cars.

This enables them to offer their customers dependable steering performance and great value. Premium Magnetic Power Steering Filter (991-FLT3) by Vision-OE®. Quantity: 1 per Pack. Be aware that you will get a lot of fluid flowing out of the lines and the pump so a drip pan underneath will help to prevent a huge mess.

Remove the smaller harness plug (green arrow) from the connector on the pump (yellow arrow). During... Power Steering Filter by Atlantic Automotive Ent.®. Hydraulic Canister Filter Cartridge (R28G06GA) by WIX®. It is also located directly below the exhaust manifold, which adds to the heat problems. Shown here are the connections for the fluid hoses going to the pump. To the side of the pump you'll see a rubber hose clamped on. This is the main power feed to the power steering pump. Parts for the lines are here and here. Slide underneath the car and remove the two 13mm nuts holding the power steering fan to the power steering pump bracket. - Nick at Pelican Parts Hydraulic Canister Filter Cartridge (D17F10GAV) by WIX®. Applies to: R50 MINI Cooper (2002-06) - R53 MINI Cooper S (2002-06) - R52 MINI Cooper Convertible (2005-08) - R52 MINI Cooper S Convertible (2005-08) - R52 MINI Cooper S Convertible (2005-08) - R56 MINI Cooper (2007-) - R57 MINI Cooper Convertible (2007-), Page last updated: Fri 10/23/2020 11:09:50 AM, power steering pump, CHF-11S power steering fluid, How to Maintain and Modify your MINI Cooper,,, MINI Cooper Technical Forum Message Board.

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