The decision addresses a myriad of issues and claims spanning over 100 modern awards concerning casual and part time employment. The Award has been updated to reflect changes made as part of the Fair Work Decision 4 year review of modern awards - Penalty Rates. Choose this work type when annual leave was taken, Choose this work type when carer’s leave was taken, Choose this work type when compassionate leave was taken, Choose this work type when long service leave was taken, Choose this work type when sick leave was taken, Choose this work type when time in lieu was taken. Please note that these changes affect the following Managed Award templates: The changes are a replacement of Clause 29.2 - Overtime to include overtime paid for casuals. The pay condition rule sets for General Retail Permanent Non-Shift Workers, Retail (Newagencies) Permanent Non-Shift Workers, Baking Production Permanent Workers, Extended Hrs Retail Permanent Non-Shift Workers, and General Permanent Shiftworkers have been updated in line with clause 21.2(e) to ensure that Public Holiday overtime is paid at 250% for permanent employees for all overtime worked on a Public Holiday. Further, the Leave Allowance Templates have been updated to ensure this new leave category is enabled and is now accessible for employees to take this leave when required.

Where an employer requests an employee to use their own motor vehicle in the performance of their duties, this work type should be used. Employees, including part-time and casual employees are entitled to 5 days unpaid family and domestic violence leave each year of their employment. Yesterday the Fair Work Commission handed down a decision in the casual and part time proceedings as part of the 4 Yearly Review. Choose this for casual employees that can be engaged for a minimum of 1.5 hours rather than a minimum engagement of 3 hours based on the criteria referred to in section 13.4 of the General Retail Industry Award. Review your employee list and identify employees who are currently assigned on any employment agreements containing the title "Age 20 First 6 Months"; Go to Employee > Pay Run Defaults and reassign them to the employment agreement relating to their classification level and employment type; You can also delete all employment agreements containing the title "Age 20 First 6 Months" to remove them from your list.

The employee and employer can agree that an extra 8% will be paid on top of their wages or salary instead of taking annual holidays.

Refer section 20.6 of the General Retail Industry Award. Sometimes referred to as ‘bank contracts’, generally a zero-hours contract will establish mutuality of obligation even Pay category for Casual Shiftworker updated for clause 30.4 Ordinary Hours. The 5 day entitlement renews each 12 months of employment but does not accumulate if the leave is not used. The penalty rate changes apply according to clauses 29.4(e)(iv) in the Award.

The rate of pay will automatically update as needed and when the employee turns 20 the correct rate of pay will be applied based on whether the employee has been employed for less than 6 months or more than 6 months. If census drops, PRN workers are usually the first ones to have their shifts cancelled. which days of the week the employee will work; the actual starting and finishing times of each day. New laundry allowance pay categories and rule conditions were created to reflect the ATO threshold maximum limits for claiming of laundry (not dry cleaning) for deductible clothing under the Award. If you were to leave Instacart, what would be the reason? If an employee is to receive the Broken Hill Allowance then you will need to assign the tag Broken Hill Allowance to them. Refer section 20.8(b) of the General Retail Industry Award. Please don't submit any personal information. This work type should be selected when an employee has been recalled to work for any reason before or after completing their normal roster or on a day which they did not work. In the Fast Food Award, a casual employee should receive overtime penalty rates for work in excess of 38 per week, and for hours worked in excess of 11 hours in a day. A new pay category (Unpaid Pandemic Leave Taken), leave category and work type (Unpaid Pandemic Leave) have been created. The changes apply from the first full pay period on or after 1 November 2018. The Top Up rule pay condition for Part-Time employees have been updated to ensure that the top up of hours worked by the employee to their agreed standard hours as per clause 12.2 of the Award, includes any leave taken within the shift period.

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