Monsters are pretty much the bread and butter of the game. This Blog Is About Tips And Guide To Help Both New Player And Pro Player! 100 Energy 80 Stamina Health 150 1 Stamina and 1 Energy split till 123 Energy Focus only on Stamina afterwards. However, after you have obtained a pool of them, you can start going for higher ranked monsters in Monster Warlord. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Click Confirm to proceed. Because stamina is used for boss battle and attacking other people. Some monsters have Leader Effect. Attack (Weak): Increase your chance of winning when attacking another player and increase boss battle damage. You need to find balance between stamina and energy. Every other feature of the game is briefly explained, when you click on it the first time. However, we think that Fighter is better for long term game play.

working with this sort of Monster Warlord Cheat v3.56 you might usually have limitless Gold and Gems to obtain a much monster warlord guide better encounter taking part in the game. And get items in Eastern Seaside & Stormy Hill for stamina recharge reduce items. Pick your battle to gain the most gold possible. LVL 101: 100% ultimate. Good luck! This is a Beginner's Guide Page compiled to you by the Admins of this wiki. You can combine special monsters of the very same rank to get a robust larger level monster. If someone attacks you (you are defending), the rules are almost the same with a few differences. LVL 61: 100% chaos. After the tutorial, you can only change your name/class using jewels in the shop. The amount of monsters that will be used to calculate your battle stats is based on alliance. Based on the build that you wish, you should combine the monsters accordingly so that you can get more Dark elementals.

You can spend them by clicking on your profile.

Energy is only used for quests. LVL 81: 100% god. You can choose your class in Monster Warlords. Join alliances with other players and become clansmen! Gameplay showcase: Gameplay from Monster Warlord (much older version but a lot of things are the same). Monster Combines Combining monsters should only be used at later in the game. If you are looking for a complete strategy guide that leads you from a complete beginner to an intermediate player, you have come to the right place. Different classes will have the following benefits: Ranger decrease energy charge time by 20 seconds. We do not recommend spending skill points on Attack or Defense, because even the weakest monsters in the game will give you more of these stats than wasting skill points on them. You can buy more skill points from the shop using jewels. LVL 1: 70% epic- 25% legend – 5% ancient. If you win, you'll gain experience (a random number between 2 and 10, this can be increased with VIP) and a bit of your opponent's gold (you will not get gold if the opponent has 9 gold coins or less). If you lose, you'll get 2 XP. More Energy = More Quests completed.

You will mainly get your monsters through questing, however, you can also get them through monster eggs and monster combine. It is recommended to spend most of your skill points on stamina, because you need stamina for World bosses, Normal bosses, Attacking players and Attacking bosses in dungeons. LVL 201: 100% S God LVL 301: 100% SS God. You can use the following guidelines to build out your character. Monster Warlord let us you train and create your very personal creatures to battle with some others! A quick note is that you should combine Fire & Water, or Dark + Earth. Current date/time is Thu Oct 22, 2020 10:25 pm. Fighter decrease stamina charge time by 10 seconds. Defense of your monster increases your total defense or damage you can take. LVL 1: 100% chaos. LVL 81: 100% ultimate. The way it’s calculated is your (Damage / Boss HP) * Reward. Doesn't matter whether you win or not, but you will lose more health when losing, of course. LVL 21: 100% chaos. a guide for those players who are looking to get a competitive edge in the world of monster warlord. This will be the first welcome message from Mika upon downloading the game. Buildings are very important. You can do that in your profile > click on a monster > appoint as leader. Monster Warlord Guide/Forum. More energy means doing more quests and leveling up faster. Below is a list of the stat points and what they do for you. Here you will find a list of monster combos for Monster Warlord made by GAMEVIL Inc for Android, iPhone and iPad. However, you may want to get the quests that give you gold boosts so that you can buy more monsters. Stamina: Used in boss or player battles. It really is certainly free of charge as well. If you level up, you will gain 3 skill points. Now go, enjoy the game and explore it a bit more to your heart's content! Check the rest of our mobile game guides if you have any additional questions about the game! Each level lets you enable 5 additional alliance member. LVL 21: 100% ancient. Energy or Stamina If you have any questions that are not answered below or somewhere else on the website, please leave a comment & will find out the answer to your questions as soon as possible. You can only build some buildings, after you gain a certain level. By looking at a monster, you'll see its stats. A detailed guide can be found at: Monster Warlord Complete Combination Guide.

The Leader Effect becomes active once you make that monster a leader of your monsters. View unanswered posts; Forum. Boss Reward List Below is a complete sortable table showing the different bosses, their full HP rewards, and reward % ratio. Monster Warlord Complete Beginner Guide Index Classes Status Points Alliance Monsters World Boss Strategy Quest Mastery Items Leveling Tips. You can go to Monsters for more information about every monster from this game. This game is mainly about monsters. How to Combine Method Best Analysis| Monster Warlord, Monster Warlord Complete Combination Guide, Chance to discover a monster increases by 2%, Stamina charging time decreases by 5 seconds, Energy charging time decreases by 10 seconds, Chance to successfully capture a monster increases by 2%, Stamina charging time decreases by 10 seconds, Energy charging time decreases by 15 seconds, Chance to combine monsters increases by 3%, Increases usable Monsters in battle by 50, Increases useable Monsters in battle by 100, Increases useable Monsters in battle by 150. If you are about to start your Monster Warlord Game, this may be useful for you! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While leveling up to 100, join the battles against World bosses and deal at least 1 hit to get some jewels. You can NOT go back after you click Confirm. At the same time, join in battle and kill weaker players on your alliance, in general, you want to target people with less alliance members than you. Thus, always max out your allowed alliance members. Monster Warlord Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This makes your reward much more attractive. LVL 101: 70% Legend – 25% ancient – 4% chaos – 1% ultimate. EGGs MONSTER EGG ( limited ) [ 5 jewels ]: LVL 1: 70% uncommon – 25% rare – 4% epic – 1% legend.

Below is a list of all the items that can boost your character in the game. The bosses that you want to fight are the bosses that produce higher reward %. Attack of your monster, increases your total attack/damage you do. Defense (Weak): when being attacked by another player, you will have better chance of winning Health: increase the maximum pool of your health point (good when you are already strong, bad when you’re weak) Energy: Energy is used to complete quests.

LVL 61: 70% rare -25% epic – 4% legend – 1% ancient. You need monsters for almost everything in this game.

You are always losing health when fighting. Each alliance enables to use 5 additional monsters / level. Your main objective is to get the strongest monsters in the game.

You can not fight if your total health is 25 HP or less. LVL 101: 70% Ancient – 25% Chaos – 5% Ultimate.

You can also come here and search for more information or you can ask us in the forum. You will earn gold based on the damage dealt against the rewards pool.

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