Moon conjunct Casanova–This would be what you would expect. Moon conjunct Maniac–Maniac seems to be prominent  in the natal chart of those who suffer from moon disorders. You are likely to attract things of a lunar type such as women.

Aries Moon, rarely my fave… at first I thought it was the Uranus/Sol square, but I felt that come and go awhile back… Just before I read this I said outloud, “What *is* this odd energy? Lilith is also conjunct Varuna in 25 degrees gemini but not in retrograde. How does it fit lol, This definately fits, although I don’t have a secret sexual life. I always think of him and I feel tortured and desperate and so in love.

… and why can’t I get a fix on where it wants to go?”. The curtain is pulled back. 3SharesMoon conjunct Moon transit marks the beginning of a major emotional cycle. Your memories, maternal instincts and your need for nurturing and security will be more influential in your life.

In the meantime after living in Nth Carlton, he is in East Doncaster. Had to keep the car windows shut in the back-asphyxiation threatened.. Dust level from car incredible. Aphrodite 9 degrees Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi ami! In Second Renaissance, the “dominance” that the energetic of the “man formally dressed stands near trophies…”  incites the “dominant” force of discernment. I frequently find myself embroiled in controversies & arguments even when I try my best to avoid it , I read and may I add reread the first line of this as: Eric is still a new factor in astrology. Astrological transits are a part of what is usually called predictive astrology, the claim of astrology …

Aww, I see. The Moon trines Venus at rather different dynamics: The Moon will be discharging “two prim spinsters sitting together in silence” (bringing separation), while Venus will be discharging “a volunteer church choir makes a social event of rehearsal” (bringing togetherness).

Moon conjunct Eris-–This would be very annoying to the Moon person.

Yes, could be OR you may be obsessed with marriage. Most astrologers nowadays regard the term 'prediction' as something of a misnomer, as modern astrology does not claim to directly predict future events as such.

please I need some advice, because I feel a bit lost, and I need some opinion on my situation.

Now I have the approaching square already within Orb…crosses also over Dragon’s Head North and squares Venus as well. It would depend on the Moon person’s point of view. He will have strong powers to sway and influence you with his personal charisma and way of speaking in a strong, leadership kind of way. The Sun released  an M5.5-class flare WITH CME Saturday at 1:31 am ET/5:31 am UT. *fist bump to Chrispy* After re-reading Satori’s post, I’m getting the full effect of Eris now…my home life growing up with corporal punishment (mother), and how I’m not doing that with my kids…making a better home Life (I think) for my kids so they aren’t afraid if I raise my voice (never with a fist…)

But that guy thought she liked him. Sometimes, I will fudge it and allow three, but it is a fudge.

What do you think, A.L? Would a Cupido conjunct Vertex in Synastry be less deceitful and the Cupido person not want just an affair?

Varuna is the asteroid of the charismatic leader such as an MLK who could move people with his words. Many have no clue what to do or what to be, and that’s the result of having many options and not being dictated to; and the old forms not containing the more complex sense of self that we possess in a world that can truly be called postmodern. WOW, Tiffany. Today may still have some surprises in store. It is said that Pluto can really force you to your knees. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

the description above is so sweet , Your email address will not be published.

Lovely one. his Eros is opposit my sun and lilith

Do you think that special transits are needed for relationship to start or fall in love mutually? When everything is sorted should I post my synastry on your astrology forum? Hence, one needs to be aware of any asteroid that touches it in synastry. This might give us an opportunity to tune into the energy signature of this planet. Chiron in the 7th would make for a struggle for sure! There is a parallel theme in today’s Sun square Uranus aspsect, which is at full throttle right now. This occurred when the Moon was Conjunct Neptune at the energetic of “an examination of initiates in the sanctuary of an occult brotherhood” (initiation). (see Oracle Report archive for that day here, Mike Bloomberg’s ‘Operation Red Mirage’ [Video], Trump’s Latest EO Slashes Liberal Indoctrination In Schools, Manufacturing Orders Jump Highest in 17 Years, Judge Blocks Newsom From Issuing Further Unconstitutional Orders, Things to consider before you outsource payroll services, The Power To Heal Ourselves Is Increasing, Timeline of Joe Biden’s Corruption [Video], Polling Narratives Collapse, Democrat COVID Strategy Backfires, MAGA Resolve Stronger Than Ever…, Antifa Whistleblower Gabriel Nadales Goes Public, DOJ Announces presidential election ‘voting rights monitoring’ across the nation, Top Organic Vitamin Company Bought Out By Nestle Foods Corporation for a Cool $2.3 Billion, Things You Lose When You Become Spiritually Awakened. Moon Conjunct Ascendant Transit. You should be aware that your current state of mind can, in an indirect way, determine much about how you will be feeling in the month ahead.

my name conj his juno My brother’s first house was in Mt.

No weapon, thought, or word formed against me shall prosper. We get a clue from Alice Bailey’s system of rulerships in the book Esoteric Astrology, which proposes that Mercury is one of the esoteric rulers of Aries. Would it be good?

Note that the symbol is of “a man formally dressed” next to his trophies. my Moon conj his Mars and Karma

In fact, it is often very hard to see a silver lining when the shocks and surprises of Uranus come about to rectify things for us.

Because it’s spending more than a century in Aries (it has a very unusual orbit of 557 years), I believe that energy pattern has a lot to do with Aries qualities such as identity, intention and motivation. In this case, the Poseidon person would have great insight into the Moon person. Moon conjunct Bacchus–Bacchus is orgies.

This would be the real deal in a relationship, more than a fling, just looking at this one aspect, Tiffany. Pain seems to get in the way of these relationships. Eris can get on it’s high horse in such a way that you want to slap him silly.

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