0:20 Karl Latchkey tries to cope with the loss of his distant father, his immature wife, and a son he hates. He is helpful and encouraging towards his friends and other people in town, which sometimes gets him into trouble.

Let's face it: Clay, from "Nature" onwards.

Sometimes, he uses, 's hair for use in a love ritual, and ends up bringing Orel to said ritual as a "virgin sacrifice". Before he left, Stephanie handed him a cheap looking smartphone with a picture of him, doughy and her as the background, Jesus as the password and a single number (hers) programmed in, in case he ever needed anything. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Let's just put it this way: after "Nature", freaking Adult Swim asked Dino to make Season 3 as dark as possible — then canceled the show after realizing the mistake they made.

by Risky Beelzebub. Shapey and Block playing with dangerous objects. Orel's children have the same hairstyle as their grandparents: Clay and Bloberta. He often says "Golly!" After going through misery in his life, he matures and becomes a much better parent (emotionally, mentally, and morally), than his parents ever were.
The Blue Crane that visits Arthur, can be seen in episode Nature ll as if it's been sent by him to keep an eye on Orel. As he goes through his rant, the camera is slowly zooming in on his face, and his voice is getting raspier and louder until his face takes up the entire screen and he's doing nothing but drunkenly moaning and, As Clay gives the above rant, Orel becomes visibly more frightened, and he begins fidgeting with the gun he was supposed to use to shoot an animal. He even ruined Principle Fakey's marriage because of his father's idiotic lecture.

He had been on my mind a lot lately since I began looking back at the series, and I noticed that he wasn't mentioned in earlier discussions for the show. This page contains Not Safe For Work content, if you dare to proceed and if you're under 18 years old, read it at your own risk and don't show it at your parents. He looks to Orel for support, since Orel is obviously the most hopeful person in Moralton. Tags. The series goes like this for the first two seasons: Orel misinterprets or takes Reverend Putty's teachings too seriously and makes things worse when he tried to help others around town, then Clay would give him an even more wrong lesson, and they laugh, ending the episode. According to Scott Adsit, had the series continued beyond the third season, Arthur Puppington would have become a regular member of the show's cast, returning to live with Clay after learning that he was dying from a terminal illness.

"Alone", the first episode after the "darkening" of the show. The effect that he had on Miss Sculptham's life was an understatement. By the end of Season 2, Orel becomes more mature and aware of his father’s misery and alcohol addiction, his mother’s depression and loneliness, and the religious hypocrisy of the town he lives in.


Creepler I feel does enough to stand out. One episode in particular had Orel -- who had misinterpreted one of Reverend Putty's sermons again -- impregnate several prostitutes due to his assumption that he had to "share" that gift.

In the Russian dubbed version of the series, Orel’s name is “Eagle”. 1 - 20 of 37 Works in Moral Orel. After Orel accepts crack from a homeless man and smokes it, his pupils maximize to a deeply, In the episode "Grounded", as a result of having his friends do a bloodletting, Orel is banned from going to church for a month. Orel and Christina are in love with each other, but aren't supposed to see each other because their parents think their two families are "too different" because of their different prayers. In it, you follow three women; Nurse Bendy, Miss Agnes Sculptham; and Miss Censordoll and their daily lives at their apartment. one of his best athletic students.

In the episode, Clay is Orel's father.
You can help out by cleaning up/adding in a better summary or by finding more pictures. Orel makes an appearance in the Mary Shelley's Frakenhole Halloween marathon, as he had been wearing a Dr. Frankenstein costume and claims it feels like home, e.g. He watched after both when Bloberta brings Shapey back home. Season 2. The first example of Nightmare Fuel occurs in Charity.

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