At 3/4 a mile, voice calls were generally fine but I could put myself in positions where I was too low or there was too much timber to make contact.

FRS radios haven’t seen much innovation in the last several years so I was surprised to come across the Motorola T800 and T801 Talkabout radios with a feature set that is actually quite innovative and very useful. Agawa Canyon Inc. Rebrands as Agawa and Releases Boreal15 and Boreal24 Saws, New from TOPS Knives: The Trail Seeker and Storm Vector, Faxon Firearms Now Offers AR-15 Barrels with Pinned Gas Blocks. Generally, I could make contact easily out to 1 1/2 or 2 miles as long as I was intentional about my positioning. These radios can be paired with a smartphone to serve as a sort of off-grid, FRS based modem for sending text messages and other info. As such, you have an additional safety net in the field, should something happen, as well as having the ability to update other members of your party, quietly.

The radios may be paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth. All Rights Reserved. From a practical standpoint, most experts estimate that you can expect a realistic communications range of five to twenty-five miles from a 2 watt FRS band radio in the field. We will be the first to state that you do not get any greater range out of a $150 radio than you do from a $35 radio. © 2020 Jerking the Trigger. Ham radios are not cellphones and cannot be ‘pinged’ to determine the nearest cellphone tower to the radio. With the downloaded app, one can then connect to your smartphone to the T800 radio over Bluetooth. Sometimes just having your phone on one side of your body and the radio on the other is enough to interrupt the Bluetooth connection resulting in a surprise tone.

Given the affordable price of efficient and reliable, FRS two-way radios, it just makes sense to have them on every trip into the backcountry, even if you plan on using your cell phone for most communications. What you are paying for is the receive range. FYI: Not discounted very much at this time, probably too new. But periodically they would lose lock with each other and there is… Read more ».

The T800 and T801 radios are identical except for color and the T801 radios come with some additional accessories.

Both, however, can be triangulated with direction finding equipment. They are communication devices intended to provide the user with an extra bit of security in the field. I am sure that everything that you have written is 100% correct, but none of it was helpful. We will be the first to state that you do not get any greater range out of a $150 radio than you do from a $35 radio. The radios meet IPX4 waterproof standards: i.e., being able to withstand splashing water from any direction. The T800 and T801 radios are identical except for color and the T801 radios come with some additional accessories. They do not require a license to operate and, chances are, your neighbors already have some compatible radios. As one would come to expect from Motorola, the T800 radios take emergency preparedness very seriously.

All of the connected features are handled via the app with the radios acting as a sort of modem. Unless the country finds a way to provide coverage across the country via satellite, there will always be dead zones for cell phones. The repeaters are 100 watts and you can hit one 40 miles away in… Read more ». Motorola Talkabout T801 Bundle Two-Way Radios, 2 Pack, Black/Green 4.5 out of 5 stars 67. T800 Two-Way Radios (Dual Pack),The TALKABOUT T800 allows you to share and track locations with your travel companions.

They feature access to NOAA weather radio and ca be configured to give weather alerts. Yes, but it is flatly illegal, and the manufacturer was fined huge amounts for manufacturing and selling this radio: The eXRS Tri-Square radio is a 900-mHz radio that uses Spread Spectrum techniques to escape monitoring. I was able to send texts from almost 1 1/2 miles but I also had texts that failed to send at 3/4 mile. Before I get into that, I’ll outline a little about how these features work. They come with access to seven National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) AND Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) weather channels and four VHF channels, which receive continuous broadcasts of local and regional weather conditions and updates. Whenever the radio connects to or disconnects from Bluetooth, there is a fairly loud tone. This privacy is perhaps the best feature of these radios. No problem.

This is obviously not ideal for hunting or home security applications but it can be mitigated by turning off Bluetooth or only using it intentionally. For that matter, neither can these Talkabout radios. The MSRP of $109.99 (less $$ online) is very reasonable for what these radios can do, and of course, the TALKABOUT App is free. That is a great question and I tried to find information but couldn’t.

Perhaps most importantly, they add a method of communication that is more private than voice communications over FRS frequencies. They feature access to NOAA weather radio and ca be configured to give weather alerts. The Motorola T800 and T801 are solid, typical FRS radios with the useful addition of off-grid text messaging and location sharing. It is not used for wireless headsets or anything along those lines. Finally, the feature that sets these apart is Bluetooth connectivity. The quality is typical Motorola which is to say it is quite good.

Neither use cellphone towers. @Donald L. Cline, How does one keep transmissions secure and avoid his location from being “pinged” and located? In that way, you and your party can always keep track of where you are and where you are going.

Looks fine and unhandled. My testing consisted of placing one radio inside my home with my wife while I walked around our area and attempted to contact her along with general usage on our acreage. This is fairly typical of any decent quality FRS radio that I have tried. Motorola T800 Talkabout Radios. These are fairly typical FRS radios with 22 channels and 121 privacy codes. You can send texts to a specific radio user or blast them out to anyone who may be in range. When I got mine in the mail it was in a brown box and no Motorola box or packaging. I purchased 4 of the T801 Talkabouts from Amazon for my own use. If you want reliable communications in the field, get your ham radio license and buy handheld VHF/UHF radios for less than $150, and/or mobile radios for less than $200 (you can spend more for all the bells and whistles) and you can cover a whole state using amateur radio repeaters (free), complete, many of them, with autopatches (free) allowing you to make non-business and/or emergency telephone calls. Thanks . Using a radio of some kind is important. The rechargeable battery packs in some of my older FRS radios gave up the ghost recently so it seemed like a good time to update. If you happen to be in a dead zone during an emergency or there are power outages, you are in a world of hurt. These are fairly typical FRS radios with 22 channels and 121 privacy codes. As FRS radios go… these are typical. USA – -( While it is true that cell phone providers are expanding their coverage every year, there is still a need for two-way radios by sportsmen. Each user is registered to the app which adds a useful layer of privacy that is lacking with FRS voice communications.

They feel sturdy. I looked for groups but you seem tou have the only solid info on here.

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