mY LoNELineSs Is kILliNG Me Watch the latest video from Kwstaskhs (@kwstaasd). Does this “fierce” mood suit me? My loneliness, due to my sports withdrawal, is killing me.

Milla (@milla.candeias) en TikTok | 492 me gusta. Kwstaskhs (@kwstaasd) on TikTok | 1115 Likes. 26.6M Fans. 53 fans. Chase Hudson (@lilhuddy) on TikTok | 1.4B Likes. 57 Fans. Can you relate?

⠀ And yes, TikTok is really fire ⠀ If you have the app, lets link. Watch the latest video from Chase Hudson (@lilhuddy). ⠀ But “I must confess I still believe” - that’s also very true because I know everything’s going to be alright eventually! ⠀ “My loneliness is killing me” - that appears to be very true right now!

my loneliness is killing me Mira el último video de Milla (@milla.candeias).

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