+1     +2, 2. Finding a large TV in the back of the delivery truck and a diary listing information regarding all the victims thus far, the Investigation Team affirms their theory and plan Nanako’s rescue along with Namatame’s pursuit.

Days later, while out with the team buying Nanako a Christmas present, the protagonist gets an urgent call from Adachi telling him that Nanako's condition suddenly became critical. +1     +2, 2.

The stifling fog is never lifted, and the game ends on a bitter note with the protagonist departing Inaba to return to the city. Ironically, she later becomes a fan of Kanami during the events of Dancing All Night and even strikes up a friendship with her. She is quite responsible and reliable, and has handled a lot of housework, such as cooking, doing the dishes and laundry in her home ever since her mother passed away.

The 'neutral' ending fast-forwards to spring of the next year, during which Ryotaro Dojima takes the protagonist to the train station to head back home to his parents, lamenting that it was too bad Nanako wasn't yet healthy enough to leave the hospital and see him off. Her mother, Chisato Dojima, died in a hit and run when she was in preschool.

Choices that impact your relationship this rank: Max level Expression is required to start this social link rank up event. She gives it her umbrella, to which it expresses its gratitude.

What about me? "Every day's great at your Junes!" Nanako is revived, although she remains in a coma, the stifling fog is never lifted, and the case goes unsolved.

With time, and progressing her Social Link, she opens up to him more, eventually referring to him as “big bro.”. First, you must save her from the TV, which involves reaching the end of the Heaven dungeon (where Nanako was thrown in) and defeating Kunino-Sagiri. This page will help you navigate your relationship with Nanako, featuring every s-link rank and all of the conversation options while spending time with her.

Nanako: I would like to welcome you my school mates at Yasogami High School, they can be a bit uh... loud.. at times but I kinda understand.. Nanako: my name is Nanako Dojima I’m a Junior at Yasogami High School, i’m... uh.. really new to Shibuya, so this is nice visiting Shujin Academy. The highlighted options are the most optimal choice. You can reliably gain some bonus points for the Nanako s-link through, “It’s not Nanako’s fault.” +3 (Level 3 Expression required), “Hear her out.” (Level 3 Expression required), “Listen to her talk.” +3 (Requires Level 3 Understanding), “Let’s go look for her.” (+2 to Hierophant S-Link). Put her to bed. +2     +3, 1.

-    -, 2. While there, he visits Nanako's school, where he surveys the students about their worries, and the worsening occurrences of fog. She then makes a pinky promise with Teddie and notices that Yosuke calls her "big bro" by his name, Yu.


Did he say that? I'll ask him with you. On October 11th, Nanako becomes depressed that her father is at work all the time, and isn't able to spend time with her.

He's Lonely too. His bond with Dojima then gives him the strength to summon the Ultimate Form of the Hierophant Arcana, Kohryu, allowing him to protect Nanako from further harm, and freeing the rest of the party from Kunino-sagiri with Salvation. The skills and abilities differ between party members. 1.

That's not true.

With a face to match to the popular news piece, the murderer had secured his next victim. Nanako Dojima is a character from Persona 4. ? Immediately, the Midnight Channel reveals the next victim: Nanako.

Throughout the weekend, she asks her father to sign a form to observe her class at school. While at home with Yu, she notices that he's been very busy lately, and hasn't been spending as much time with her. When Ryotaro suggests they go on an outing, Nanako suggests they all go to Junes, instead of taking a vacation. Persona 4 Golden PC Social Link Guide: Justice (Nanako Dojima) By Adam Beck on June 13, 2020 << Return to the Main Social Link Hub >> *Values highlighted in red are optimal choices. +1     +2, 1.

However, this only takes place in the Japanese version, as in the English version Nanako simply refers to them by their names. She is selfless and tries her best not to hurt anyone’s feelings, such as when she stomached all three of the omelets made by the Investigation Team girls and stated that they were all good, despite clearly having some distaste to them. Ann: Waah! After Ameno-sagiri was defeated, she woke up and told her father that she dreamt that Yu and his friends had defeated the "bad guys". Each of the girls make horrible food that Nanako eats, and says nice things about in order to cheer them up.

Because you're lonely. They have no choice. Well!

-      -, 2. ― Nanako saying her catchphrase in Persona 4 Nanako Dojima is a Character in Persona 4.

Stricken, Dojima runs to Namatame's room, but is later escorted by the police guard back to his room, giving the Investigation Team the opportunity to sneak in. As a stranger at the beginning, Nanako is apprehensive with connecting with the protagonist, but during the course of the game, she begins to build a sibling-like relationship with him, even calling him "Big Brother"/"onii-chan" as if he really was her older brother. Talk to Nanako Nothing you can do now. Thus, in the following days, she wears her superhero outfit to investigate Yu's whereabouts.

I'm going back through Persoma 4 vanilla and started thinking that maybe Nanako's social link is for the whole team and the Justice social link with her we have is more personal considering Nanako and Narukami are family. Nanako is a big fan of the Junes Department Store, singing along with the jingle every time a commercial airs.

Talk with her.

Nanako distanced herself with the protagonist at first, but grew much closer to him as her Social Link progressed. +3     +3, 1. I feel sorry for you too.

She spends time with the Investigation Team during a few events. You be able to see the optimal responses and what you gain after each rank.

+2     +2, 1. He won't abandon you. As the protagonist interacts with her, he helps Nanako understand her father, and helps to mend their strained and distant relationship. Eventually, he leaves his nephew detained at the station, confiscates his phone, and leaves him under Tohru Adachi's watch. 3. She is a secondary character in her father's Social Link. Despite never being seen without her pigtails in Persona 4, Persona 4 The Animation depicts Nanako with her hair down while sleeping, and also revealed that she had her hair shoulder length. Like always I’ve used Megami Tensei Wiki for the Text and I do not claim them as my own. Although she harbors a great love for her father, she sometimes questions his love for both her and Chisato. Listen to her talk. -      -, 3. Why?

A few days later, when Ryotaro Dojima intercepts a second warning letter left in the Dojimas' mailbox, he angrily brings the protagonist to the police department for questioning, and leaves Nanako home alone.

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Teddie returns to the Midnight Channel, leaving the Investigation Team a note, and the case goes unsolved. +3     +3, 2. Many characters have been inspired by her bravery, and all of them have shown great sorrow and regret for not being able to prevent her abduction. (Requires Lv3 Understanding) +3     +3, 1.

While there, he visits Nanako's school, where he surveys the students about their worries and the worsening occurrences of fog.

Social Links with Party Members. It's not Nanako's fault. As she develops more trust in her older cousin, she calls him "Big Brother"/"onii-chan" as if he really was her older brother. Nanako: What happens to a person when they die? They disappear. This time with disguises given to them by Teddie, they continue following Yu and find him with a much older lady.

Nope. Why'd you come here? Nanako later gives him the strength to summon the Ultimate Form of the Justice Arcana, Sraosha, allowing him to purify the remaining Shadows with Mahamaon. Did he say that? Whenever you have Dojima around, you cannot access Nanako's, Family Photo and allows you to fuse Sraosha, 1. Grief-ridden and devastated, and convinced on Naoto's word that it's likely the court will never find him guilty, the Investigation Team contemplates bringing Namatame to justice by pushing him through his hospital room's TV.

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