Disclaimer and How well do you think you know Wales? electrons were, however, temporarily inconvenienced. Click here to join the team! You might have aced the 50-question geography quiz, but now it's time to find out how well you know your capital cities. BRAND NEW: Check out my other fun quizzes including one all about food, a challenging art and literature quiz and my capital cities quiz. 19.

You can claim £35 / $45 off your first trip by clicking here. Thanks to all who took part in our Nature Trivia Quiz. What are the northern lights also known as? In this piece, I have shared more than 100 animal trivia questions. They spend so much hunting on the sea ice that biologists have decided they are marine mammals. Do you know your Charles Dickens from your George Orwell, and your Picasso from your Dali?

Have you enjoyed these geography quiz questions and answers? The winner was Jim Reisert, who was first to send in all 10 correct answers. What is a material that will not carry an electrical charge called? What is the largest moon of Saturn called? This site also uses various third-party services to function properly. A: The monarch butterfly—these gossamer-winged creatures fly by the hundreds of thousands to Mexico each fall, where they rest and breed in oyamel forests before heading northward again in the spring. Take the quiz Music Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers. Pups, Despite appearances, this site wasn't designed in 1995 - I just felt like

© Wanderlust Chloe 2020, 50 World Geography Trivia Questions To Test Your World Knowledge – Geography Quiz Questions And Answers, Capital Cities Quiz - Questions And Answers, The Ultimate USA Trivia Questions and Answers, The Great British Quiz – Questions And Answers, UK Picture Quiz – 50 Questions And Answers, East Sussex Glamping Holiday – A Unique Weekend…, The Very Best Things To Do In Shepherd’s…, Tredwells London – Restaurant Review (2019), 29+ AMAZING Things To Do In Valencia, Spain…, Glamping In Alberta –  9 Unique Places To…, 7 AMAZING Large Holiday Homes In Cornwall, 11 AMAZING Places To Go Glamping Near London, World Geography Quiz Questions And Answers, World Geography Quiz – Picture Round Answers, Capital Cities Quiz – Questions And Answers. What about naming all 45 presidents? It turns out despite travelling a lot, I barely remember the flags of anywhere I’ve been to! The Great Barrier Reef is off the coast of which Australian state? They are interesting with different levels of ease and difficulty. Brazil is home to the world’s largest wetland, sprawling over some 75,000 square miles.

Alaska is the largest state in America, but what is the second largest? animals were harmed in the creation of this quiz website. The questions are suitable for children aged approximately 6-9 years, but younger children can definitely participate with the help of an adult or older child.
Right here.

120+ General Knowledge Trivia Questions and Answers, 100+ Halloween Trivia Questions With Answers, 60+ Video Game Trivia Questions and Answers, 50+ Football Trivia Questions with Answers. See pandas up close in near-wild habitat on our Wild & Ancient China trip! Are you feeling like a champion, or need to go away and stare at a map for a long time? I loved coming up with the quiz and definitely learned lots along the way… mainly on the flags round. Feel like you aced it, or you need to brush up on your countries of the world? Incorrigibly peripatetic, Wendy has been to more than 65 countries and all 50 states. It's time to find out how well you know the London tube map, the greats of England’s music scene and the country's most famous landmarks. Birds nests, Q: Name the archipelago Charles Darwin visited in 1835, whose unique species prompted him to formulate his theory of evolution.

No Males - females clone, Q: If you book or buy something through these links, I earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). This quiz will test your general knowledge on everything from chemical elements to animals and the human body. Feel free to share your own quizzes and challenge other members to see who will be top of the class! What type of creature is feared by an ophidiophobe? Each of our trivia questions has been fact-checked by professionals. Comic sans :-)  (did you know What are young bats called? Our. See lemurs plus a host of other rainforest wildlife on our fascinating expedition to Wild Madagascar. 4. you can't use tags anymore?). You’re sure to get some amazing views on any of our exciting Polar Bear Tours. If you're a fan of travelling around England, or of English culture, no doubt you'll fare well on this quiz. Congrats to Jim, who wins a Nat Hab waist pack. A:

These animal trivia questions are guaranteed to test your knowledge of all creatures great and small. which is why this site is already Y3K compliant. While we’re stuck at home, I decided it was time to challenge you guys, my lovely readers, to a quiz all about our amazing planet. Bali or Hawaii? This post has a lot of good info!

2) Which is the most sensitive of the senses? Challenge yourself with these world geography trivia questions, There are twenty points up for grabs in the picture round of this world geography trivia quiz. In which modern-day country was the physicist and chemist Marie Curie born? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But what about science and nature? Cool, right? You’re a savvy bunch; we received quite a few 100% correct responses! I thought that Ursus Arctos was the Brown Bear and Ursus Miritimus was the Polar Bear, Natural Habitat Adventures Candice Gaukel Andrews Good Nature Conservation Wildlife Nature WWF Travel Photography Biodiversity Ecotourism Adventure Travel Climate Change Africa Polar Bears wild Adventure Alaska Global Warming Churchill. 17. Science and nature quiz questions: 1) What year did the first man first walk on the Moon?

Do you know the highest mountains in the world or in which country you’d find the longest river? These days when I look at my diary it’s empty… apart from 2-3 quizzes per week. electrons were, however, temporarily inconvenienced. What is the best wood for making pencils? Trivia questions are becoming more and more popular among various age groups, and the fact that these not-so-important questions take you by surprise — in most of the cases, at least — has a crucial role to play in their popularity. Name it.

6. Did you enjoy the article? Ring-tailed lemurs getting cozy.

2. About us Contact How many wings does a mosquito have? It's the ultimate test for anyone who thinks they know British culture inside-out. Try our nature quiz for kids and learn more about topics such as the environment, recycling, animals, plants and some of the natural features that make Earth special.

So, what are you waiting for? Answer: Pink Petal is not a butterfly. Photo from Manfred Richter at Pixabay.com. For generations, Scandinavians have let their babies nap outside all year round. The views expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of Natural Habitat Adventures or WWF. But whale sharks aren’t actually sharks at all — they are indeed the planet’s biggest fish, averaging 40 feet long and weighing up to 15 tons. google_ad_width = 234; A: Madagascar, the isolated island nation off the southeast coast of Africa, which has the highest rate of endemism (species found nowhere else) in the world! Name it. What does USB stand for when used to describe the connection standard used between computers … ®WWF and World Wildlife Fund are WWF Registered Trademarks.

Quiz Home Page I love how knowing the most random of facts can be the difference between winning and losing.

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