OFFENSE: My Shooting Sliders Added | STILL SUBJECTIVE .

Just because it’s set at 0 doesn’t mean you’ll lose the ball all the time. MIL 20+ 3rd [16-1]#16 - int. The HUSTLE slider seems to work in getting animations to trigger a lot faster with these sliders which is why I bumped them up from 0 to 100. 30+ at half [18-1] #18 - 97:89 [17-1]#17 - int. Powered by their own Unreal Engine 4, the game started pay-to-play early access in March 2016, and free-to-play access to its open beta started in February 2017. For as popular as NBA 2K20 is on OS, it can be somewhat hard to find consistent NBA 2K20 sliders that people rally around. I would have them high if you make the adjustments, the only down side, the CPU will be a lot more aggressive down the stretch and it may lead to them cheesing. at 55:30 in 2nd [13-1]#13 - int. TRUST ME. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Bumped the acceleration (17)up one point for better animation transitions. Also I don't like gossip, I stick to what's going on the floor, but if I feel the need to discuss off court issues, I will. CHANGES for game #22 MOST IMPORTANT - roster change - Giannis nerfed! | GTA VI Reddit Leak Details, Dragon Ball Moments:10 Most Disrespectful, METRO EXODUS | A Gleaming Example: Detail Summary, Fast Charging & Syncing Cord Compatible with Phone Xs MAX/XR/X/8 Plus/7 Plus/6 Plus/6 [Blue]. In NBA 2K21, you can find the sliders in the setting menus before heading into a game, finding them in the “options/features” section. IF YOU WANT MORE SPECTACULAR DUNKS TURN UP THE DUNKS IN TRAFFIC SLIDER (i have it set at 70). I also put ball security at 3, I feel there’s too much protection if this rating is high, the ball feels much more free and you can knock is loose if its not protected. DEFAULT/SUBJECTIVE: Reach-in fouls are set to 5/20, if you reach you get beat, you can still swipe the ball loose at time due to the ball security slider at 3. USER/CPU. ***Fatigue is subjective, but the lower you have it the more players get tired. (no hot shooting zone, nerfed some shooting skills, will post later exact numbers)SLIDERS:off awareness 50 (100)def. EXPLAINING MOVEMENT SLIDERS IN THIS VIDEO (12/12/19), Check out these highlights with the sliders. | PARAGON fans Rejoice, GTA 6 on the horizon? Sometimes people can't handle someone who has an open mind, so if you disagree with anything I say, feel free to comment. I will be messing with this a lot more in updates. Indiana Pacers & Pittsburgh Penguins ca +23 MIL in 3rd [12-1]#12 - 108:105 11-1]#11 - 107:85 [10-1]#10 - 124:104 [9-1] #9 - 115:95 [8-1]#8 - 109:85 [7-1]#7 - 97:90 [6-1]#6 - int at MIL 27+ lead in 4th [5-1]#5 - 114:91 [4-1]#4 - 125:92) [3-1]#3 - 98:90 [2-1]#2 - 112-81 [1-1]#1 - 103-108 [0-1] So don't be surprised if you see off topic posts on here!!

This blog is to mainly discuss what is going on in the NBA from my perspective.

)Milwaukee 3 (seven secs)coach settings original for both teamsPOE: - Miami attack the basket, patient / limit trans, neutral defense emphasis, neutral physic, crash defensive - Milwaukee neutral, neutral / limit, neutral, neutral (or perimeter? Acceleration without Ball (Max Rating) - 75, Acceleration without Ball (Min Rating) - 60, Upcoming PARAGON Remake planned for a PS4 Release. "Paragon was a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game developed and published by Epic Games. Go to CPU/User Sliders, and then press the button for Load Settings, as indicated on the bottom of the screen. click HERE for our full "PARAGON Never Died | It Became CORE" blog.. I try to keep USER and CPU sliders the same. Things I do on the side include, music, exercise, movie junkie, watching playing basketball. Favorite Sports Teams: ), crash------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SLIDERS 3.0:inside shot 60close shot 603p shot 60layup 65dunk in traffic freq 40dunk in traff succ 40pass acc 13 alley oop succ 25contact sh succ 60 ball security 10 body up sens 50pass speed 50driving con sh freq 100others 100jump shot defense 50 (both)help def str 100 steal succ 40 acc 50vert 50strenght 50stamina 50speed 45durability 50hustle 50ball hand 25hands 100dunk ability 45on ball def 100stealing 45blocking 42*** off awa 50 (100) ***def awa 100off reb 50def reb 60off cons 100*** def cons 0 (100) ***fatigue rate 50lateral 100TENDS:inside shts 15close 15 midrange 603p 100post 100atb 15look for post 30throw alley 35att dunk 45att putb 63play pass lines 100go for ob steals 100contest 50backdoor cuts 0fouls all at 100speed wb 70-60acc wb 70-60speed wob 70-60speed wob 70-60------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RESULTS: #22 - 107:100 [21-1]#21 - 109:80 [20-1] #20 - int. From there, you'll see a list of slider settings that you can download and apply. OFFENSE: My Shooting Sliders Added | STILL SUBJECTIVE. OTHER: FIVE small improvements that could help the game, Categories: Game Sliders, Gaming, NBA, NBA 2K20, Sports Gaming, Video games, Tagged as: Blog, entertainment, Feedback, Game play sliders, General, google, NBA 2K20, nba 2k20 simulation sliders, Player Movement, Sliders, Xbox, I'm a chill guy, that loves to watch and play basketball. I’ve had it on 0 and the use of tight spaces is much better. *Ball security the lower you set it, the more loose the ball is in general. I went the NBA Live route and turned down the reach in foul frequency (0-5) so that steals happen more off pass interceptions. Vertical is set at 0, I can’t stress enough that this is important for better game play. NBA 2k20 CPU vs CPU Sliders. Game Speed: 51*. A lot of it is subjective, you can still get realistic stats and field goal percentages but the main focus is better player movement, by any means. consistency 0 (100) - trying to give some points from the counter to Miami; they should lose less balls since they play patient nowsystem proff: Miami 4 (pace and space - first 5: Igoudala and Crowder! SETTINGS: Quarter Length: 8-12 Minutes Fatigue: On Injuries: On Game Speed: 51* I try to keep USER and CPU sliders the same. We've been covering so much CORE, "Upcoming PARAGON Remake planned for a PS4 Release", that we almost forgot about the other Paragon remake; Omeda Studios' PREDECESSOR.Yes, the OTHER PARAGON REMAKE, also coming to the PC and PlayStation. PREDECESSOR is LIVE! Jump Shot defense strength (gather) 35/35, Jump Shot defense strength (release) 85/85. Inside Shot success SUBJECTIVE (51/0) I've tested them for a few seasons, and so far the CPU vs CPU experience is interestingly realistic. Adjust these at your discretion.

My sliders are basically an edit of Shady's well-known sliders.. View all posts by ThaLiveKing. In comparison to 2K, we have smaller communities with a much wider array of slider sets and slider makers., NBA 2K20: How I’m Looking At Current Build System & The Problem I Have With Them, NHL 20: Ultra Simulation Sliders | V1.00 Updated 7/31 – Smarter Playing CPU,, Follow ThaLiveKing Gaming And Entertainment on, “Realistic” NBA speed, transition offense & defense, When players catch the ball in slow instances, there’s a delay, cleaning that up. Also since I have the ball handling rating at 70 for better transition purposes, lowering this slider will prevent bigs from bringing the ball up the floor (not all the time).

The purpose of these sliders is to improve the overall player movement on the floor. You can also use the Search function (it's the same button you use for Load Settings) to find a specific slider set without scrolling through all of them. I'll give my opinions on topics without trying to be too bias, but I am usually open minded and I try to see both perspectives. Similar to previous iterations of NBA 2K, you can toggle between the computer (CPU) and user settings. I'm sure we also forgot to mention that there are TWO more Paragon successors in development (totaling 4); … (no hot shooting zone, nerfed some shooting skills, will post later exact numbers) SLIDERS… Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

NBA 2K is tricky for a … VERTICAL IS SET AT 0 BECAUSE WITH IT HIGHER A LOT OF ANIMATIONS TAKE LONGER TO PLAY OUT, WITH THIS LOWER, THE MOVEMENT AND GAME PLAY FEELS SNAPPIER AND THE FLOW IS A LOT BETTER. How to change sliders in NBA 2K21. SLIDING IS STILL THERE BUT ITS REDUCED DRASTICALLY WHICH LEADS TO BETTER OVERALL TIMING ON PLAY CALLING. These settings for me helped reduce a lot of the dropped frame-rates which is an issue in NBA 2K20. DEFAULT/SUBJECTIVE: Play passing lanes for the CPU I have at 15 and if you want to prevent the CPU from driving to the rim all the time increase the take 3pt slider to about 70-75.

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