The neighbour who had these get togethers (it wasn't even a party!

Home theatre systems can be just as loud and intrusive as any party. There are 4 different apartment blocks that are accessed from 3 different streets.

Their "conversations" were so loud – screaming and yelling. You should be able to discover what the noise laws are in your

There is very clearly drunken, rowdy and disruptive behaviour within their unit and the common area but besides that there's also slamming doors and other loud banging sounds at any time of the day and night. Police don't seem to realise they have to stop a few houses down first or go around to the next street to hear it first.

Do you practise with any of your windows open, if so then you are still annoying the crap out of your neighbours.

In the meantime, you can mask the music with white noise, earmuffs, and noise-canceling headphones. loud music during the day can be illegal depending on what the laws state in Hate to bring up an ancient thread but I am having the WORST problem with the WORST neighbours. I am guessing he thinks that during the day is ok. We tried to stop him, but he never listen to anybody... Glad to hear "miss wb" taught her neighbor a lesson and sort the problem :-). Over the past year one house in particular has been let out to young people and every Saturday and Sunday they have loud music playing from midday to midnight and sometimes beyond. No one said anything about gangs.. Blahhh.. No point either.. More so mates that owe me favours =]], yeh i know what ya saying.Was on another tangent.Apologises sincerely. It should be taken a lot more seriously by authorities because it can escalate into a very violent situation rapidly. How would you respond to someone knocking on your walls? :).

Press J to jump to the feed. So I'm feeling better now. binges once a weekend from 2am through to late as 2pm straight (that isn't the wrong way round). Seeing as it was a rental, I just gave the agent a call and I've never had a problem since. heh your real estate sounds decentI live in a complex with 6 little units.

There is one lady with the most annoying whiny-bogan type voice and the sound of it travels well. At first around 7pm to about 3am, ultimately it was usually until 5-6am. I left a polite note in their mailbox, and the moaning and wailing stopped. Apparently the shopping malls play this old-style kind of music to discourage the louts from hanging round. Rather than calling the police, council or tampering with their fuses :-/, In Cairns, you have to ring the Police not the council, cop'll come tell them to turn it down then if they have to come back will confiscate equipment, Everyone seems to have skipped the most sensible thing to do... just ask them if they're able to turn the music down. Invariably you then cop the added bonus of their friends yelling out 'see ya' as they leave, followed by cranked up car stereos and a toot goodbye. playing their music too loudly. Yep but years of cupboards, 1am/2am..all adds up, or gates or laughing. Lets do this. the real estate manager is best friends with their mothers. I didn't 'do' anything to myself!). If you are renting, you have the right to a quiet space and can ask your landlord to investigate with the city or speak directly to the neighbor.

So last week.. So do something about it. Ever.__________________________. I'm still going to send in the logs and see what happens. See, Generally, these rules are not going to help you during the day unless the sound is incredibly excessive (as in hearing damage level). They can then intervene on your behalf and reprimand She has had a real calming effect on him. Still, there are plenty of regulations at local levels and many residential buildings have noise rules as well. People just don't care any more – as long as they are having fun, stuff everyone else.

i can't even eavesdrop, i think it's in turkish... :P, when i lived in melbourne i had the perfect house in a group of flats – with the worst neighbour in the world. But as far as your neighbours.. don't be scared and chicken to stand up for you right to enjoy a peaceful life. This radio chatter goes on almost 24/7 and I've been losing a lot of sleep due to this.

I got the same thing, young couple with kids across the road move into rental and usually Thursday and Friday nights, sometimes other nights they will play loud music. As it won't be a regular occurence, i'd put up with it. What can you do about overly controlling neighbours? I'm lying in bed and the bed head is vibrating. It might be tempting to get really mad and try to take revenge on Behaviour of inviteesAn owner or occupier of a lot must take all reasonable steps to ensure that invitees of the owner or occupier do not behave in a manner likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of the owner or occupier of another lot or any person lawfully using common property. Or something like that. That may not bother them, but if it does, it would be your best avenue of getting them out. Some people seem to think that it's ok to play loud music during the weekends for example, but I usually go to bed late on Fridays and would sure like to sleep in and relax on Saturday. It's been going on for an hour and still going,... the cop is not there yet I guess. You know who these nice folks are? I want it to end ASAP. Strata will then kick them out by LAW! Quite simply you're asking for trouble if you take this approach. I have been keeping my windows and doors all shut but the noise still gets through ;(. Edited to add-garymiot used some initative! Their living room is facing our house bedrooms, we can hear them clearly in every bedrooms even with the window closed. So as soon as the offenders see the police car, they turn the music down.

Type above and press Enter to search. As a person who’s occasionally guilty of this, you’re probably wondering what I’d suggest you do. Now its been very quiet (well compared to what it was, can still hear doof doof but its somewhat tolerable), so hopefully they stick to that but lets see what the weekend brings. I had enough over Easter, so I left a polite but strongly worded letter in their letterbox, pointing out the facts (in case they weren't aware) and fingers crossed it stops. Actually, it doesn't even have to be a party. Check your local noise ordinance by typing “[city name] noise ordinance” into search to get the times and decibel ratings. If your neighbor is Obviously the scum bags were a tad bit surprised when the cops barged in on whatever they were doing. Finally today I had enough and went banging on their front door. Some "people"have absolutely no regard for anyone else and think it is their right to do as they please. There needs to be give and take. Will ask on Monday ;). the phone during your day, then this might not be ideal. You can pick up noise meter and take a series of measurements to back up your complaints, I have one of these and it cost me around $70 some years ago from Dick Smith. On top of all of that from those neighbours, I now have new ones in next door (previous ones were not very nice, making all sorts of noise & nasty attitude towards me, but then they had a visit from the moron from the nasty household & he had a habit of stirring other neighbours up against me – obviously with lies, as I have lived like a prisoner in my own home, since mid 2004, after verbal abuse from that neighbours nasty kids, on top of everything else from them).

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