So go online and research different Pagan paths or Wiccan traditions, just to get some specific names. This usage is commonly termed magic or 'magick,' and is the basis for spells, or the structured use of energy to accomplish specific effects, such as healing, prosperity, and protection. The Cauldron is an active, friendly virtual community for members of Pagan religions and their friends, featuring an active message board, and over 8 megs of articles, book reviews and other Pagan information. Are you interested in dark imagery and exploring the darker side of you. If you still don't know exactly what you want to study, that's okay.

Figure out what you believe. Such magical energy use can certainly be focused for less benevolent purposes, such as for harming or manipulating others. There is, of course, much lore concerning the moon. I am part of a lot of Paganism and Wicca groups on Facebook. Look for initiation requirements and find out how much you can do on your own if you decide it is a path for you. Instead, there are several things you should think about doing.

Are you interested in getting started in Wicca or some other form of Pagan beliefs? ... A final note about meeting Neo-Pagans and Wiccans in real life. Page Information:"Introduction to Neopaganism." Think of it as a foundation upon which you can build later, when you're ready. Neopagans today usually have special rituals on each of these days as well Wiccans intertwine their God and Goddess with the cycles of nature -and the wheel of the year, with the Goddess represented as the earth and the God represented as the sun} her consort. It's a good foundation to build your studies on, and will better help you determine what road your path will eventually take. Reading generic Pagan/witchy books will leave you feeling like it's all just one big melting pot of gooey tree hugging goodness. What parts of the book seemed ridiculous? Book Review: Empowering Your Life with Wicca, Getting Unstuck – Pagans Restoring Their Path, Autumn Stoneflower - Neo-Paganism, Healthy Living, Family. Are Online Witchcraft Classes Legitimate. Gardner pieced together many elements of folklore, then-current anthropological writing, and turn-of-the-century ceremonial magic to create the nature-oriented and duo-theistic Neopagan religion of modern Witchcraft or Wicca. Because this is more of a “do-it-yourself” religion than book religions, we often end up with a lot of the people that are no longer welcome in churches, a synagogues, or mosques for a variety of reasons that then choose Neo-Paganism. Precisely what this means differs depending on which Neopagan religion one looks at. You can only get so much from book work and self teaching. The effects just seem to fall into place wholly and naturally, but exactly as intended. If we interpret Paganism to refer to any form of polytheistic, pre-Christian religion, then Paganism stretches back to the beginning of history (c. 3000 BCE), and even further beyond that. Several of you may have noticed that I didn’t mention divination (like tarot cards, pendulums, runes, etc.) Skeptics usually say that successful magic is exactly that, coincidence, but any Neopagan who has done magic successfully for years can say that such a huge stream of coincidences is both amazingly accurate and uncanny. It is for these reasons that I have chosen to write this article, for I truly believe in the great value and uniqueness of ADF as a religion and a community, and I feel that we ought to be able to welcome both old and new Neopagans with equally open arms. Now it's time to get real. Wiccans identify their Goddess with the moon (and their God with the sun), and other Neopagans worship the moon as well (e.g. If you're particularly interested in Wicca, be sure to read Ten Things You Should Know About Wicca and Basic Concepts of Wicca, to learn what exactly Wiccans and Pagans believe and do.

These are my recommendations for people who are new and want to learn more. Whether or not they worship the moon directly. and now we might properly call it Neopaganism - is found written about or practiced.

Paleo-paganism refers to the original tribal faiths of Europe. Some also ask for a teacher. That’s great! In Wicca, for instance, most traditions are based on duotheism, two deities, namely some kind of god and some kind of goddess.

Witch, Wiccan, or Pagan—how you identify yourself will depend on not only your practices but your beliefs. There is no right way to worship in Wicca or Neo-Paganism. Fully polytheistic Neopagan religions quite often draw on a particular time period of pre-Christian history for inspiration, and also often focus on one particular culture and its related pantheon (group of gods and goddesses) within that general time period. Highly recommended." Now that she has a young son, she has begun to include family topics as well! As a part of nature-oriented spirituality, the celebrations and rituals of Neopagan traditions tend to be intimately associated with the cycles of the natural world. The two are usually archetypal representatives, the god of male-ness and active force, and the goddess of female-ness and receptive force.

There are a number of others, however, a partial list includes the many traditions or 'flavors' of Wicca (e.g., Celtic Wicca), Asatru (Norse Neopaganism), The Church of All Worlds, various women's spirituality and men's spirituality movements, neoshamanism, and neodruidism. The public library is a great starting point, and they can often order in specific books for you, but once you have chosen a specific group (or groups) to study, you may even want to hit used bookstores or online markets to obtain the materials you need. The fates of such religions throughout the world differ widely, but by confining our focus to Europe it can be said that the r… Rituals (How Neo-Pagans Worship) Just like other forms of worship, there is usually an order in which everything is done.

Scholars speculate that by 1000 CE, most Pagans had gone underground or been destroyed, and by 1300 the Inquisition in Europe had turned the words pagan and witch to political ends in the hunting of many non-Christian enemies of the Church. Neo-Paganism and Wicca are religions. Find what works for you and do it! Pick it apart, question it, and figure out whether the author is someone you can relate to or not. For starters, evaluate where you stand and what your goals are in studying Paganism or Wicca. Basic Principles and Concepts of Wicca There are many misconceptions out there about Wicca and modern Paganism, so first, let's talk a little about what it is that Wiccans believe. It's a question that comes up a lot, but unfortunately, it's not a simple answer. Other Neopagan traditions may be duotheistic like Wicca, or fully polytheistic. Are you light, dark, or grey? Almost daily we get someone who is new and wants to know about Wicca or Paganism asking what they need to do. or spells. submitted by info-manager on 15 May, 2019. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If so, great... but if not, ask yourself why. One last Neopagan practice, or rather a description of Neopagan practices as a whole, is that of a strong personal connection. Is there a specific pantheon you are interested in worshipping? Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. as Artemis of the Greek pantheon). Almost daily we get someone who is new and wants to know about Wicca or Paganism asking what they need to do. From the fall of the Roman Empire onwards, Christianity and later Islam (c. 633 CE) spread rapidly, and both were fervently opposed to worshipping any but a One True God. Don't worry — you're not alone! The fates of such religions throughout the world differ widely, but by confining our focus to Europe it can be said that the rise of the 'peoples of the Book' (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) was generally unfavorable for Pagans) though it took a few hundred years after the coming of Christ .for the Romans to officially abandon their pagan gods and adopt Christianity as the official religion of the Empire (c. 300 CE).

Almost 100% of the people who respond to those posts send them a book list to read. Some Common Neopagan Celtic-based terminology for the celebrations held on each of those occasions includes Yule (winter solstice), Imbolc, Ostara (spring equinox), Beltaine. A final note about meeting Neo-Pagans and Wiccans in real life. Asia, the Americas, Oceania and Australia, when they were (or in some cases, Still are) practiced as intact belief systems. Many Wiccans, for example, worship the goddess as Mother Earth, and most other Neopagans have strong environmental concerns. Even as a solitary practitioner, there are places you can go to bounce ideas off people with a solid background in magic. Hook up with real people - they're out there, even if you can only reach them online at first. A book that describes a wide range of neo-Pagan practices and beliefs: Trevor Greenfield, Editor, "iPagan," Moon Books (2017).

For example, most Wiccan traditions, Asatru, and ADF arc all Neopagan. Africa. While many people who believe in these religions may cast spells or read tarot cards, they are not a part of the religion. This effect is termed the law of karma} or the threefold law by Wiccans who maintain that the returns come back threefold.

Such acceptance is often an attraction for people with 'alternative' sexual orientations and people who have generally had a variety of unsatisfactory experiences with other, more rigid religions. Once you've done that, you can really get busy. It used to be the case that many who came to ADF did so after years of experience with other forms of Neopaganism such as Wicca, being drawn to ADF's special emphasis on scholastic foundations, true polytheism, and devotional excellence. Because Neo-Paganism is a broad term encompassing many different religions, this is just a broad, generalization and may not be true for every tradition. Patti Wigington is a pagan author, educator, and licensed clergy. If you are new to Paganism or are just interested in finding out about Paganism, this page is for you. As mentioned in the previous section, the first and still most common form of Neopaganism is Wicca. She covers many topics ranging from beginners to more advanced practioners. Find a book, read it, and then ask questions about things that are of interest to you. There may well be more than one.

Next, go online again and get the basic background for each specific type of Paganism that catches your eye to see which really interests you. One part of this is the wheel of the year, a solar cycle of the seasons. So go online and research different Pagan paths or Wiccan traditions, just to get some specific names. I am part of a lot of Paganism and Wicca groups on Facebook. Perhaps the most obvious way that Neopaganism differs from other religions is a strong belief in polytheism - literally, many gods. There are now quite a few new ADF members for whom ADF is their first experience with Neopaganism. A last belief almost all Neopagans hold is that of the ability all humans share, to one degree or another, to manipulate energies and cause changes in the world. After all, this is a great way to build up your personal reference library! Read reviews and order this book from the online book store. First, get specific. Figure out which deities you want to worship. What did you read that you need clarification on? It represents the fact that not only do Neopagans believe in many deities (however they explain such a belief), but that humans and deities are in a social relationship, and that when one gives honor to the other that bond is strengthened. Indeed, to most Neopagans all things are divine in one way or another, and Neopagans are known to strive to accept difference and diversity, especially in areas of sexuality. By using Learn Religions, you accept our, How To Start Your Own Pagan or Wiccan Study Group, Myths and Misconceptions: The Truth About Wicca and Paganism, Starting a Pagan or Wiccan Group or Coven.

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