A hybrid car battery is like any other battery. There's a problem loading this menu right now. While the Toyota Prius hybrid is a great car to drive and has excellent gas mileage, it can cost a lot to replace the battery if it’s not covered under warranty. Shipping:  The cost of shipping to you is included with your purchase. In contrast these batteries from NewPriusBatteries.com are brand new and never used.

Three plastic clips that secure the original temperature sensors to the new battery modules. From our hybrid battery repair services to our reconditioning services, Best Hybrid Batteries is here to help your vehicle. This means that if your battery dies within the warranty period, you will receive a new one with no out-of-pocket costs.

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All can be done with a socket wrench and a screw-driver. You retain your original metal enclosure and hybrid ECU. In-Shop Installation:  Visit one of our many locations across the country and have one of our highly trained technicians ensure your new hybrid battery is installed properly.

Core Charge:  A refundable "core deposit" of $500.00 will be added to your order at checkout. Make sure to latch the orange safety interconnect back in-place (it can be tricky!) $2400 - These packs are assembled and tested by Dorman by using a large inventory of used modules. Our inventory includes our Toyota Prius BeeMax batteries, which are new batteries similar to those you would find on the market from original manufacturers.

Not only do we have the best Prius hybrid batteries, but we also have the best Prius Hybrid Battery Services. View Product Warranty Shipping: The cost of shipping to you is included with your purchase.This offer is good for the entire continental United States.

: If you notice unusual engine sounds coming from your Toyota Prius, this is because its engine is running more than it typically does. Once we receive your old battery, we will refund the core deposit back to you minus the cost of return shipping. The Toyota Prius’ battery is made up of 28 Panasonic nickel-metal hydride modules, each containing six 1.2-volt cells. All other options that are not original Toyota Hybrid packs, are used modules. The Toyota Prius car’s electric motor powers your vehicle, drawing power from the battery. Win-Win-Win! Fleet vehicles included.

This is because the parts are often produced in small quantities. Connect securely with: . Here is a list of all MSRP battery cost details for the various Toyota Priuses offered since 2001: Each of the aforementioned prices will be reduced by a $1,350 core credit for the old battery pack that is being replaced, which the dealer will then recycle through the long-established Toyota program.

Don't let the dealers talk you into replacing your Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery.

Despite the Toyota Prius hybrid being one of the first widely marketed and popular hybrid vehicles, there are plenty of other hybrid options available on the market today, in a wide array of makes and models. How To Tell If You Have A Blown Head Gasket? : If you look at the screen and notice huge fluctuations in your state of charge (SOC), it’s a definite sign that either your battery or the car’s charging system is having problems. The plug-in hybrids can be just that, plugged in.

When you purchase a new Prius hybrid battery from Exclusively Hybrid, you are buying a product that has been designed and developed through years of research.

You do not have to keep your old car. The ONLY Aftermarket Source for New Prius Batteries.

: Are you noticing a decrease in your hybrid’s battery bars with little to no usage?

Designed to be 100% backwards compatible with the original modules. Anything else is a temporary band-aid, akin to playing the game whack-a-mole. Believe it or not, the fuel-efficient Toyota Prius has been on the market in the United States for over 20 years. An experienced rebuilder can usually do this within 5-10 minutes. Moreover, large swings in your charge rate point to a bad battery. It’s important to do your homework and to shop around for the best prices in your area. as they did when they were brand new, the traction battery packs inside the earlier models are reaching the end of their estimated 10 year, 300,000 mile lifespan. $3450 - This is a brand new Toyota battery, using genuine original parts ordered from a dealer without installation. Prices vary greatly throughout the country and for if you want it to be done in a shop or in your driveway. Add $125 for shipping to a residential address. This could indicate that your car is suffering from a failing battery.

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