Main Mission Sudama Locations. What do Sudama do in Nioh 2? An upside to trades, whether the player receives what they want or not, is that Sudama will almost always give Lantern Plant Fruit as a result. It’s nice, given how it looks like a little demon. Check the house on the left side of the area and go around the corner on the right and check the backside. Check the west side and you'll find a storeroom. Dans la mission principale des monstres cachés d'Okehazama, nous allons le trouver à l'extérieur de la grotte où se trouve un Yamanba pour la première fois, laissant la porte à gauche de la grotte et tournant à droite, derrière quelques buissons, nous trouverons le Sudama.

Wrong! You must come from the side where the Gozuki and Mezuki are encountered. Lol. They look like Kodamas but they don’t need saving. Find the Nurikabe yokai wall which can be found inside a house near the NPC who joins your party. La dernière de la sous-mission Nioh 2, nous sommes arrivés à la mission secondaire pour apprendre une leçon, voici une grotte suivie par le Yoki, à gauche de cet endroit, nous allons affronter trois soldats, alors que nous continuons sur le chemin que nous atteindrons où il est le Sudama. Corpses and Ice It's standing by the tree at the end of the path. Cela se trouve au 2ème étage du bâtiment central qui est près du sanctuaire 2, où se trouve Magara Takamoto, dans la mission Cadavers and Ice. You'll find a house where you'll encounter a Tesso and Aberrant Soldier inside.

But if you didn't get … The Viper’s Sanctum

Click on the title of the mission that's linked to check the images for its locations. Ayant les réponses à Où trouver les Sudamas, nous devons aller à la mission dans l'oiseau dans une cage, nous partons de la grotte où se trouve un Yokai de l'araignée, nous sortirons par le toit d'une maison et dans le patio, sur le côté gauche et nous tournerons vers le coin droit on va dans le dos pour obtenir le Sudama en Nioh 2. The first Sudama can be found on the second floor of the center building near the second shrine where you face Magara Takamoto. Unlike Kodamas, they cannot be sent back to a shrine. Maneuver your way around the flames and kill the two Dweller that's on top, just before reaching the other side of the rooftop, there's some debris on the left side that you can walk onto.

It's happening to me since dream of the strong. It will give you random one back with same rarity and similar level. However, they can be found near places affected by Yokai Realm. Give them best weapon of type you don't use. Finding Sudama is slightly different than looking for their Kodama friends. Found on the left side behind the large yellow crystal where the, First Shrine: Climb up the ladder that's outside the temple on the east side. You can interact with Sudama and trade to get items. It has an extreme attachment to all earthly items. Sudama are one of the creatures that don't want to kill you. If players give them an item, these creatures will, in turn, trade them something in return. The house is inside the Dark Realm near the starting point. The second is Friend to the Kodama. All the player has to do is stand next to them and drop a piece of gear on the ground next to Sudama. The final Sudama is found in the armory near the castle where you first obtained the Castle Gate Key.

The fourth Sudama can be found in the second Dark Realm at the back of the house where the Ippon-Datara was. Sudamas are associated with two trophies/achievements. 198. One thing I found, dropping an HERBAL REMEDY always gets me a SUMMONER'S CANDLE in return, For “The warm thing” I give Sake, the Sudama seems to be happy, gave me Book of reincarnation, drunk boy is big spender. The first Sudama can be found outside the cave where you face the first Yamanba. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Fashion - Nioh 2.

Try giving it something that it likes a lot, and the Sudama will return you the favor.

Trading with the Sudama will give the player a completely random piece of gear, but it is an easy way to give away high leveled items that the player has no use for.

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