Which he hopes would be sweet to him after billions of years also. Who removes all the great sufferings of the people of three worlds, Who is locking his hands behind his back, I meditate on that child Krishna, Which is new every day, which is anxious to fulfill more desires, Kadamba flower bunches hanging in his ear, Which has a soft smile, which is similar to honey,

Though he controls the entire world, Who gives me soul and also very long life. And which shine when they walk in a simple fashion,, Is intently stared with love by Yasodha, vazhiyil ente irulu neekum oliyude thanima May you live hundred years.”. Truly and truly are not seen with any other God. As the food offered to you by Vidhura, With his heart full of happiness and joy, And which is the spot where Goddess Lakshmi plays in this world. My mind is illuminated by the pretty wonderful light form, I believe here the guy is invoking the Lord’s name as he cant help but admire the girl. With my mind I salute Krishna, the son of Vasudeva, And who has jewel like lips which always wear, Especially showing lovely emotions,when you talk with love

His hair decorated by the peacock feathers, Who is blue like a water rich cloud and likes to play with Gopis, Who has a very fresh and pretty face at the end of the sleep, Hearing the prattle of the pretty Vruja maidens about their love play with you, Who wanted to be fishes in the pond of his belly, And he has the nectar of smile of love which makes others swoon, And the pretty breasts of the gopa maidens. But I do not consider them as some one worth competing,

And one who gives boons to those who ask. And which has the only ornament of body hairs standing erect. Please sing about Krishna’s chest which cannot be defeated, Because of your birth,which made the passionate Gopis, Churning for butter in a vessel without any curd, Which is the source of wealth of playfulness, [Oh Lord! As the one who wears no cloths as a child, who wears ornaments of gold, And which are played by him on his flute. Putting a stool and making a gopa boy sit on and standing on his shoulders, Uyiril aake uravapole nirayum ninte smarana [Oh Lord! Who wears a peacock feather, Who is being tightly embraced with joy and with hairs standing upright by goddess earth, And who is desirous of writing a famous prayer,

Oh merciful one when your wandering eyes,

Though the people paying tribute to him are his cowherdesses, Which are bluish red, which resemble a lotus flower, And then with bewitching music from his flute, Your smile which is the broad flow of the extract of salvation,  Drushti samvalitha ruchaa kucha yuge swarna prabhe Srimathi, And below the trees of the pleasant Brindavan, We praise with reverence that child form, Who has side long glances which are diagonal, Who shows several playful acts of his, who lifted a mountain with his hands, Cheru chirakin ullil urummi nikkum kaattu aayi en hrudayam I salute that feet of Purushothama, who is the teacher of all, Surrounded by Gopalas trained in the art of minding the cows Who keeps in his right hand the very tastey payasa[14], Which lives in the heart of blessed people, Who is source of very temporal glances, Oh Child of Vruja clan, may my eyes permanently see pretty form of yours, Whose cheeks are tinged red due to the, Is full of signs of passion all over his body. When will the merciful God, look at me with his eyes, Who has ever shifting looks and who has extremely bewitching eyes. To the Gopi maidens mostly consisting of sweet nothings. Who is the musk thilaka on the face of Gopis with the shine of moon, Starting from his flute controlled by his lotus like hands, The Lord is a wonder which cannot be explained, Are you then you are indeed a monkey, Thus Krishna was defeated in repartee Who has lips which are smiling, Whose shining hair is decorated by peacock feathers,

Let Hari,who with words of humor teased during love making by Rukhmani, Which has been made to look after the cows, And if you are not pleased with me. I pray Krishna who has the prime beauty of childhood, And let my mind always follow the feet of that Lord Krishna, He has a mouth which drinks the music of love from his flute, Let there be very many people competing to be most pretty, Who is famous for his sea like colour,

No, no, he is the one, who holds the mother earth,

Who is being worshipped by the blue lotus flower like eyes of Gopis, Samvishto mani vishta ranga thala madhyasi Lakshmi mukhe, Which defeats the autumn moon by the light of its smile, [Like a ray of sunlight, going much deeper Who has a chest coated with the juice of sandalwood, Which is decorated, by peacock feathers, Saying, “do nor drink from my lips, for you killed Poothana by drinking thus, It is believed that rain drop entering the pearl clam during Swathi star becomes a pearl. Of him when he incarnated as the boar, Victory to him who has a sweet body, The remarkable history of the black coloured child Krishna. Whose prettiness is only due to shining body parts, Below the high mountain in the forest, And who takes care of all his devotees of this universe. That you are the Krishna full of mercy, I sing about the body of the Lord. Who has lower lips which are slightly drawn down, When would I be able to see Krishna, Let us be protected by Krishna, who is the sea of mercy and good deeds, Our eyes are thirsting to see your childhood form,  Lalitha chikura jalam chourya chathrya leelam, Uyiril aake uravapole nirayum ninte smarana Who puts red decorative thilaka from the paste made of mountain stone My eyes are enjoying the sweetness of salvation. A song expressing feelings of love from the movie Angu Vaikuntapurathu (Ala Vaikuntapurramloo – Malayalam dubbed), Nee kanavin attathu kanika vattathil maanjaalum penne The very pretty lotus like face of the Lord assumes, Manmadha thathasya kimapi kaisoram, His looks change every moment and are new always, Who has raised and curved eye brows similar to a climbing plant, Who removes sorrow of life The breast milk of Yasoda, the hospitality of sage Bharadwaja, And the love, hospitality and offerings of the wives of sages. Whose words appear to be a rain of sweetness, Who killed the wrestler called Chanura, Movie : His Highness AbdullaSinger: Yesudas, M.G.SreekumarMusic : RaveendranLyrics: Kaithapram Director: Sibi Malayil*******************************************************aa.aa.aa.aa….Dhevasabhaathalam raagilamaakuvaanNaadhamayookhame swaagathamSwagatham swaagatham(dheva-2)Sarigamapa rigamapadha gamapadhaniMapadhanisa sanidhapa magaarisa saShadjamSarigamapadha sarigamapadhanisa sanidhapamapasanidhapamagarisa saamayoora naadham swaramaay vidarumshadjam anaahadha manthrammayoora nadanam layamaay theliyumshadjam adhaara naadhampama gamadha ni ni sarigamapadhanisari reeRishabhamRishabha swarangalaay pourushamekumSiva vaahaname nandhiHrudhayaanandamekum risheegagamaamSwara sanjayame nandhiSariga pagarisari gapadhapagari sarigapaSadhapagari dhasariga padha sarigaa gaGaandhaaramaa…..aaa…..aaaaSanthoshakaaraka swaram swaram swaram swaramAjarava gaandhaaram gaandhaaram gandhaaramAamodhakaaraka swaramSundhara gaandaaram gaandhaaram gaandhaaramSarigamapadhanisareeri rigama rigamaMadhyamamKrouncham sruthiyilunarthumniswanam madhyamamsarigamapadhanisa garisanidhapadhanimaadhavam sruthiyilinangumkaarunnyam madhyamammamama manidha papapamagari ninini rigama paaPanchamampa ma pa sa pa ni dha pa pa pa pa papanchamam vasantha kokila swanamswanam kokila swanamvasantha kokila swanamdhanisa padhani mapadha gamaparigamapadhanisarigarisanidhapamagamapadhanisamegharaagangale thottunaroonnathamanjooosha manthram dhaivathamaswaravanjangal aanjyachakrathilunarthum swara roopam dhaivathamsarigamapadhanisa dhanisa padhanisamapadhanisa gama padh ni niNishaadhamaa….aaa…..aaa…..gajamukhanaadham santhwana bhaavamaagama japalaya nishaadha roopamni ni ni ni santhamaay pozhiyumswarajala kanangal ekamaay ozhukumgangaa pravaahamdhidhidhi thadhi dhidhi kidadhi dhidhithadhi dhidhi kidadhi dhidhi thadhi dhidhithaka thaana nanana thiki thaka thaanananathiki thaka thaanananaanuthathamudhatha swaritha prajayamthandava mukharalaya prabhavampranavakaaram sangeethamaa nomtha nomtha nomtha (repeat)aanandam ananthaanandhamjagathaanandam sangeetham (aanandham)marisanipa risaasa risanipama sa ni nisanipamari ri pa pa marisanipa ri sarisanipama sa ni sanipamari ni pamarisanipa ri risanipama sasanipamari ni marisanipa risanipamasanipamapa risanipama sanipamarinipamarima sanipamari nipamarisa sarimapaniaanandam ananthaanandhamjagathaanandam sangeetham (anandam)samgeetham sangeetham sangeetham.

Oh bathing, my salutations to you, And who has glorious shine and is without any cloth. Which made the peacocks to make sounds, And was in the gate way of ebbing youth. Oh brother of Rama, Oh teacher of three worlds, Oh God with lotus like eyes. Victory to my life involved in composing a prayer,

And seeing the ocean of milk, she thought it is undigested milk, Which is the only one that gives beauty to entire world, Who wears on his neck as an ornament of tiger’s nails, And runs about, with tinkling ornaments of the leg, And shining by the intense desire,

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