Before the teacher came my father took me aside to ask why she was coming, what interest she could possibly have in our house, in a boy like me. At the outset, Baldwin accepts the fact that his father was only trying to look out for him, but deep down, he cannot help but feel that his father was imposing his thoughts and experiences on him. The major contrasting idea that Baldwin uses in the essay is the, crucial point in history for America due to the escalading conflict between people of different races marked by the race riots of Harlem and Detroit. This environment that Baldwin grew up in inspires and influences him to write the narrative “Notes of a Native Son,” which is based on his experience with racism and the Jim-Crow Laws. also offered here.

I lived it over and over and over again, the way one relives an automobile accident after it has happened and one finds oneself alone and safe.

James Baldwin lived during an extremely tumultuous time where hatred ruled the country. And, with that sound, my frozen blood abruptly thawed, I returned from wherever I had been, I saw, for the first time, the restaurant, the people with their mouths open, already, as it seemed to me, rising as one man, and I realized what I had done, and where I was, and I was frightened. There was something in him, therefore, groping and tentative, which was never expressed and which was buried with him. There were many opposing views between reviewers but almost all came to the conclusion that Baldwin’s use of words was extremely eloquent and intelligent.

Art can out live people. And she did step a very short step closer, with her pencil poised incongruously over her pad, and repeated the formula "... don't serve Negroes here." ... His father, who was also a minister, questioned his son of his career choice "writer or preacher.

On the same day his father died, Baldwin’s youngest sibling was born. One saw it most clearly when he was facing new people and hoping to impress them. Specifically an article titled “Rage unto Order” by Dachine Rainer was very adamant about Baldwin’s genius as a writer but hardly did anything to explain or exemplify that fact, hatred for white society in “Notes of a Native Son”. I hated her for her white face, and for her great, astounded, frightened eyes. I had been living in New Jersey, working in defense plants, working and living among Southerners, white and black. Before Baldwin begins his essay he establishes ethos. She ducked and it missed her and shattered against the mirror behind the bar.

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